Top 7 Notes App for Android [Best Note-Taking Apps]

Having a Smartphone means, you have everything handy. From calling to messaging, social networking and noting down important events, Android does it all. All you need is one of the best note apps for Android to be sorted. While most Android smartphones come with a note app for Android, you may want to download another one for your preference.

Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

Note-taking apps for Android

Digital notes are the most convenient way to monitor everything and jot it down. You need not carry a pen or pencil with you. If you have a Smartphone with a notes app for Android, you are good to go! However, not all notes apps are equal. Therefore, it is important to take the right pick and become an efficient note-taker. Here is a list of the top 7 notes apps for Android for efficient note-taking and management based on user ratings and review.

1: Google Keep – Notes and Lists

Google keep notes

You can now quickly capture notes and set a reminder at the right time or place with Google Keep. Record conversations or voice memos on the go and store it automatically. Voice notes are transcribed for ease of use instantly. You can also snap a picture of receipts, posters or any document on the move, and organize it for later use. Share your records and documents with friends and family via social media.

2: Evernote


Evernote is one of the finest notes apps for Android where you can store everything. It features interesting tools that allow users to stay organized on the go. You can collect, write, and capture your ideas in the notebook. You can also take notes on various formats like sketches, text, audio, video, web clippings, PDFs, photos and much more. It allows you to attach Microsoft Office documents, photos and PDF files too.

3: Notepad – Notes

Notepad - notes with reminder

Rated as the number one notes app for Android in the Google Play Store, this free app had plenty of features and it is easy to use. You can use the app as your digital diary or notebook. It also allows users to record business meetings, lectures, and interviews. You can add quick notes and even share the document with your friends and family through social media.

4: My Notes – Notepad

My notes - notepad

My Notes is also a free notepad with fast, elegant, secure and intuitive features. It allows cloud syncing, which is again an excellent feature. You can use this notes app for Android as a notebook, notepad, diary or agenda. It features App Lock PIN or Password, reminders, folders, navigation, backup, an option to sort notes.

5: ColorNote Notepad Notes To Do

ColorNote notepad

ColorNote is an awesome notes app for Android with simple and intuitive features. It has the best interface that gives you seamless editing and noting experience. You can create notes, messages, emails, shopping lists, to-do lists, and much more using this app. It features two basic formats of note-taking – checklist and lined-paper style.

6: Classic Notes

Notes 2019

Notes is a lightweight and intuitive notepad that allows users to organize and capture ideas. As you open the app, the main screen gives you the feel of a notepad. An excellent helper allows you to manage your notes and schedules. You can also quickly check your notes, emails, memos, and shopping list.

7: Keep My Notes

Keep my notes

Another great note app for Android, Keep My Notes is a simple and easy WordPad for jotting down notes quickly. It features regular notes and to-do lists, notepad with lock and alerts, handwritten notes with a stylus, offline notebook, WordPad document styles (bold, italics, underlined), sticky notes and to-do list widget, voice to text notepad and much more.

So, if you are not happy with the pre-installed notes app for Android, choose any of these apps and start noting.


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