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Getting More followers on Twitter is not so easy these days, we have to work a lot to get more followers and to become a star in Twitter, But I have some tricks here to get more followers on twitter fast. Follow the steps given below.

Tips to get more Twitter Followers

 Below Given are the Mighty Steps to get more followers on Twitter.

1. Complete your Profile 100%:

 Answer me the following questions:
  • Do you have an attractive Profile Picture?
  • What is your biography?
  • What is your cover photo?
  • What is your theme color?
  • How many tweets do you post per day?
  • How many Hashtags do you use?
  • Are you Using worthful Hashtags?
       Just complete all these questions and look on to your profile. Just make some changes. Make your profile more attractive to get more followers. And don’t add more about you in your Bio.
 2. Tweet Regularly:
    In order to get more followers, you should stay alive and you have to show up by yourself to the others.  Tweet regularly, You can make 1000 tweets per day and how much you are using? and the tricky way is doing automation, Let robots tweet instead of you. Funny is in it? Yea but it really works.

3. Use HashTags:

      Hashtags are a more efficient way of tweeting to get more followers not only on twitter but also on Facebook, Google plus and all other social networks. Use hashtags effectively by choosing which tag is popular and trendy in your circle. 
 4. Use Automation:
      As I said before, Automation makes wonders in creating tweets. Just schedule some tweets with time and you’ll get posts on your wall regularly.

5. Mentions:

     Mention more tweeps on your tweets, e.g.: ” Hai @Thomasandrows ” mentioning more leads to get more visibility and so you’ll get more fans and more followers. 

Final and secret for you:


           If you want to get more twitter followers Don’t wait for others to follow you, Just go and follow the Huge tweeps like ” Team follow back, Follow back 100″ Because those followers will follow you as they need more followers.
              Thus the secret to getting more twitter follower is to follow more tweeps ( Unfollow the nonfollowers after a week) + Tweet more (with Hashtags and mentions) + Favorite more tweets.
               Follow these steps and this will work definitely and you could get a minimum of 7000 followers in a week. and you could get more followers in later days by shoutouting to others.


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