How to Screen Share on Facebook Messenger?

InternetHow to Screen Share on Facebook Messenger?

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Waftr’s Quick Answer:

To Share screen on your Facebook Messenger Mobile:
1. Start video call
2. Swipe Up
3. Click on the Share screen

To Share Screen on your Facebook Messenger PC:
1. Start Fb video call
2. Click on the Screen Share icon, next to the mic icon

Scroll down and read for the detailed answer

What better time to add screen sharing to your Instant Messaging/Video calling app than now. For people who are reading this in the future, if you are wondering every app has video calling and screen sharing, its because this is 2020, the world almost burnt down and nobody leaves the house anymore 😂 Also, you should compare JioMeet & Zoom and trust me, you will have a laugh.

Screen share on FB messenger

Since most of the people are working from home these days, I think every video calling app wants a piece of the bread in the online traffic. Zoom, as we all know is at the top of the game now and every software company is trying to beat it, the Facebook messenger can be a very good Zoom alternative.

Screensharing is a feature that has been added to Facebook Messenger recently. It can be accessed both on the Web & Mobile platforms. The idea is to share the phone/desktop screen with the other people who are on the call. It can be used to show presentations/pictures etc., You could share your screen with up to 8 people. The feature is already available for all the platforms and can be used readily.

What is Messenger?

Facebook Messenger or commonly referred to as Messenger is a messaging platform developed by the social media giant, Facebook. Originally known as the Facebook chat, it was revamped in 2010 and the Android & iOS apps were released in 2011.

The service isn’t just a messaging platform anymore. Users can exchange files, video, and even react to other’s messages. It packs a lot of amazing features including voice and video calling, end to end encryption, games, bots, etc.,

How to use Messenger Screensharing on iOS?

This open can only be used while you are already on a call. I have shared my experience with images here. Thanks to Josh for joining me on a call to help me take screenshots.

  1. Open any chat (Josh, in my case). In the top right corner, you will find the video call icon. Tap on that to initiate the video call. As soon as the call is successful, you will see the person on the screen as below.

  2. As pointed in the image, swipe up to see the other options. Below speaker options to chose an audio device and adding new people to the call you will find the screen sharing option. In the swipe window, choose to share your screen.

  3. As soon as you select this, iOS will ask for permission to share your screen video. You will have to Choose Start Broadcast. As you can see iOS has clearly mentioned that Messenger is requesting access to Broadcast your entire screen. Please make sure that you enable Do Not Disturb from control center so that whoever is watching you share the screen doesn’t see your notifications (personal messages, financial notifications), etc.,

  4. As soon as you permit iOS to share your screen, your video will be replaced by your phone’s screen as you can see below.

  5. As you can see the Screen Sharing is ON on the top right corner of the screen. At this point you can actually leave the messenger and show anything on your phone like Home Screen, other apps, browsers, etc., This will perfectly share the screen to others.

    Facebook Screen sharing

How to use Messenger Screensharing on the web?

Its pretty much the same how this works with the Web version. If you have used Zoom before, this should be a piece of cake.

  1. Open the chat window from the messenger sidebar on Thanks again to Josh. At the top right corner of the window, along with settings, close and voice calls, you will have the video call option. You could choose Either voice call or video call.

  2. As soon as you get connected to the person you are calling (Josh, in my case), you will see the Share your screen option at the bottom near the disconnect red icon.

  3. Click on that. This would open the Share your screen popup. If you have multiple screens, you could choose which screen to show. This applies even to a particular application window or chrome tab. Say if you want to show only the chrome tab or just the Powerpoint application, you could choose those from the respective tabs.

  4. After selecting the window to show, Choose Share.

  5. The screen will be starting to share with the other person(s) in the call right away. You could confirm this by the floating window at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  6. Even if you move to other tabs/windows you could see the notification at the bottom saying that is sharing your screen. You could stop sharing immediately by clicking on the Stop sharing button.

That’s it. Its super easy to share your screen in Messenger.

Bonus: How can someone Hack a Facebook Account?

The steps apply to the Desktop apps as well. As you know, in April 2020, Facebook came up with Native Messenger Apps for both windows & macOS as well. You could easily have conference calls, presentations, and many more using Messenger. But the only thing is, Facebook is generally known to be a non-professional platform. So, I’m not sure how many people would actually choose to use Messenger to do work calls and presentations.

But in these tough times, internet companies are trying to scram any attention as possible. Instagram Reels, JioMeet, Houseparty are some of the examples. With the increasing usage of internet, its not actually a bad idea to help your company either.

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