Free Music Download Websites and Apps 2022 (Top 20)

InternetFree Music Download Websites and Apps 2022 (Top 20)

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Now Downloading Music from the Internet is not so tough, We have carefully analyzed and listed down best websites which offer free music download, some offers free to download to the device and some offers free download In-App or Stream online and listen to your favorite music on the below-listed Websites and Apps.

List of Websites to Download Full songs 2021

Here are the Music sites and Apps, where you can download or stream music without downloading, these rankings are based on the ease of downloading music for free and popularity based on the number of visitors to the site (Global ranking from

  1. Jamendo

    Free Music Download Website 1/22
    Jamendo ranks first on the list, as you can download any songs from this website for free, Just go to the search bar and type the song you want and click the download icon. also, you can like and Share music with your friends.


    This Music service website offers a massive choice of music from independent artists for FREE downloads. Jamendo also has paid services for licensed music.

    Global Website Ranking - 23,751
    Daily Unique Visitors - 24,456
    - Go to
    - Download Jamendo Android App - 3.4
    - Download Jamendo iOS App
  2. Soundclick

    Free Music Download Website 2/22
    Soundclick has more than 5 Million song tracks, providing Social media service since 1997. This website offers song streaming and MP3 download.


    SoundClick is a FREE music download platform with music from various artists, albums, genres, and languages.

    Global Website Ranking - 46,406
    Daily Unique Visitors - 7,857
    - Go to
    - Download Sound Click Android App - 3.2
    - Download Sound Click iOS App
  3. BeSonic

    Free Music Download Website 3/22
    Another music site with streaming and download option, search bar here is the best way to find any song.


    Go to

  4. Youtube

    Free Music Download Website 4/22
    YouTube has a huge collection of free music, but to download them you need to do a small trick – Download YouTUbe videos to Mp3 using YouTube to Mp3 converters online.

    - Go to
    - Download YouTube Android App- 4.3
    - Download YouTube iOS App- 4.6
  5. SoundCloud

    Free Music Download Website 5/22
    SoundCloud is one of the largest music sharing platforms from where one can stream and save music on their devices. You can also convert Soundcloud music to MP3 in a few minutes.

    Global Website Ranking - 111
    Daily Unique Visitors - 4,352,387
    - Go to
    - Download Sound Cloud Android App - 4.5
    - Download Sound Cloud iOS App - 4.5
  6. Spotify

    Free Music Download Website 6/22
    Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. This music website lets you stream and download music for offline listening. Get Spotify for free.

    Global Website Ranking - 123
    Daily Unique Visitors - 2,843,533
    - Go to
    - Download Spotify Android App - 4.6
    - Download Spotify iOS App - 4.8
  7. Pandora

    Free Music Download Website 7/22
    Pandora is a music application for both Android and iOS devices where a user can search, download and organize from billions of songs from a variety of genres and languages.

    Global Website Ranking - 467
    Daily Unique Visitors - 1,556,974
    - Go to
    - Download Pandora Android App - 4.4
    - Download Pandora iOS App - 4.8
  8. Gaana Music

    Free Music Download Website 8/22
    Gaana is a popular music application where one can stream and download music on their mobile device for later use, much like Sound cloud. Music of almost all languages are available on Gaana Music.

    Global Website Ranking - 272
    Daily Unique Visitors - 931,419
    - Go to
    - Download Gaana Android App - 4.4
    - Download Sound Click iOS App - 4.0
  9. LAST.FM

    Free Music Download Website 9/22 is one of the world’s largest music platform with millions of songs and music for download for absolutely no cost to you.

    Global Website Ranking - 1,282
    Daily Unique Visitors - 419,880
    - Go to
    - Download Last FM Android App - 3.7
    - Download Last FM iOS App - 2.7
  10. MP3Juices

    Free Music Download Website 10/22
    MP3Juices is a music aggregation website which hosts songs from multiple online sources. They also offer free music for FREE download without any registration.

    Global Website Ranking - 2,622
    Daily Unique Visitors - 376,968
    - Go to
    - Download Mp3 Juice Android App - 4.5
  11. Tubidy MP3

    Free Music Download Website 11/22
    Tubidy MP3 is a FREE music sharing platform where you can signup and create your own playlist. Add songs and music to this playlist, download and listen to them on demand.

    Global Website Ranking - 161,368
    Daily Unique Visitors - 19,175
    - Go to
    - Download tubidy Android App - 4.3
    - Download Sound Click iOS App - NA
  12. FREE Music Downloads

    Free Music Download Website 12/22
    FREE Music Downloads hosts all kinds of music from rock to jazz to classical with over a billion songs. Download them on your devices for FREE.

    Global Website Ranking - 27,933
    Daily Unique Visitors - 19,649
    - Go to
    - Download Free Music Android App - 4.5
  13. FREE Music Archive

    Free Music Download Website 13/22
    FREE Music Archive is a FREE music download website with music/songs from all eras. It is popular for English music of all genres.

    Global Website Ranking - 9,745
    Daily Unique Visitors - 26,576
    - Go to
    - Download Free Music Archive Android App - 3.7
    - Download Free Music Archive iOS App - 3.0
  14. FREE MP3 Finder

    Free Music Download Website 14/22
    FREE MP3 Finder is a music search engine from where a user can access music for download from around 1000 websites. It’s a FREE platform.

    Global Website Ranking - 11,630
    Daily Unique Visitors - 63,181
    Go to FREE MP3 Finder 
  15. Napster

    Free Music Download Website 15/22
    Napster hosts over 30 million songs and music. It is a paid platform with a FREE trial. Download music and play on the go legally.

