How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

AndroidHow to Recover Deleted Text Messages on Android

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Looking at how to restore deleted Android Text messages? You are in the right place. Most of us often tend to delete prominent text messages in a hurry. With so many social networking sites and different platforms for texting, you can end up deleting texts by just tapping on the wrong areas of the phone. There are even situations of your phone suddenly crashing or going on a factory reset mode. Many people believe that once you delete text messages by accident, it is impossible to get them back. However, let me break it for you. Recovering deleted text messages on your phone is quite possible. It is even easy. Nonetheless, this can only happen if the old texts don’t overwrite by the new data. 

You can learn to restore the erased data if you follow the given steps carefully. You can restore these texts via a laptop or even with your bare phone.

Restore SMS on Android Phones

Can you recover deleted text messages on android?

Recovering the deleted messages on android might seem implausible. Since Android phones don’t consist of a recycle bin and even a button to undo the deletion of the text messages, finding ways to restore your valuable messages might seem quite hard. However, you don’t have to get disheartened yet. You can recover the deleted messages through other methods. 

When you delete messages from your phone, they remain stored in the storage memory space. The deleted texts remain saved in a folder called unused. This folder is present in the storage system. Recovering deleted data is pretty simple. It is necessary to restore messages before the new data overwrites the deleted data.

How much time does it take for deleted texts to get overwritten?

You won’t be able to know how long it will take for the deleted texts to get overwritten. However, what you can do to minimize the chances of overwriting is to switch off the data. Moreover, try your best not to save any new data until you recover the deleted data. The most reliable option that you can use is to put your phone on airplane mode. After this, you will have to find a solution as quickly as you can to recover the data.

A. Recovering text messages through Google Drive

If you have a habit of backing up your phone memory on Google Drive, you might be lucky because the deleted messages can be found here. Search for settings in Google Account. Then select ‘accounts and backup’ and press ‘backup and restore.’ If Google Drive shows that you backed up your account recently, you can recover the deleted messages. If not, FonePaw can be handy.

Message backup in Gdrive

Although there are plentiful apps that you can use to restore your deleted text messages, installing apps, and new data on your phone can overwrite the deleted data. FonePaw Android Data Recovery app, on the other hand, does not do this. 

B. Using the SMS-recovery software to retrieve deleted text messages

The monitor-based application named FonePaw Android Data Recovery is an excellent app that helps in searching the deleted text messages stored in the storage space of the android phone. With the smoothest mechanism, this app is effortless to use. You are required to pair your phone with your computer via a USB cable. Now follow the steps mentioned on the screen. 

Benefits of FonePaw app

  • You can recover deleted text messages on android phones with ease. Be it SMS, contact information, texts, and MMS, FonePaw has it all. 
  • Protect the messages recovered on CSV or HTML. You can see deleted text messages on the PC clearly via HTML.
  • This app is ideal for all android phones. 
  • You can restore messages of social networking sites along with the call log information.

You can download this app on your PC free of cost. To recover the messages, follow these steps-

Fonepaw data recovery
  1. Pair the Android phone to the PC.
    You have to launch the application on the monitor. Install the SMS Data Recovery app. Use a USB cable to connect the PC to your phone. Once connected, the app will detect your phone instantly. You will then have to give a permit to USB debugging. 
  2. Find the option to restore text messages.
    Once you pair the computer with your phone, a screen will pop up. You can choose from the given data as to what kind of messages you want to recover. A few things that you can restore are photos, text messages, call log information. Select the most appropriate option from these. 
  3. Install FonePaw on your android phone.
    To scan and detect the deleted text messages, you will have to install the FonePaw app on your phone. You can permit your PC to access the information stored on the phone. The application will thus ask you to install it through USB. Follow the instructions given on your screen carefully. 
  4. Give access to detect the deleted text messages.
    After installing the FonePaw application on your phone, give access to detect deleted text messages. Press ‘allow’ when the program asks you for permission. You can only scan the words if you permit them to read them through PC. After granting all the permissions, press ‘scan authorized files’. You will now be able to scan all the deleted text messages.
  5. Recover the deleted messages.
    After the program finishes the standard scanning of your phone, you will find your deleted messages. Deep scan if you still haven’t seen them. Select the message that you want to recover and press the ‘recover message’ button. 

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C. Backup and Restore Android Text Messages using App

SMS backup and restore

You can find SMS Backup & Restore by Synctech in Google Play Store. Install the app, configure and forget it. when you want to restore your messages, open the app again and click restore messages.

SMS Backup

The text messages which you accidentally delete stored in a folder that you cannot access because it’s hidden. It is essential to root your phone so that the recovery app can gain access and detect the folder where the deleted messages are saved. Therefore, you can in no way recover your deleted messages without rooting the android phone. So make sure to read the instructions on your screen rigorously to have a maximal chance at improving your text messages.

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