15 Best Photo Editing Applications (Android and iOS)

Photo editing apps
Best Photo Editing Apps

In the world where we live today, it is usual for people to click pictures and add a dash of the filter to the same. The filter makes the picture look far more appealing and interesting than before only if the filter is applied properly. So, as the photo editing apps become important, let us check out some of the amazing photo-editing applications.

Top 15 Photo Editing Apps:

When we talk about enhancing the quality of shots or about a vast collection of filters and accurate control tools prove to be really important editing elements and thus, much to the delight of thousands of users, Snapseed comes loaded with a rich collection of many such features, that’s why Snapseed is in top of our photo editing apps list. But all in all what truly sets this image editing app apart for others is its well thought of integration of various customized control variables in every filter and tool. This lets the user achieve the desired and apt outcome finally resulting in that perfect image which is worthy of posting on Instagram.

If you see the sheer diversity of editing tools and effects it can get a little confusing in the beginning, but once you settle into the feel of the application with time, you will feel like certified photo editing machine. The application edits pictures beautifully without any loss in the picture quality.

Price: Free
Price: Free

Android counterpart of the Adobe Photoshop- Photoshop Lightroom CC certainly inherits the same DNA in totality. The first and foremost thing that makes it stand out is its clean user interface and clutter, a hassle-free organization of tools. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t give you variety. The app is fully loaded with many editing tools and filters that surely won’t leave you longing for more. The app has a noteworthy auto preset feature which allows the users to capture RAW images in Pro/HDR and other modes coupled with five different camera effects, facilitating seeing the outcome before the photo is actually clicked. It is a perfect on-the-go picture editing app.

Adobe Lightroom CC
Price: Free+

PhotoDirector is indeed a good image editing app which brings to the table some lovely enhancement and editing tools such as various filters, some light effects, and various other add-ons to infuse new life into the images clicked by its users. It flaunts a wide array of picture editing features, and the most eye-catchy one is the object removal trick. This feature helps in erasing undesirable objects from an image in a spur of the moment and in a much smoother manner.

This editing app is one of those which can be comfortably regarded as a jack of all trades.It not only presents to its users an impressive collection of lovely image editing tools, but it also goes on to boast of a very useful camera function which is further divided into two amazing modes: a beauty mode which can be used for clicking selfies added with a lot of filters and a normal mode for flexing muscles of the rear snapper.

Price: Free+

This application is definitely one of the best photo editing apps around. Thank the brilliant range of editing options to choose from and the hassle-free manner in which they are located right on the homepage of the app which makes it highly convenient for users to find the desired filters and tools when needed. The app is loaded with a lot of image retouching tools which aptly serve our basic photo editing needs. But a few of them are totally worth mentioning due to their amazing functionality and brilliant execution.

This app can comfortably be called one of the simplest and highly productive photo editing app. Its simple user interface is its major plus point. Unlike the various other image editing applications, Camly’s home screen only consists of seven enhancement options. This makes it distinctly easy for users to choose whatever tool they want to use and then go ahead to select the specific variable of the tool that they want to tweak. The app doesn’t confuse the users with a plethora of options.

This is one application that I personally love to us. Indeed, it is a highly acclaimed and rated photo editing app which is a blend of a very smooth user interface and an extensively impressive range of image editing tools and camera presets that are genuinely striking in enhancing a shot and final outcome. The app lists the editing tools in an extremely well laid-out manner and displays only four of them on the home screen so as to keep it simple, wherein each further contain a vast catalog of filters

Price: Free+
Price: Free+

If you want the best of both filters coupled with amazing editing features, head on to download PicsArt, and you’ll happily amazed. It is a perfect combination of an immersive, clean user interface and an equally capable camera app, which offers more enhancement tools like various scene modes, a variety of filters, and catchy stickers than any other app. One can also make use of the images uploaded by the PicsArt community members as backgrounds absolutely free of cost.

The primary thing that will gather your attention when you start using this app is how systematically well the enhancements tools are clubbed into merely five categories on the home page. This complete arrangement is what makes this application an absolute delight to use and edit the images with a wide range and variety of effects and styling elements. The app supports an amazing feature that users to save their chosen combination of filters and combination for future use too.

Toolwiz Photos – Pro Editor is a photo editing app that facilitates you with the complete range of retouching elements and tools that you’ll ever want or expect on your smartphone. From detailed portrait retouching tools, various text addition options available or the pro-level light and color adjustment tool option this app provides it all. Everything is clearly organized into a sorted and interestingly engaging interface. The app goes on to offer a huge selection and variety of stickers and layouts.

ToolWiz Photos
Price: Free+

This is an app that provides a person a totally pro-level photo editing controls and experience right on your smartphone. If you know how to play around with colors and the various other in-depth variables of a shot to create a final image that has been tweaked well to absolute perfection in all the aspects. If we set aside the superficial photo editing tools and effects, one can comfortably adjust the RGB values, and accordingly go-ahead to assign the number of points around which you would adjust the curves to go on and obtain the apt color balance and output.

Photo Editor
Price: Free+

If you are the one who has ever wanted a totally no-frills app that can do just one job well and nothing else but. make your selfies look flawlessly magazine-worthy, and do all of this without editing it a lot, then Facetune is the app you’d love. The app’s tag is totally justified by the vast collection of really beautiful editing tools it brings to the users. It comes loaded with loads of retouching features such as skin tone smoother, the amazing detail enhancer, a reshaping tool and a plethora of others too that help a user in creating the perfect self-portrait.

Facetune - Ad Free
Price: $5.99
Price: $3.99

If the idea of a complete image editing app that does not confuse your head you with zillion kinds of tools and filters, but on the other hand just provides the aptly balanced options of fundamental editing features to beautify images in a jiffy, then this app is surely for you. It brings to a user an interesting blend of filters from both its expert team of developers as well as some iconic Instagram users. It also features an impressively enticing collection of textures, layouts which feature some mind-blowing natural lighting effects that will give your images a distinct look.

Price: Free+
Afterlight 2
Price: $2.99

This app has grown to be one of the most popular and widely used photo editing application out there, and definitely for all the good reasons, as the wide range of beautiful filters that come in the app are definitely a kind of their own and are really hard to find on any other similar app. The various interesting filters available on the app exhibit the signature style of art of various iconic personalities. The collection keeps getting latest updates by additions made of the newer ones so as to keep the user community gripped well.

Prisma Photo Editor
Prisma Photo Editor


In case a user wants to enjoy something different without majorly missing on the specific core image enhancements tools then, in that case, Vignette can be your perfect pick to relish the experience.There is absolutely no dearth of editing tools and filters in this app, but the only thing is that the manner in which they are arranged and presented makes the app so special. Even though this app does not support a very varied set of filters or effects but just the availability of very basic editing tools will enable you to tweak your photos in a matter of few minutes to come up with really nice shots.

Vignette Camera Pro

I hope the list gives you various options to pick and choose from as to what application would you want to download and edit pictures in.


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