How to Clear Android Cache [Top 3 Cache Cleaning Apps]

AndroidHow to Clear Android Cache

Just as how cleaning helps maintain most of the things in life, so does it do for your Android device as well. Especially in today’s age where there is so much stored data, browsing data and downloads on to your device, it generates a lot of junk and clutter.

Having this for a prolonged period of time affects the performance of your phone in terms of its speed and even takes up extra storage unnecessarily. You can also check my previous Android Antivirus Apps Post.


The first thing you might hear from someone when you say that your phone has become slow is, ‘Restart the phone’.  Isn’t it? Well, that works. But an even more effective way which quite a lot of few users might not be aware of is to clear cache to improve performance. It is not surprising if some users are reading this word for the first time.

What is Cache Memory in Android?

Users use a single app for multiple times. The phone does not find it effective to load data, more specifically, scripts and media files each time you start an application. So, it stores these in a separate memory called the cache memory and makes it readily available every time you launch the application.

But, Cache on a higher – level is pretty much useless to the user and only decreases the performance of the phone when the accumulation is high. Sometimes, it even goes up to 2 GB or 3 GB worth of data. Clearing the cache will not cause any observable difference to the experience in any applications. So, go ahead.

How to Clear Cache from Android?

Clearing Cache Data on Android Phone

It’s child’s play to clear cache data on your Android phone. But a thing to note. You cannot clear the overall cache memory in some versions of Android. Instead, clear the cache memory of individual apps. Here’s the process:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on ‘Apps’

    Android settings
  3. Click on ‘Apps’. This will open the list of all installed applications on the device. Depending on the load on the phone, this page might take some to open.

    Android Apps
  4. Click on any app whose cache you want to remove. A tip: Social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook will have the most amount of cache data.

    Choose Apps to clear cache
  5. Go to ‘Storage’.

    Open Storage
  6. This screen will breakdown the space occupied by the app on the memory. Click on ‘Clear Cache’.

    Click Clear Cache
  7. Voila! Your Cache has been cleared.
  8. Repeat the same steps for many applications and for sure, the performance of the phone will significantly increase.

Best Android Cache Cleaning Apps

You can follow the above manual way to find and clear cache from larger apps, and you have other easy ways too. Just Install a cache cleaner app and clean all the junks in seconds.

Android Cleaner Apps

For Android, there are plenty of Cache cleaning options available on the Play Store. We have ordered the best according to their number of downloads, ratings, and features. If you are looking to download the next cleaning app for your phone, consider this list!

1. Clean Master: Antivirus, and Cache Cleaner

At the time of writing this article, this insanely popular app has more than a billion downloads and a rating of 4.7 from 37 million users. So, you can probably guess how amazing this is.

Clean Master

To quickly run over the basic features, it provides you with:

  • Space clean up
  • Cleans Cache in seconds
  • Scan through the phone to find any virus and remove them
  • Through the boost option, you can speed up your phone
  • Accelerate your games and stop them from hanging
  • Helps you lock applications with a password or PIN
  • It helps you save battery life through the Saver mode.

As you can see, it is an all-rounder, that is, a single app for cleaning antivirus, app lock, cleaning cache, temp and, junk. The application will send timely notifications when cleaning is required when there is a malware, or when a specific application is consuming too much of the background activity. The more advanced updates include accessing it through the microphone from the lock – screen.

Download Clean Master

2. 360 Security: Free Antivirus, Booster and Cache Cleaner

This viral app from 360 Mobile Security Limited has a 4.6 rating from more than 14 million users and a total download count of 100 million+.

360 Security
  • Like the Clean Master, it provides junk – clean up options that can speed up your phone by half!
  • Deletes all the system generated junk files, mainly the cache memory associated with image and media files.
  • It provides real-time notification of viruses and cleans them instantly.
  • Helps filter out unwanted calls or messages
  • Locks social media applications to protect your personal data, accessible through fingerprint or PIN
  • Provides a dynamic lock – screen enabling the display of weather notifications, music player, other important phone battery consumption notifications and a tool to quickly turn on / off or manage the phone network settings.

The interface is standard, neat and easy to use. With the paid option, you can choose to remove the advertisements as well.

Download 360 Security

3. Super Cleaner: Antivirus, Booster and Phone Cleaner

Standing third in this list is Super Cleaner from Hawk. At the time of writing, it has a rating of 4.6 from 1 million users and more than 100 million downloads.

Super Cleaner Android App

Some of the typical features that this application provides is:

  • Clean Junk and Cache to boost the performance of the phone
  • Super Cleaner Provides real-time temperature of your phone and helps it cool down
  • Provides real-time scanning options and tracks down viruses
  • Locks applications and other important files with passwords
  • Helps manage notifications to only let the important ones show up
  • Private browsing helps you to browse without the fear of the history being stored
  • A dynamic screensaver that displays the real-time performance metrics of your device

Use this application for around 3 times a day and see the difference it makes for your phone! The interface is smooth for first – time users of such applications as well. With the regular updates from Hawk, you can also be assured of any bug getting fixed immediately.

Download Super Cleaner

What is the best Cache Cleaner Android App?

So, these are our top three picks for the best Cache cleaning apps for Android. The functionalities of all of them almost remain the same, they might only differ in the effectiveness, although all of them are. Download them and give a new lease of life to your Android phone!

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