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Wi-Fi is now something like a daily need. It lets you manage all your wireless devices from your phone by connecting them to the internet. The main reason to have your WiFi router secured with a password is to prevent them from unauthorized access. And with launch the latest upgrades of iOS 11, it’s been much easier to share your WiFi password with your friends, family and your new iOS devices. You can share all your passwords with anyone having an iPhone using Airdrop. But what if you have created a very long and complicated password and you have to share it with your friends having android devices? So, if are finding a way to share your passwords to android devices then you don’t need to freak out, here in this article I have got something for you to do this easily. Let’s check it out.

Share wifi password from iPhone to Android

How to share WiFi Password from iPhone to Android

What we are doing is generating a QR code in your iPhone with your Wi-fi settings, so that whenever you scan that with an android it reads the settings and automatically connects to your router.

  1. Check out the router’s setup page with your mobile or laptop to find SSID, security type and the password of your Wi-fi.
  2. Now we need a QR generator app to create your Wi-fi QR. You can find a lot of apps to do this but still, I recommend downloading Visual codes from the Apple store. You can save as many as QRs you want additionally you can create codes for websites, contacts, composing emails, map location, and others.

    Visual code share wifi app
  3. Next, open the Visual Codes app and click “Add Code”.
  4. In the next screen select “Connect to Wi-fi”.
  5. Enter the SSID in the Name field, password and select the Network type (WEP or WPA).
  6. In the label field, type the name you want to save the QR as and click “Create Code
  7. Open a QR scanner in your android phone and scan the QR you generated in Visual Codes and it will read and ask you connect or not. Just allow it and you are all set.

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So, this is it for now. Hope You liked the tutorial if you still have some queries then let me know in the comments. I will try to reach out to you as soon as possible.


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