How to buy Libra Coin (Safe and Legal)?

InternetHow to buy Libra Coin (Safe and Legal)?

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Interested in Buying Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency?, In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps to Buy and Sell Libra coins. As you are aware that Facebook just announced Libra and they are planning to launch Libra in 2019, here are the few steps to get ready to buy the coin. These steps will work in the US, India, UK and most of the countries which support cryptocurrency and Libra.

How to Buy and Sell Libra

Steps to get early access to buy Libra coin:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Get Started Button at top right
  3. Type your email id for Early Access
  4. Wait for the mail from Calibra

What is Libra coin and How to use it?

Libra is a Global Cryptocurrency (digital asset) just like Bitcoin built by Facebook and the Libra Association is governed by Non-Profits, Multilateral organizations, Diverse Business, and Academic Institutions. This will be used as a mode of payment through Mobile phone Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and also through the wallet specifically created for Libra called Calibra.

Buy and Sell Libra
  • Safe – Accounts are verified and protected from frauds
  • Fast – You can send the money in seconds to your friends
  • Stable – The value of this coin won’t fluctuate like any other Cryptocurrency.

Libra is not just a Cryptocurrency from Facebook, this coin also got a very huge partner like Mastercard, Uber, PayU, VISA, Vodafone and many big companies.

libra partners

How to Buy and Sell Libra Coin?

As mentioned previously, You need to wait for the launch in 2019 and to get early access to buy Libra, please follow the below steps.

1. Get Early access from

Go to and Click Get Started button at the Top right or click – Early access to Libra.

Libra early access to buy

2. Proof Submission

You have to Submit Government ID-Proofs to verify your identity, this is to prevent frauds.

3. Convert your country currency to Libra

Complete filling the Calibra wallet profile and get a unique id and link with your Phone number. Once you get the profile verified you can buy Libra using your country currency like U.S Dollars, Rupees, Pounds and you can send Libra to any of your contacts.

Also, you can link your Calibra with your Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you can send Libra straight from your WhatsApp to your contacts having a wallet.

Calibra - Libra access


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