Top 5 AR (Augmented Reality) Apps for Android 2022

AndroidTop 5 AR (Augmented Reality) Apps for Android 2022

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AR is the Acronym of Augmented Reality, which is the new trend in the Tech, Gaming and Entertainment field. AR is using your mobile or any other AR console to view objects which are not real in your own space, like seeing a Tiger on your floor using your mobile phone screen. You can stand next to the tiger and take a picture to make it look like you are standing next to a real tiger, you can also achieve this by using our previous post on How to See Google 3D AR Animals.

Best AR Apps for Android

With the advancement of technology AR is getting cooler day by day, here are some top 5 AR Apps you can try at your home and outside. We have ranked these AR apps based on the quality, User experience, reviews, and ratings.

S.NoTop AR AppsRating
1Augment – 3D Augmented Reality4.1
2AR Real Racing – AR Car Simulator3.8
3INKHUNTER – AR tattoo designs4.6
4SketchAR- learn to draw step by step with AR4.3
5Just a Line – Draw Anywhere, with AR3.4
BonusWallaMe – Augmented Reality4.3

1. Augment – 3D Augmented Reality

You can choose any model objects in this app and take them to your live room, You’ll have a list of objects like chair, Car, Human Skeleton dancing, pick the one you want to see, and you should have a flat area to get the object visible. Once you bring them to your space, you can move them wherever you want and shrink or zoom them with your two fingers.

How to use Augment – 3D in your Android phone:

  1. Install and open Augment – 3D App from the Google Play store.
  2. You’ll get a list of categories like Trending, Just Dance and more, pick one
  3. If you want to try Skeleton dancing, go to trending and click on Zombie Skeleton.

2. AR Real Racing

Do you remember the Remote cars we used to play with? yes, with AR Real racing you can drive virtual Cars and Helicopters. Just find a flat surface and choose your Car to go for a drive. You can also find a Jeep with a machine gun.

How to use AR Real Racing:

  1. Install and open AR Real Racing from the Google Play Store.
  2. Choose Car or Helicopter from the garage.
  3. Now scan the flat surface
  4. You’ll see the Car that you’ve chosen.
  5. Use the arrow key to navigate around your house or street with the AR app.

3. INKHUNTER – 3D AR Tattoo designs

Need a Tattoo on your body? without any pain? then you can make use of this AR app. This App with more than a hundred varieties of tattoos can be placed on your hand or chest or shoulder, take a picture and share that with your friends. They made it so realistic, tattoos will stick to your body structure and also you can resize them.

How to use INKHUNTER:

  1. Install and Open Inkhunter from the Google play store
  2. Choose the tattoo you want
  3. Draw |_| on the place you want the tattoo.
  4. Now, show the phone on top of the |_| and you’ll now see the tattoo replacing the |_|.
  5. Resize and customize the tattoo as you like
  6. And share that with your friends.

Bonus: Top virtual reality games

4. SketchAR – Learn to Draw step by step with AR

SketchAR is an AR app to learn drawing. It’s hard for someone to draw a picture just by seeing it SketchAR helps you with a pencil sketch on top of a paper so that you can just draw on top of it to get artistic hand drawn images.

How to use SketchAR:

  1. Install and open SketchAR
  2. Open gallery and choose a photo that you want to draw
  3. Now, place a white paper on a flat surface and show your mobile on top.
  4. You’ll find the app scanning the white paper and showing the pencil sketch of the image that you have chosen.
  5. On seeing the phone, try to draw on the outline of the sketch and try to finish the image.

5. Just a Line – Draw Anywhere, With AR

Just a Line is another fantastic AR app you must try. Imagine drawing in the air, how cool is that? Yes, Justaline will help you to draw on the empty space with 0 gravity experience.

How to use Just a Line:

  1. Install and Open JustaLine
  2. Now you’ll see your camera open.
  3. Try to draw or write something on the screen and you’ll see them floating on the air.
  4. Now move your phone and come back to the same place and see through the camera, you’ll still be seeing what you wrote.

Bonus – WallaMe – Augmented Reality

WallaMe is more like JustaLine, but this is like a social network. You can write or draw something with your Wallame AP app and share that to your friend, now, When your friend comes to that place, he can see what you wrote or draw. This will be so much fun.

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