How to Download WhatsApp Status [Image and Video]

Internet How to Download WhatsApp Status

Searching How to download a WhatsApp status video? you are in the right place. It is hard sometimes to ask your friend to share that one good video he uploaded in his WhatsApp status, there are many ways you can download that video. Whenever you see a WhatsApp image or Video it gets saved in your iPhone or Android Mobile phone storage, you can easily find them and re-use them.

Download WhatsApp Status

Methods to Download WhatsApp Image and Video Status

Ranking from easy to tough below are some good ways to save WhatsApp images or Videos. You can try the other one if one method fails.

1. Screenshot the Status Images

To save the images in the WhatsApp status you can simply take a screenshot instead of asking your friend or using any other App. below are the ways to take screenshots-

1. Take Screenshot on Android Mobile
2. How To Screenshot On iPhones
3. How to Take A Screenshot on Windows (For WhatsApp Web)
4. Take screenshots on Chromebook (For WhatsApp Web)
5. How to Take Screenshot on MAC (For WhatsApp Web)

2. Using MX Player to Save Videos

MX Player is one of the best video player app for Android and iOS, Check your phone you might already have this one. There's a feature in this app that will help you save WhatsApp Videos, please find the steps below to check that out.

  1. Install MX Player for Android or iPhone.
  2. Open the app to see "Save WhatsApp Status" at the top, just click that.

    Save WhatsApp Status
  3. Now you'll see all the WhatsApp status videos that you can see in your WhatsApp status section. Click on the down arrow key to download the video.

    Save Video
  4. Now save the video to your desired location and you can share the same in your status.

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3. Status Saver App to Save Images and Videos [Android]

Android user can Install Status Saver App from Google Play Store. Open the app and you can see all your friends WhatsApp status Images and Videos. choose a video and save it to your phone.

Status Saver

Here end the methods, if you find any better way to save WA status videos, please share us in comments.


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