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In the last post, we saw Games like Clash of Clans, and here we are going to see the best alternatives and games like Fortnite. – Fortnite, created by Tim Sweeney, is the most popular Battle Royale game on all platforms. Moreover, it’s free of cost, making it accessible to everyone on this planet. Players play against each other by slaying or escaping their opponents, while they also make sure that they remain within a constantly decreasing safe region, which defends them from the risk of taking deadly injury. Players hunt for weapons to earn the upper hand on their enemies and finally make their victory in the game. The main distinguishing factor of this game and other Games like Fortnite from others in the same genre is the game’s elements, which can interest players who are adept with skills and utilization.

Games like Fortnite

6 Fortnite Alternatives

Games like Fortnite give the user a wide range of games for the selection of games. These games may be the perfect type of games you are looking for. Each Game, like Fortnite, has some unique features in it that give rise to them for the royal battle challenge table. We have listed down the websites to download games on Xbox, Steam, PS4, PC, Android, and iPhone. Let’s go over a few royal battles Games like Fortnite below.


PUBG is trending in the Gaming world in both PC and Mobile for being the best battle royale and this can be the best alternative to Fortnite. Just like Fortnite you have to jump on an island with 99 enemies you have to survive by killing them and be the last one to win this game and get chicken dinner. PUBG also has many different game modes like Arcade, Zombie matches, Team deathmatch and more along with fantastic maps. Multiplayer game, up to 4 max in a squad and You can speak with your friends and opponents while playing.

PUBG Tips:
1. Point your jump location on the map before jumping for accurate landing.
2. Use suppressor for your guns to stay in stealth mode from enemies.
3. Use grips to reduce recoil.

Download PUBG – PC, Steam, Xbox, PS4, Android, and iOS

2. Apex legends

Apex legends is a team-based game, and a limited time solo mode is also added to this game. Apex legend is a tremendously well-designed and refined competitive shooting game. This game is always played in groups, so if you are left in-between, there will always be someone. The matches in the apex legend are faster paced than many BRS. Apex legends weapons are finely tuned. This game uses a ping system to lower the impediment of mic-free communication. Legends characters are phenomenally different, quirky, and fresh habitat. 

Apex legends Tips:

  1. Choose the legend that matches your play style.
  2. Stay close to your squad.
  3. Use smart comes to stay in touch with your teammates.
  4. Get familiar with the arena.
  5. Go for the good stuff, but stay careful.
  6. Revive and Respawn your teammates. 
  7. Use jump towers, hot zones, and other features.

Download Apex Legends – PC, PS4, and, Xbox.

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3. Ring of Elysium

What is so extraordinary about the game Ring of Elysium, It has the sincerity and FPS integrity that you will find in the PUBG, but with a whiff of the fatuity of Games like Fortnite. A real cat in a bubble-windowed carries a bag. Did anyone notice? Yes, all of us did. Not only does it have extremely wonderful character production, but it is furthermore a terrific solid fight royale game, that will make you run from the ash storm on your BMX across Europe. 

Tips to keep in mind while playing the Ring of Elysium:

  1. Spawn away from the opponent to get some breathing space.
  2. The best way to travel is your equipment.
  3. Airdrops will always be contested.
  4. To toggle between fire modes, press B, and V for different scopes.
  5. Adventure passes the challenges
  6. Healing is done while moving.

Download – Steam

4. Rules of survival

Before the creation of Fortnite, Rules of Survival was the go-to mobile Battle Royale pastime. In some ways, it still is. It was the first to knock down on mobile, unlike Fortnite. It is an action-packed battle royal game. Both Android and iOS have the accessibility of this game. Up to 120 players can be accepted in every session, and you will have an armory of weapons and automobiles at your dumping, a place where you find them. It is a free game. This game has reached around 280 million players worldwide. It is one of the most played games from the list of games like Fortnite.

Tips to keep in mind while playing Rules of survival:

  1. Always pay attention to the zone
  2. Crunch when you can.
  3. Never standstill.
  4. In the late game, stay at zone edges.
  5. Look for backpacks, helmets, and armor.
  6. Pick the right server.

Download Rules of survival Steam, Android, and iOS

5. Battlefield V – Firestorm

A firestorm is just the same as Games like Fortnite. Firestorm maintains the Battlefield’s impression of damage mechanics and also ensures that there is no safe shelter. For a full match, you have to wait for a limited time, but the wait is worth it. Battlefield 5’s sharpshooting and stunning audio-visual allegiance make it one of the most effective battle royales experiences. There are the vehicles, which offer the same risk mechanic – leaping in a tank will give you an instant edge over other players, but you won’t be able to escape without getting noticed in the other player’s eye.

Firestorm Tips:

  1. Reduce the chances of being spotted.
  2. You should know when to take a risk.
  3. Manage your inventory.
  4. Use your gadgets wisely.
  5. Use downed enemies as bait.

Download – PC, Xbox, and, PS4

6. Dying Light: Bad Bloody

If you are interested in a different modification on the battleground, then try Dying Light: Bad Blood. This game is similar to the Games like Fortnite. It is a combination of PVE and PVP elements. Bad Blood watches 12 players war out with essential weapons to collect blood samples and flee the blueprint. The different part about this game is that there are Zombies. A lot of them!! A critical component to win this battle royale game is to collect blood samples from several zombie hives. Accumulating these samples increases your state and reduces injuries. And most importantly, spawns the helicopter, which is your card to gain a victory.

Some tips to keep in mind while playing Bad Blood:

  1. Look for the building with an open and broad doorway.
  2. Search on top of low objects to find weapons and medical supplies.
  3. Kill the zombies and harvest the hive.
  4. Search for small hives; they are easy to capture.
  5. Try to be as fast as possible.

Download Dying Light – Steam

There are a lot of games, just as the Games like Fortnite, available to download and play, but we have come up with the most rated games in the market, which are similar to the Games like Fortnite. If you want a change of speed, then try any new game from the above-recommended games. Many players would like to make an effort for something new in the genre but wish to have the same concept as in Games like Fortnite. We are here to work for that! Here are some of the best free battle royale games on Android available right now.

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