How to Scan QR Codes on Android [Best QR code scanners]

AndroidHow to Scan QR Codes on Android

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A QR code scanner for Android is designed to facilitate quick and easy barcode reading. So, before generating QR codes, you must know about the latest QR code scanners/readers that would serve your purpose.

Android QR Scanner App

Even in the recent past, barcodes were nothing more than just patterns in black and white. Code scanners also did not break a sweat while reading them. Of late, with the advent of the latest range of QR code scanner for Android and the new technology, users enjoy better readability and faster response.

How to Scan QR code without QR scanner App?

Yes, This is possible, there’s a way to scan QR without downloading Apps using your Google Lens in your Google assistant. You wanna try? follow the steps below-

Scan QR without QR scanner App
  1. Open your Google Assistant and click on the icon on the left.
  2. Now click on the Google Lens icon near the mic.
  3. You’ll see your camera opening, bring that to the QR code.
  4. You scanned it. Click on the link to open that in your browser.

If you are using an older version of Android and you don’t have a Google Assistant, you can try downloading any of the QR code scanners below.

Best 8 QR code Scanners for Android

Any tablet or Smartphone camera cannot scan a QR code. A software or app is required to decode information and send users to the destination of the code – it could be a website, video, vCard, etc. There are different types of QR code scanners for various OSs. If you are looking for a decent QR code scanner for Android, we have a list of the top 8 for you.

1: Free QR Code scanner

Free QR Barcode scanner

QR Code scanner is the latest and the top-rated app on the Google Play Store. It features a QR code reader, barcode reader, QR code generator, barcode generators, and it is a code scanner. One of the finest, quickest, and secure code scanners of all time, this free app is an excellent start.

2: Kaspersky QR Code Reader and Code scanner

Kaspersky presents a free QR code scanner that protects users from the rogue apps containing malicious links and phishing traps. The app features excellent and secure scanning, alerts, avoid threats and dangers, maintain history, quick access to WiFi, and added benefits.

3: Lightning QR Code scanner

1 QR Scanner App

This QR code scanner for Android is optimized for barcode and QR code decoding. It is the ultimate barcode reader app ideal for any Android device. Users can enjoy all the benefits of scanning barcode and QR codes from anywhere and have access to coupons and promotions as well. The app is designed with some permission granted. Therefore, if online privacy is your concern, this app is just perfect for you. It is fully compatible with the latest versions of Android and safe.

4: TeaCapps QR & Barcode scanner

Teacapps scanner

This is a versatile QR code scanner for Android that protects your privacy and is loaded with plenty of good features. It supports all common barcode formats like Matrix, QR, Data, UPC, EAN, Code39, and Aztec. It protects against malicious software, links, threats, and phishing. It also scans images and allows you to share your data.

5: All in One QR + Barcode scanner/Reader

2 QR scanner App TWmobile

The best QR code scanner for Android is here with a lot of features and functions. This all-in-one code scanner and reader app scan standard 1D & 2D codes with a simple interface. It allows instant scanning, supports flashlight, and scans saved history too. Moreover, no internet connection is required for scanning.

6: QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader is the best app in the Google Play Store. It features QR code and barcode scanner with a flashlight for the low-light environment. It is, by far, the most useful QR code scanner for Android right now.

7: Barcode scanner Pro

QR and Barcode scanner

Barcode Scanner Pro is a professional edition barcode scanner that gives faster and accurate result. It scans, decodes, creates, and shares QR code and barcode. You can now create your own QR coding using this app and share it with your social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Line, SMS, and WhatsApp etc.

8: Scan Mobile QR Code Reader

Scan app

Rated as the most user-friendly QR code scanner for Android, this app scans all types of barcode and QR. It is easy to use, has a minimalist design, scans instantly, scans history, has flashlight features for scanning in low visibility, and much more. You need not have an internet connection to use this app.

Select any of this QR code scanner for Android for all your needs. All these apps are available in the Google Play Store.

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