5 Best Mobile Phone Stands for iPhone & Android

product5 Best Mobile Phone Stands for iPhone & Android

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Ever thought about using your mobile phones hands-free while watching a movie or sitting in front of your PC? Holding your phone for a long time will make you tired, a mobile stand will ease you to scroll photos, type messages and more.

To safeguard our expensive stuff, we have placeholders for almost everything. But, most of the time we miss out on keeping our expensive smartphones safe. While trying to multi-task, we have dropped out cell phones only to end up paying for its costly repairs, but why? When you can have a haven in the form of a phone stand?

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Top 5 Cell Phone Stands

Phone stands can come very handy when you want to use your smartphones while driving, or when you are in office, or when you want to watch your favorite Netflix series hands-free and much more. Here in this article, we have listed down some of the top cell phone stands that are designed to solve our daily cell phone handling problems. They are beautifully designed, carefully built for toughness. You can use these stands on your iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tablets. Also, you can buy these stands from Amazon.

1. Lamicall – Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Lamicall – An Electronic company specialized in making cellphone, Laptop stands has designed a sleek, tough, stylish and multi-utility smartphone stand for all kinds of usages. In addition to smartphones, it can also hold on to varied sized tablets without much fuss. 

This Adjustable Cell Phone Stand by Lamicall, is one of the best. 

Lamicall Cellphone stand Features

  • Flexible, yet tough – Built with modern aluminum alloy and is scratch proof
  • Fully adjustable for enhanced multi-angle viewing
  • Rubber cushions for device rest
  • Available in 4 distinctive colors – White, Red, Black, and Grey
  • Best for Cell phones and Tablets
  • Perfect for use on Coffee stands, Kitchen, Office, etc.

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2. OMOTON Aluminium – Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

OMOTON offers some of the finest, rugged, adjustable stands for various kinds of devices. Its smartphone stand is aluminum built and completely angle adjustable. This stand has an anti-slip base, anti-scratch coating and charging grooves. 

OMOTON Aluminium Stand Features

  • Fits all kinds of cellphones
  • Available in 3 striking colors – Black, Silver and Rose Gold
  • Fully angle adjustable 
  • Highly stable with strong base – 3mm aluminum
  • Phone rest has large silicone pads – Anti-scratch and Anti-slip 
  • Compatible with almost all kinds of devices – iPhones, Samsung Galaxy series, Google phones, etc.

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3. ZVE Universal stand 2-in-1

ZVE Universal 2-in-1 series of phone stands are specifically designed and built for iPhone, iPads and Apple watches. Built with high-quality aluminum, this cell phone stand is very sturdy and is angled at 60 degrees. It fits well at almost all kinds of places, including Office, Kitchen, Bathroom, Gym, etc. 

ZVE universal stand features

ZVE Universal 2-in-1
  • ZVE Universal 2-in-1 can house both your apple mobile device and apple watch side by side
  • Available in Black, Grey, Silver and Rose Gold colors
  • Anti-skidding and Anti-scratch rubber pads
  • ZVE offers a lifetime guarantee on the stand

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4. UGREEN Desk Cell Phone Holder

UGREEN is widely popular for its mobile device-related solutions and features a wide range of products for mobile charging and mounting. Its Desk Cell Phone holder is a stylish, fully adjustable, sleek mobile mounting device that is compatible with almost all kinds of smartphones and tablets. 

UGREEN Cell Phone Holder Features

UGREEN Desk Cell Phone Holder
  • Highly innovative inbuilt and aesthetics
  • Available in Black color
  • Built with high-quality aluminum with ample silicone padding
  • Multi-angle design for a comfortable and hands-free mobile experience

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5. Honsky Thumbs-Up Cell Phone Stand

Honsky Thumbs-Up offers some of the simplest, multi-utility, adjustable phone stands. It is best for those looking to portray a cheesy and cute attitude on their desktops and during travels. Flexible in design, rugged inbuilt, Honsky Thumbs-up is best suited for medium-sized e-readers, cell phones, and tablets. 

Salient Features

Honsky Thumbs-up Cell Phone Stand
  • Easy angle adjustment, just by sliding the cute hands up and down
  • Supports horizontal and vertical viewing
  • Available in 5 super cute colors – Green, Black, Pink, White and Blue
  • Built from eco-friendly TPU plastics – stretchable and durable
  • Scratch and Slide free mounting

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Ready to buy a Cell Phone Stand?

The market is filled with phone holders built for a variety of purposes, but some are simply impressive – considering their design, flexibility, utility, and obviously price points. Our list of 5 has those impressive ones that can make your life much easier and convenient with your mobile devices. 

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