Now you can earn money from Facebook Videos

InternetNow you can earn money from Facebook Videos

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Facebook starts Video Monetization

Now Facebook runs beta test which allows users to add Ad breaks in their live video. Users can earn 55% of the Ad revenue where Facebook takes the remaining 44%.

facebook ad break

How to Use Ad Breaks in a Live Video

  • Pages or profiles of a user should have at least 2,000 followers.
  • Page or Profile should have reached 300 or more viewers in the last live video.
  • User can tap the $ symbol after reaching 300 viewers
  • First ad break can be taken after 4 minutes of live video.
  • Next ad break should have minimum 5 minutes time interval.
  • Each ad break lasts up to 20 seconds.

Only U.S. broadcasters can try Ad breaks for now since Facebook is testing the beta version of Ad breaks. In next several days, Facebook will roll out the next set of beta testing to other countries also.

Get ready Facebook big profiles and Meme creators.

To learn more about how to take ad breaks, please visit our Getting Started Guide

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