    Global Website Ranking – 16,307
    Daily Unique Visitors – 29,262

    - Go to
    - Download Napster Android App - 4.2
    - Download Napster iOS App - 4.6
  16. Hungama Music

    Free Music Download Website 16/22
    Hungama Music is an online music streaming and download platform. It is host to music from almost all Indian and Foreign languages and one can find music of all kinds of genres on the platform.

    Global Website Ranking – 8,091
    Daily Unique Visitors – 92,307

    - Go to
    - Download Hungama Android App - 4.2
    - Download Hungama iOS App - 4.2
  17. Audio Mack

    Free Music Download Website 17/22
    Audiomack is a FREE streaming music app, built for streaming and downloading the latest new music, mixtapes, and podcasts in Hip-Hop, Electronic, Latin, and more. Every song is downloadable on Audio Mack.

    Global Website Ranking - 20,961
    Daily Unique Visitors - 37,005
    - Go to
    - Download Audiomack Android App - 4.5
    - Download Audiomack iOS App - 4.8
  18. Amazon Music

    Free Music Download Website 18/22
    Amazon is probably is least accessed to download music, but in fact, the platform hosts thousands of free tracks. These can be sorted by genre or alphabetical order or artist, album, or title, or by release date, song length, popularity or reviews.

    Global Website Ranking - 10
    Daily Unique Visitors - 56,203
    - Go to
    - Download Amazon Music Android App - 4.3
    - Download Amazon Music iOS App - 4.7
  19. DatPiff

    Free Music Download Website 19/22
    DatPiff is one of the hottest mixtapes libraries from famous artists. One can stream or download the music on their devices for FREE.

    Global Website Ranking - 12,857
    Daily Unique Visitors - 20,105
    - Go to
    - Download Datpiff Android App - 4.3
    - Download Datpiff iOS App - 4.6
  20. Sound Stripe

    Free Music Download Website 20/22
    Sound Stripe offers royalty free music and unlimited music for video, for one low price i.e. FREE. It requires signup for downloading.

    Global Website Ranking - 54,788
    Daily Unique Visitors - 7,585
    - Go to
    - Download SoundStripe Android App - 5.0
    - Download SoundStripe iOS App - NA
  21. MusOpen

    Free Music Download Website 21/22
    Musopen is a non-profit offering free access to sheet music, royalty free public domain music recordings, and other music resources. Both streaming and download is allowed on MusOpen.

    Global Website Ranking - 155,105
    Daily Unique Visitors - 1,425
    - Go to
    - Download MusOpen Android App - 3.6
    - Download MusOpen iOS App - NA
  22. PureVolume

    Free Music Download Website 22/22
    PureVolume is a music editorial and download platform that features thousands of free music downloads from a range of different artists.

    Global Website Ranking - 93,256
    Daily Unique Visitors - 3,316
    - Go to
    - Download Pure Volume Android App - 1.7
    - Download Pure Volume iOS App - NA

Listen to Free Songs using Apps

Downloading free songs is illegal in various countries. However, the applications on this list allow you to download songs for free nonetheless. You can download various formats of the music files like mp3, wav, etc. as per the requirements of your music player. These websites also offer high quality 128 kbps as well as 320 kbps songs that feel great on high-quality earphones/speakers.

1. Spotify


Free Music Download App 1/3
Spotify is an application that has taken the world by a storm. Popular on both iOS as well as Android devices, this application has made it possible for music enthusiasts to listen to the latest tracks on the go. This Music website classifies the music in its library based on the moods. Therefore, it has songs that are perfectly suited to your mood whether you are feeling happy or sad.

With a curated party playlist, you will definitely be the center of the attraction of the party with Spotify.

Google Play Music


Free Music Download Website 2/3
The Google Play Music is available as a pre-installed application on your android device. Previously serving only a few podcasts and mainly as a music player application, Google modified the application a few months ago to add the purchase functionality to it.

Download Play Music Android App – 3.9

Download Play Music iOS App 4.0

You can pay a small premium on the application interface to download songs for free. Google Play Music also allows you to play all kinds of mp3 files on your device without bounds. This means that you can download the music files from somewhere else on the internet and play it on this application easily.

Saavn Premium


Free Music Download Website 3/3
Saavn is one of the most popular music applications available for free download for both iOS as well as Android platforms. However, it charges a small monthly premium fee for the offline ad-free experience. Nonetheless, you can listen to songs online without paying any fee as long as you have a stable internet connection.

All you need to do to download songs from Saavn is hit the download button in front of the song name. If you have already subscribed to the premium feature on the application, the song is downloaded for free in an instant.

All these applications ask for a small monthly/annual subscription fee after which you can download unlimited free songs. There are several ways you can hack these applications or download the cracked versions to avail the free services. However, I suggest you not to do so, because it often invites dangerous malware and spyware viruses that can be used to steal sensitive data from your phone.

So, the next time you are handed the AUX cable, make sure that you have the best songs in the party to liven up the mood of the audience.

Best Way to Download Free Music in 2020

Below are the 3 simple steps to download free music without even going to any website. Just go to Google and follow the below steps.

  1. Copy and paste the below query in Google search replacing the “Type the music title” with the Music title or Album you need.

intitle:”index.of”(mpg(avi)wmv) (type the music title) -jsp -asp -html -htm -php

I’m doing the search for Michael Jackson music and got the below result.

Google search for music

2. Click on the appropriate result you find valid, I clicked on the first result and got the one shown below.

Music list

3. right click and save the music to your phone or music.

Save Music

And now you can listen to the music you downloaded for free.


  1. Music websites review broken link
    Hi. I’ve found your review of free music download websites. It’s awesome! But as I can see one of the websites Tubidy MP3 does not work anymore.

    There is another brand new music service called Can you take a look and let me know what you think about it?

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