Top 10 Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking in 2022

InternetTop 10 Websites to Learn Ethical Hacking in 2022

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Hacking, especially ethical hacking is probably one of the most paid professions in the market today. If you are keen on learning this hacking and security in order to give your professional life a turbo boost it is now. No matter what proficiency level you are in, you can start learning the Cybersecurity or Ethical Hacking as there are thousands of online platforms and communities to assist you in every way possible. In my previous post, I mentioned Best Hacking Apps for Android Phones.

Websites to learn Ethical Hacking for Free in 2022

To make your job easier in your pursuit, we are listing down top 10 websites/platforms from where you can start your journey towards success. These websites offer mostly Free and for some very good course, you have to pay and learn Ethical Hacking online. With these websites, you can learn how to hack a website (Like, How to Hack a Facebook account).

1. Cybrary

Cybrary is online learning platform that offers courses on Cybersecurity, Hacking, IT and much more for absolutely FREE.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 13,677
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 17,472
  • Daily unique Page Views – 73,356 

2. Harvard/EDX

edx cyber security

Harvard university offers its websecurity and ethical hacking courses for FREE on EDX.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 1,031
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 186,093 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 983,618 

3. SANS Cyber Aces

Cyber Aces

SANS Cyber Aces offers FREE security-related courses, including hacking courses as well. Each of its courses is combined with quizzes and hands on.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 477,201
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 681 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 2,097 

4. Hacker One

Hacker One is a web and application security services company, however, they also house a community where anyone interested to learn Ethical Hacking can start his journey. The community is very active and comprehensive in coverage of topics.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 57,423
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 4,357
  • Daily unique Page Views – 17,679 

5. Guru 99

Guru99 is an online learning portal that offers all its courses for absolutely FREE. It hosts courses on Testing, AI, Web Security, Hacking, SAP and much more. They also provide their learners with hands-on experience through live projects.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 3,661
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 161,194 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 276,183 

6. Master Of Project

Master of Project offers both paid and FREE courses on a wide range of topics including Project Management, Cybersecurity, Agile etc. All their courses are designed by industry experts.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 812,393
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 421 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 1,355 

7. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning portal which features courses offered on a variety of topics including Hacking and Cybersecurity. One can find both FREE and Paid courses on this platform.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 289
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 742,948 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 3,699,693 

8. Hacksplanning

Hacksplaining offers FREE web security and hacking courses for developers i.e. for aspirants with some experience in the space. The courses are very comprehensive and are a must try for those looking to gain hands on experience.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 157,468
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 1,862
  • Daily unique Page Views – 7,104 

9. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is a content search engine that lists down free and openware courses available to learn. You can also get tutored by professionals/experts as well. It features one of the most comprehensive sets of hacking methods and processes.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 484
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 759,582 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 2,074,829 

10. Security Tube

Security Tube

Security Tube is a web security community that features thousands of training videos and tutorials for anyone and everyone to learn.

  • Website –
  • Global Alexa Ranking – 466,803
  • Daily Unique Visitors – 2,158 
  • Daily unique Page Views – 6,474 


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