How to Make Google My Homepage (2022)

InternetHow to Make Google My Homepage (2022)

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  • This post will answer your question “How to Make Google My Homepage”
  • We have given answers to all browsers, Google Chrome, Firefox and more.
  • Also options to make Google as homepage in Android and iPhones.

Everybody likes Google, using Google as the homepage for your browser will help you stop typing This post helps you make Google as your Homepage in Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari Browsers and in both Windows and MAC Operating Systems.

Steps to Make Google Your Homepage Permanently!

A homepage is initially the start page or it can be taken as the main browser that can be opened as you begin navigating a website. There are different web layouts available that can be kept on the web page for a personal window where you prefer to enter your task into the search engine. Most people prefer searching their content on Google and keep Google as their homepage while others keep wondering “How to Make Google My Homepage“. Here are possible ways to create Google as your homepage for easy browsing. This worked fine in 2021 and this should work awesome in 2022 also.

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Make Google as homepage in 2 Seconds:

  1. Open
  2. Drag the URL to Home icon.

Check the video making Google as Homepage.

Easy ways to make Google as homepage

Here is the detailed explanation of the long-awaited question “How to make Google as homepage“, we have given detailed step by step explanation to make Google as the homepage in four different browsers, you can do these in your Phone and in your computer as well. Find 6 options below to make google as homepage:

1. Make Google as Homepage in Android Google Chrome

Making Google as your homepage in Android Google chrome browser takes just four steps, please follow the below steps-

  1. Click on the three dots at the top right corner of Google Chrome browser
  2. Go to Settings, and click on Homepage as shown in the image below,google as homepage in Android phones
  3. Type in the field
  4. close the browser and Open again to see as the homepage of your Android phones Google Chrome browser, next you’ll see how to make Google as your homepage in Desktop Google Chrome Browser.

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2. Make Google as Homepage in Google Chrome

Most of all use Google Chrome, and obviously, the percentage of user who likes Google uses Google Chrome browser, hence we started with Chrome browser to help you make Google as homepage here.

Making Google as your homepage, begin by clicking the icon “Google Chrome”. There at the top right corner three dotted lines compressed in a horizontal way that lets you customize and control your Google Chrome. Go on to the setting options from the drop-down bar that will take you to the general settings. Here you can select the show home button and type and select Google as your homepage in the easiest way.

Step by step details below:

  1. Open Google Chrome and click three dots (top right) to open settings
  2. Enable home button by clicking the button as shown below:
    Enable homepage button
  3. Type in the URL field type in homepage URL
  4. Your Google homepage is ready in Google Chrome browser.
  5. you’ll find a homepage icon in your browser, clicking on that will open

If the above step didn’t work, just try Clearing cookies on Chrome browser.

3. Make Google as Homepage in iPhone (Safari browser)

You can go to your safari settings and in search engines choose Google and mark it as default, this way you can set Google as your default search engine and whenever you type the query in the URL bar Google will show you the result, Making Google as Homepage is not possible here.

4. Making Google as Homepage in MAC (Safari)

Through Safari browser you get to the menu bar and select Edit for editing the preferred selection. Here you will find the Preference tab from the drop-down box that will take you to the general setting where you can enter at the empty space where you can see homepage. By the time you have selected your choice, the system will ask for allowing it to apply the same.

Hey, you know how to take a screenshot in Mac?

5. Make Google as Homepage in Mozilla Firefox

  1. For setting homepage as Google, when you have Mozilla as preset, click on the Firefox icon and begin with the task from the menu bar, select tools and go to the options menu of general settings.
  2. In General, you can find a homepage, Type Please find the image below to make google as your homepage in Firefox browser.
    google as homepage in firefox

6. Make Google as Homepage in Internet explorers 9, 8, 7

In Internet Explorer 9 the user is required to open the browser by clicking internet explorer 9 and type in the search box.

  1. Go to the right-hand corner and click the icon representing settings to select Internet Options.
  2. Under Internet options, general settings tab will let you enter the name of the homepage, type

While creating homepage as Google with Internet explorers 6, 7 and 8, the user is required to move on to the specific icons and then enter in the search box. Then select tools from the menu bar of Internet Options and general settings therein. By clicking the general tab, the system will ask for the URL, for use as the homepage. The Homepage gets selected when the user presses the OK tab and allows the system to apply the current URL.

Try Clearing Cookies in your browser, if the above methods didn’t work.

Thus, the above methods are specific for creating Google as the homepage for quick browsing.

Feeling any difficulties or issues in Making your Browser homepage as Google? please let us know in the comment section below, we will come back to you as soon as possible.


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