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Save GIF on Twitter

How to save a GIF from Twitter [PC, Android, and iPhone]

Looking for ways to save GIFs from Twitter? You are in the right...
Phone to phone File Transfer

Transfer Files from Old to New Phone [Android and iOS]

As you purchase a new phone, transferring everything from the old phone to...

15 Best FREE VPN Providers in 2020 (iPhone, Android & PC)

looking for the best Free VPN App? You are in the right place...
how to create Action Blocks

How to set up Google Action Blocks quickly

Google announced Action Blocks a new way to make your routine works easy...
how to add a widget on android

How to Add a Widget on Android Mobile and Tablets

Adding a Widget to your mobile phone is not a frequent task we...

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What is About Blank? and steps to fix about:blank from not showing again

You might be seeing an empty page in your Google Chrome browser with...
How to Sell on Facebook Shops

10 Simple Steps to Sell Anything on Facebook Shops [2020]

Those are the days when People sell something on Facebook using their post...
how to download PowerToys

How to Install PowerToys on Windows 10 [2020]

Microsoft on the Build conference (The virtual conference) 2020, announced a few more...
Record Google Meet

How to Record Google Meet on PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android

Google meet joins the list of best free video calling apps after Google...
Instagram Guides

What is Instagram Guides and How to Enable that?

Instagram just announced a new feature called Guides, as the name says Instagram...

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Best Free VPN for Android

5 Best free VPNs for Android in 2020

VPN – short for the virtual private network – has become an essential...
Android Emulators for PC

Top 5 Android emulators for Windows 10 [Gamers and Developers]

Looking for a Good Android Emulator to use in your Windows PC, for...
Top AR Apps for Android

Top 5 AR (Augmented Reality) Apps for Android 2020

AR is the Acronym of Augmented Reality, which is the new trend in...
Find lost android phone

4 ways to Find a Lost Android Phone [Updated for 2020]

Lost your Android phone? Searching for ways to find it? Want to Find...
How to delete Apps on Android

How to Delete Apps on Android [Preinstalled and New Apps]

The smartphone user burns through an absurd number of apps in a year....

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How to change Airdrop name

How to Change AirDrop Name on iPhone, iPad or Mac?

Looking How to change your AirDrop Name on iPhone or iPad or Mac...
iPhone 11 screenshot

How to Take Screenshot on iPhone 11, Edit and Share

Some months back we saw all the options to take screenshot on iPhone...
Use iMessage on Windows

3 Ways to use iMessage on Windows PC

New to Windows and missing your iMessage? Came out for a trip without...
Best Free VPN for iPhone iPad

6 Best free VPNs for iPhone & iPad in 2020

Searching for best, secure and free VPNs for your iPhone or iPad? You...
Split Screen MAC

How to Split Mac Screen into 2 [Split view Mode]

The split-screen or the ‘Split View’ feature on your MacBook can be used...

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GTA 5 for Free

How to Download GTA 5 for Free [Legally from Epic Games]

Epic Games just announced that they are going to free the sale on...
Browser games

Best 20 Browser Games [No Flash & No Signup]

Are you bored at home or work and looking for some good time...
How to Host Twitch

How to Host on Twitch using PC and Mobile

Twitch is the leading platform for live-streaming. It gives you the option to...
Skyrim Mods

10 Best SKYRIM Mods in 2020

Skyrim came out about nine years ago, and it has established itself as...
Games like PUBG

Top 7 Games like PUBG [Mobile and PC]

PUBG or Player Unknown's Battleground has been gaining players faster than wildfire. Their...