Clear Cache on Mac

How To Clear Cache On Mac [Safari, Chrome, Firefox]

Cache stores data so that future requests for that data can be served to the user faster than a normal request any...
delete poshmark

How To Delete Poshmark Account

Waftr's Quick Answer to Delete Poshmark Account1. Open Poshmark and Tap on Profile icon. 2. Choose Account Settings in the dropdown....
stress apps

Top 11 Stress Relief Therapy Apps - iPhone and Android

We are in a time where there is almost an app for every single thing. Yoga, Counting, Taxation, You name it. There's...

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Change Instagram Fonts

How To Change Font On Instagram Posts and Bio

Waftr's Quick Answer to Change Font style on Instagram Bio and Posts1....
Make Facebook post shareable

How To Make A Post Shareable On Facebook

Facebook has become a giant dump of posts shared by people who have...
private story on Snapchat

How To Make A Private Story On Snapchat?

Waftr’s Quick Answer To Make A Private Story On Snapchat:1. Open the Snapchat app.2....
Google meet - zoom alternative

What is Google Meet?

Google is known for bringing great products to its customers and google meet...
How To Add Link To Instagram Story

How To Add Link To Instagram Story [Quick Steps]

Waftr’s Quick Answer to Add Link To Instagram Story:1. Open the Instagram app.2. Tap...

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Android video editing Apps

11 Free Android Video Editing Apps [2020]

Making videos these days has become a trend among people. Especially when a...
how to create Action Blocks

How to set up Google Action Blocks quickly

Google announced Action Blocks a new way to make your routine works easy...
how to add a widget on android

How to Add a Widget on Android Mobile and Tablets

Adding a Widget to your mobile phone is not a frequent task we...
Best Free VPN for Android

5 Best free VPNs for Android in 2020

VPN – short for the virtual private network – has become an essential...
Android Emulators for PC

Top 5 Android emulators for Windows 10 [Gamers and Developers]

Looking for a Good Android Emulator to use in your Windows PC, for...

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reset ipad

How To Reset iPad with and without Passcode [Updated]

Waftr's Quick Answer to Reset iPhone or iPad1. Go to settings and...
Backup iPhone to iCloud

How To Backup iPhone To iCloud

Waftr's Quick Answer to Change Font style on Instagram Bio...
Delete Apps on Mac pc

How To Uninstall Apps On Mac [Purchased in and out of App store]

Waftr's quick Answer to Uninstall Apps on Mac:Purchased in App store:1. Open...
How to fix AirDrop not working

Quick Fix - AirDrop Not Working on iPhone or Mac [8 Ways]

Waftr’s Quick Answer:In the Mac:1. Enable Disable Wifi/Bluetooth2. Make sure Airdrop is...
How to edit iPhone videos

How To Edit Videos On iPhone [Crop, Trim, Rotate]

Photos App in the iOS app has the ability to do basic editing...

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Games like PUBG

Top 7 Games like PUBG [Mobile and PC]

In the past couple of years, PUBG Mobile has become the most popular...
Surf Game on edge browser

Quick Tips to Play Surf Game Online on Edge Browser

Played or Heard about the Google Chrome T-Rex Game? When you don't have...
GTA 5 for Free

How to Download GTA 5 for Free [Legally from Epic Games]

Epic Games just announced that they are going to free the sale on...
Browser games

Best 20 Browser Games [No Flash & No Signup]

Are you bored at home or work and looking for some good time...
How to Host Twitch

How to Host on Twitch using PC and Mobile

Twitch is the leading platform for live-streaming. It gives you the option to...