30 Movie Streaming Websites to Watch Movies Online

Internet30 Movie Streaming Websites to Watch Movies Online

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Everybody likes watching movies, and some have good internet speed and they don’t want to download movies, instead, they watch it online. I’m writing this article, especially for people like you, who are in need of websites to stream and watch movies. Streaming Videos is very common these days, and you got a lot of choices, I’m listing the best websites below. These websites have no signups, no pop-up ads, and no annoying elements. I’ve also listed top legal movie download websites, you can use them if you are more concerned about privacy. Before trying any of the below method use any of the trusted paid or Best Free VPN Service.

Top Movie Streaming Websites

We have identified 30 top websites from where you can stream your favorite movies without much hassle and No Signups or annoying Ad pop-ups or even surveys. Their ranking is based on their popularity and range of movies available for downloads.

  1. YouTube

    YouTube is the leading website in Video Streaming. It is well known that YouTube is home to a largest assortment of videos on earth. These video sharing platforms has everything from cartoons, movies, TV series, personal videos, movies and more. Along with a wide range of FREE movies, from across genres and languages, one can also stream latest movies at a very nominal price. Almost all movies released around the planet can be streamed and viewed either for FREE or with a nominal payment.

    Go to youtube.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 2
    Daily Unique Visitors – 104,293,200
    Daily Unique Page Views – 514,016,680

    Bonus: Websites to Watch Cartoon Videos Online

  2. NetFlix

    NetFlix much like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar etc is a subscription-based platform where with one paid account a user can access millions of videos, movies, TV series, documentaries and more. This Movie Streaming website also features video download option across devices. Netflix has a FREE trial as well.

    Go to netflix.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 26
    Daily Unique Visitors – 21,770,811
    Daily Unique Page Views – 38,192,451

  3. Hulu

    Hulu is one of the largest video streaming websites to show Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, and more. It has both Paid and FREE services. You can start streaming movies with the free trial and once you love it, you can go for the paid version.

    Go to hulu.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 238
    Daily Unique Visitors – 2,037,246
    Daily Unique Page Views – 4,170,660

  4. Amazon Prime

    Go to primevideo.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 316
    Daily Unique Visitors – 935,145
    Daily Unique Page Views – 3,203,151

  5. HotStar

    Hotstar is an India based video entertainment platform that hosts Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Live sports and more. It provides its services in over 17 Indian languages, including English. It has its Premium services as well.

    Go to hotstar.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 261
    Daily Unique Visitors – 970,659
    Daily Unique Page Views – 3,952,578

  6. Vimeo

    Go to vimeo.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 139
    Daily Unique Visitors – 1,943,730
    Daily Unique Page Views – 7,339,114

  7. Xfinity

    Xfinity is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation that offers subscription-based paid services for streaming movies, cartoons, sports, TV series and more.

    Go to xfinity.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 327
    Daily Unique Visitors – 1,036,796
    Daily Unique Page Views – 3,119,126

  8. Voot

    Voot is an India based TV streaming platform where one can watch old and latest movies, TV shows and more for FREE. It covers media from almost all Indian languages.

    Go to voot.com
    Global Alexa Ranking – 819
    Daily Unique Visitors – 699,453
    Daily Unique Page Views – 1,335,685

  9. Direct TV

    Direct TV is a US-based direct broadcast service that also streams movies, TV shows, News, Sports live on their website and mobile apps. It is a paid platform.

    Go to directv.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 1,774
    Daily Unique Visitors – 188,770
    Daily Unique Page Views –566,310

  10. Just Watch

    Just watch is a streaming search engine for the latest movies, TV shows and more. It is a subscription-based paid platform.

    Go to justwatch.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 2,006
    Daily Unique Visitors – 393,777
    Daily Unique Page Views – 489,631

    Bonus: Download Movies Online without Signup

  11. GoStream.site

    GoStream is a FREE video streaming websites to view the latest Hollywood TV shows and movies.

    Go to gostream.site

    Global Alexa Ranking – 3,511
    Daily Unique Visitors – 88,082
    Daily Unique Page Views – 285,225

  12. Disney Movies

    Disney Movies hosts new, classic and upcoming films, Blu-rays, DVDs, downloads, and much more, including favorites, news etc. It is a paid platform.

    Go to disney.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 3,714
    Daily Unique Visitors – 84,993
    Daily Unique Page Views – 268,386

  13. PlutoTV

    Pluto TV is a FREE video streaming platform with news, sports, movies, TV shows, viral videos, cartoons and so much more hosted on it. It also provides option to download these videos for offline viewing.

