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As a basketball fan, games made for smartphones help you become a part of the buzz. No matter where you are, you can start a game and see your favorite teams and players act as you want them to. So, say no to shouting at what a player must do in NBA from your couch and make them do it. If you think you know better, try your hands on one of these games and live the NBA experience. These games are the best whether you are an android user or an iOS user, so enjoy!

NBA Games

Android Basketball Mobile Games

Based on the Android gamers rating and reviews on the Google Play Store we have ranked these NBA Games for Android mobile phones and tablets, you can also play these games in Emulators.

1. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA Live Mobile

This is season 4 of EA SPORTS NBA LIVE Mobile where you can collect legendary players, iconic courts, jerseys and unique boosters. This mobile game helps you create a legacy of your own by building a super team using its newest features.

NBA LIVE Game features are –

  • You get to choose superstar NBA players for your team. This gives you access to their special traits and abilities.
  • Choosing the supporting players in addition to the superstar team leader gets better with your draft rank of season 3, it also helps you unlock boosts.
  • Compete in live matches to maintain your rank, with new content and stories every week.
  • The multi-year lineups help you with your power ranking and allow you to choose any player that you have earned (in season 3 as well as season 4).

Download NBA Live Mobile Basketball

2. Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical basketball

Fanatical Basketball is a 3D game for players who can take over the whole team to pass, shoot and score to win matches. With its remarkable graphics, it offers an overall experience that matches the NBA mobile games.   

Fanatical Basketball Game features are –

  • Fluid animations and smart touch control to help you engage in the game 100%.
  • It offers a multitude of game modes, tournaments, and teams.
  • Enhancing the initial parameters (like shooting and speed) of your team using special cards in your pack.
  • You get to jam with more than 30 teams where you can customize every player.

Download Fantastic basket Ball



This is one of the best arcade simulators of basketball competitions with all the 30 NBA teams with the best players playing along with you to win. Also, you get three hidden players that you can unlock as you progress further.

 NBA JAM Game features are –

  • You can play this game in 4 modes: play now, classic campaign, local multiplayer and online multiplayer.
  • It features the voice of Tim Kitzrow, so get ready to feel nostalgic with all the catchphrases and some new ones.
  • Track your rank on the leader board and brag it by connecting to google+.
  • With a compatible gamepad, you can play it on your Android TV as well.

Download NBA Jam

4. NBA NOW Mobile Basketball Game


With its quality graphics and sound, NBA NOW has a very simple system of controls which makes it one of the best games for basketball fans. Not only do you get to play but you can train your team members to polish their characteristics to perform their best in championships.

NBA NOW Game features are –

  • You can earn rewards by predicting which NBA team will win an on-going match.
  • The stats are updated regularly to keep you in sync with what is changing every day in NBA.
  • Play with the best players around the world.
  • Build a team of rookies and veterans for championships.

Download NBA Now

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iOS Basketball Mobile Games

Based on the iOS gamers rating and reviews on the Apple Store we have ranked these NBA Games for iPhones and iPads, you can also play these games in iPhone Emulators.

1. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball


This game celebrates 20 years of basketball by bringing to your smartphones the culture of the game. Season 2 of the game brings more to the table with additional deep cards to customize players. Also, you get more court options with an updated 2019 roster.

NBA 2K Game features are –

  • You get multiple modes to test and enhance your skills.
  • Opportunities to earn rewards with real-time events, even with logging in and checklists.
  • Refresh and repeat drills.
  • You can also keep an eye on offseason players and you get better rookies, coaches and bench players.

Download NBA 2K Mobile

2. NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

NBA Live Mobile

The takeover of the superstar players in season 4 of the game is the best thing that can happen to any basketball fan in a mobile game.

NBA LIVE Game features are –

  • You can choose and level-up superstar players.
  • Line-ups and playbook drives add to your team new player experience.
  • Take advantage of the special abilities of every player in your team.

Download NBA Live

3. Real Basketball

Real Basketball

With realistic 3D graphics, flaunt your style in this real-time game by choosing characters, basketballs and even the uniforms.

Real Basketball game features are –

  • You get to play in 6 different game modes in a variety of 4 basketball courts.
  • Access to 40 uniforms and unlimited customizations to keep getting a better experience.
  • Unlock cups with your achievements to move ahead in different championships.
  • You will never get bored with the surprise features that get unveiled on different levels.

Download Real Basketball

4. Basketball Kings

Basketball King

The game environment makes it one of the most addictive mobile basketball games and its new features are something to look forward to.

Basketball King Game features are –

  • The UI makes playing the game easy but you need a lot more to master the gameplay.
  • You get access to various multi-player rooms, and with them come a variety of rewards.
  • It has unique and interactive courts and you get to choose from more than 20 balls and more than 30 jerseys as well.
  • Its 6 different game modes keep you engaged throughout.

Download Basketball King game

Ready to Play NBA Games on your Mobile?

Not only will you get to play games but you will get to know people around the world who are as crazy as you are for basketball. It is the community you belong to. Experience the best of graphics and feel the chills of being a part of prestigious championships. Do not be a part of the crowd but the game now. After all, you are just an application away.

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