7 Facetime Apps For Android 2022 (Facetime Alternatives)

Android7 Facetime Apps For Android 2022 (Facetime Alternatives)

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Are you an iPhone user and moving to Android and missing your Facetime? Here are the top 7 Facetime Alternatives you can find in the Android Play store.

Facetime alternatives for Android

Every social media app allows video calls today. But each one of them started off as texting apps and the video call feature originally existed in facetime apps. The point of using a facetime app is the quality of the video as well as voice call it offers. Facetime being such apps’ sole purpose, the features also range in variety which makes the functionalities of the app interesting and one of its kind.

Facetime Apps For Android – 2022

Below are the best facetime apps, if you want to communicate with friends, family or business meetings across the globe. These apps will not only make communication easier but will allow you to get in touch with anyone anywhere.

1. Skype – free IM and video calls

Who does not know Skype? It is one of the most popular apps out there for both personal and professional connectivity. Send an instant message, or try a voice or video call – Skype offers it all for free. Skype is also reliable because it is easy to set – up and works well even with less network.


Skype features are –

  • Send SMS messages to mobile devices anywhere in the world.
  • Sms connect helps you reply to your phone’s messages from your desktop.
  • You can add a lot of people on a skype video call to break the big news.

Download Skype

If you don’t like skype, here are the steps to delete your Skype account.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is the next best alternative to Facetime for your Android mobile, WhatsApp is also available for iOS, Windows, and all other mobile platforms, and this is Acing the top messenger chart by having very simple and required features.


WhatsApp features are –

Download WhatsApp

If you don’t like WhatsApp, here are the steps to Delete WhatsApp Account

3. Messenger by Facebook

Connect and chat with your Facebook friends on Facebook, also you can do Video and Group calls with filters and many other features, You can share Status, send polls, chat with business and get in touch with anybody anywhere.

FB Messenger

Messenger Features are-

Download Messenger

If you don’t like Messenger, here are the steps to Delete FB Messenger Account

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4. IMO free video calls and chats

IMO is another handy and popular app for video – calling and face time. The best part is that you can add friends and text just like any other messaging app like WhatsApp. You can either voice call or video call through IMO. This is the option that you’d like to go for if you have a lot of network troubles and / or if your company has restricted the use of Skype.


IMO key features are –

  • You get free messaging services, voice and video calls for all network types. You don’t need to get any subscription.
  • Share videos, photos, and documents of multiple kinds.
  • Experience HD quality with every call you make, including international ones.
  • This is a platform to connect with people because you get to join chats that might interest you.

Download IMO

5. Google Duo – High-Quality Video Calls

A typical product from Google with an extremely simple interface but promising high- quality audio and video calls. You can literally get into a call with your frequent contact within a few seconds, such as the speed and easy to use Google Duo. It also does not host advertisements like many other facetime apps for Android.

Google Duo

Google Duo features are –

  • Video calling is just a tap away with google duo.
  • The app is device compatible (works for android as well as iOS).
  • You get a live video preview so that you know who is calling before you pick up the phone.
  • Video message friends in case they miss your call.

Download Google Duo

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6. BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call And Voice Call

It would be wrong to call BOTIM as a spin-off to skype, because and quality it offers out beats Skype in many situations. While it is just another app to call your friends, have a look at its key features first. BOTIM works great and is cheap when you recharge it with money to call anywhere in the world, in fact, it will be as clear and cheaper than your regular phone call.

  • This app is network compatible and so it works pretty fine even when you have an internet problem.
  • Calls and chats are encrypted which makes the app more secure for you.
  • Send photos, videos and video messages in very fine quality.
  • Create groups without thinking about limits, as the app allows up to 500 people in each group.
  • The built-in emoji dashboard is the most you can ask for.

Download BOTIM

7. Glide – Video Chat Messenger

Another modern app that is compatible with all platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS. With free lightning fast messaging, Glide is your facetime app for Android. It is literally your video ‘walkie – talkie’ and you can create unlimited groups here for increased social interaction. The interface is colorful and features are really easy to access.


Its key features are –

  • You can share videos from anywhere on this platform.
  • Use filters in your video messages.
  • You can connect glide with your smartwatch to read messages and watch videos.

Download Glide

Ready to use Facetime for Android?

The apps are mainly free and the services they provide are common when it comes to basics like video and voice calls. But then each app brings something new to the table giving us a reason to give these apps a try. Explore all of them slowly and enjoy your face-timing!

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