How to Find someone’s Facebook Password

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If you are in an emergency situation to find your friend or wife or Husband or any of your close relative’s Facebook account passwords to Check some important message or take an important file that your friend stored in his Facebook account privately. You can follow these steps and get the Facebook password.

Steps to get someone’s FB Password


Below is the scenario, where your friend met with an accident and the Insurance file he got from office is within his facebook account. now you have his mobile in hand and you know his password, having these two I’m gonna tell you how to access his Facebook account.

Note: The below method of finding the Facebook password of your friend will work only if you have access to see his mail inbox or phone unlocked.

If you don’t have any access then try emergency steps to hack a Facebook account. or Check with Facebook help center or email FB – (recommended)

Time needed: 10 minutes

Steps to get someone’s Facebook Password

  1. Go to and click “Forgotten Account?”

    Open a mobile or PC browser and Typer and you’ll see the below page, now click on “Forgotten Account?”

    Click FB Forgotten account

  2. Type in the Facebook user name of your Friend

    In the search bar as shown below, Type in the name of your friend’s Facebook name that you remember, and click search.

    Check Facebook username

  3. Find your friend’s Facebook Account

    Now, you’ll get the list of FB users under the name you searched, check on the profile image and find your friend, if you got your friend’s profile, just click on “This is my account”.

    Pick the Facebook user you want to find password

  4. Get the Facebook Reset code

    Now you need to get the secret code to reset your friend’s Facebook account, you’ll get the options like send code via email or Send code via SMS. (Only if your friend link mail and phone to FB). Since you have access to his mail id, just click on the send code via email and click continue.

    Find the clue on the Users email id or password

  5. Enter the security code from the email

    Check the first and last letter of the email at the right side, if that matches you’ll receive an email from Facebook containing 6 digit security code, just type the security in the box saying “Enter code” and click continue.

    Enter Facebook security code from email

  6. or Enter the Security code from Phone

    If you are not getting the security mail to reset the password from facebook, just go back and choose a phone number and enter the code you got via SMS to your friend’s phone number.

    Enter Facebook security code from Phone number

  7. Choose new Facebook Password

    If the code was successful, you’ll be redirected to a page to change the Facebook password, you have to choose a new password to your friend’s Facebook account, type and click continue. “Don’t forget the password”

    Type new password

Now use the password you created new to access your friend’s Facebook account, the same way you can follow the same steps to get anybody’s Facebook account in 2019, this same method worked in 2018 and 2017 also. You can’t hack facebook password without authorization code online using this method. Facebook might change these steps but it won’t be hard to find the Facebook password unless you don’t have access to email or phone number of your friends.

FAQ’s on getting someone’s Facebook Password

How to Hack Someone’s Facebook Password?

Hacking someone’s Facebook password is not so easy, day by day Facebook finds all the bugs to hack or try to intrude others facebook account.

How to open Facebook without a password?

Try Default recovery option, as shown below or if this is urgent, try contacting FB support team –

What are the ways Hacker may get my FB Password?

1. Phishing site – (Creating a Fake FB website and getting your credentials), Check URL before login.
2. Hacking Mobile Phone – Hackers may hack and get access to your mobile SMS and they can request for security code to get the new password.
3. Third-party sign in – You might type your credentials for any third party website like Games or Music websites, beware.

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