How to see who view your Facebook Profile

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According to Facebook, there is no guaranteed way to determine who visited your Facebook profile. All you can do is to use an educated guess by analyzing the algorithms Facebook uses to connect similar users together. Note that if you come across any service that claims to accurately provide you with the details of the person visiting your FB profile, it is most likely to be a scam. In the process, they might even ask you for your personal information and use it for the wrong purposes. So, beware!

Who view your Fb profile

Find Who viewed your Facebook Profile

These given steps to find the person checking your Facebook profile are the ways to assume and not accurate. With these given ways you can guess that a particular person could have seen your profile.

Identify using the list of Friends you have on Facebook

  • Open your Facebook Profile on the app or the Facebook website.
  • Click on your profile and choose the ‘Friends’ option that appears beneath the cover page of your timeline.
  • You will find the list of friends that appear there. The top 20 odd in the list are those with which you have interactions frequently, so it is more likely that they have visited your profile in recent times.
  • You can also estimate the number of friends your top friends have. Those who have a few hundred friends might view your profile more in order to grow their ‘friend’ circle, as compared to anyone who has like a thousand friends.
  • Keep an eye on the suggest friends notification that you get. That friend is more likely to be connected to a friend of yours, like a mutual friend, who would be viewing your profile more.

Make another guess by regularly posting on Facebook

Another educated guess you can make about a person who is interested and interactive with you on Facebook could be to post regular updates on Facebook.

You can post statuses, pictures or quotes on the FB timeline, and keep a track on the people who either like or comment on the post, or do both. You can do this test for several times.

More often, the people who regularly interact with their posts, especially those who take their time to comment would be the one more likely to visit your Facebook profile.

Facebook has provided a good security application by not disclosing the names of those who have visited your profile. Do not fall into the claims of third-party apps, often they can lead you to provide your personal details which can be used for the wrong purposes later, or some might even ask money from you. Make an educated guess and move on!

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