    Go to pluto.tv

    Global Alexa Ranking – 4,004
    Daily Unique Visitors – 83,636
    Daily Unique Page Views – 250,907

  14. Vudu

    Go to vudu.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 5,852
    Daily Unique Visitors – 66,428
    Daily Unique Page Views – 172,250

  15. Fox Movies

    Fox Movies hosts some of the latest movies for paid viewing.

    Go to fox.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 7,795
    Daily Unique Visitors – 96,077
    Daily Unique Page Views – 129,704

  16. Popcorn Flix

    On PopCornFlix a user can access a wide assortment of free English Movies and TV Shows online for FREE. The platform allows both stream and downloads options.

    Go to popcornflix.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 15,159
    Daily Unique Visitors – 63,280
    Daily Unique Page Views – 70,498

  17. YiDiO

    Go to yidio.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 12,885
    Daily Unique Visitors – 42,604
    Daily Unique Page Views – 76,156

  18. Yupp Flix

    Yupp Flix is a popular streaming websites that primarily hosts Indian Movies Online and Indian TV Shows covering all Indian languages. It is a paid subscription based platform with FREE trial.

    Go to yuppflix.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 16,687
    Daily Unique Visitors – 44,259
    Daily Unique Page Views – 51,417

  19. Quick Flix

    Quick Flix is a paid-pay-as-you-go based streaming website that hosts latest Hollywood movies.

    Go to quickflix.com.au

    Global Alexa Ranking – 49,407
    Daily Unique Visitors – 4,442
    Daily Unique Page Views – 20,439

  20. TubiTV

    TubiTV is a US-based video streaming and entertainment platform where one can watch free movies and TV shows online in HD on any device. Tubi offers streaming movies in genres like Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime, and Comedy.

    Go to tubitv.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 22,580
    Daily Unique Visitors – 31,133
    Daily Unique Page Views – 45,338

  21. Eros Now

    On Eros now a user can stream & download Bollywood, Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, Bhojpuri full movies in HD quality. It is a subscription-based service.

    Go to erosnow.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 17,388
    Daily Unique Visitors – 41,259
    Daily Unique Page Views – 60,341

  22. Sony Crackle

    Go to sonycrackle.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 62,190
    Daily Unique Visitors – 11,003
    Daily Unique Page Views – 19,935

  23. TCM

    TCM focuses on English classic movies with thousands of options from across genres.

    Go to tcm.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 28,124
    Daily Unique Visitors – 16,195
    Daily Unique Page Views – 37,766

  24. The Asian Crush

    The Asian Crush is a Korean entertainment website where users can watch latest Korean and Japanese Movies, Games Shows, Sports, TV Series, Drama and more. It is a paid subscription based service.

    Go to asiancrush.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 67,391
    Daily Unique Visitors – 7,725
    Daily Unique Page Views – 15,486

  25. StreamLikers

    Streamlikers hosts thousands of movies for streaming for no cost. Movies from genres like Action, Comedy, Thriller, Romance etc can be viewed on Stream Likers. It is a FREE platform.

    Go to streamlikers.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 357,399
    Daily Unique Visitors – 1,286
    Daily Unique Page Views – 3,452

  26. Wolow Tube

    Wolowtube is an entertainment website for searching and watching free movies without downloading.

    Go to wolowtube.me

    Global Alexa Ranking – 184,712
    Daily Unique Visitors – 2,976
    Daily Unique Page Views – 5,236

  27. all123movies.com

    Watch English movies and TV series for FREE.

    Go to all123movies.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 290,199
    Daily Unique Visitors – 1,485
    Daily Unique Page Views – 4,312

  28. ViewSter

    Go to viewster.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 69,845
    Daily Unique Visitors – 12,968
    Daily Unique Page Views – 14,265

  29. Fandor

    Fandor hosts primarily Indie movies, Hollywood movies, and documentaries for paid subscription-based viewing.

    Go to fandor.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 56,838
    Daily Unique Visitors – 6,029
    Daily Unique Page Views – 18,087

  30. Mid Night Pulp

    Mid Night Pulp is a streaming channel with thousands of Hollywood movies hosted for viewing for FREE.

    Go to midnightpulp.com

    Global Alexa Ranking – 344,962
    Daily Unique Visitors – 1,640
    Daily Unique Page Views – 3,087

All these Websites are the Top Movie Streaming Websites to Watch Any Movie in Full HD Online, Did I miss Any of your favorite Websites? If so, please share them in the comments, let’s others. Happy Movie Watching!!

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