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How to get free Netflix account? Is it possible to have Netflix Username and Password for free? How I watch Netflix shows for free? This article will answer your questions.

Netflix has come to be one of the most highly requested and mostly watched entertainment communities, especially for young adults and teenagers. While some adults may somehow manage to achieve credit cards and watch their favorite shows online, many of them can’t afford the privilege. The monthly membership to get access to its content goes like this:

Basic: $7.99
Standard: $9.99
Premium: $11.99

This post helps you to use Netflix for Free, I've spoken about Netflix, features, and ways to use Netflix for free, you can skip the intro part if you don't want to hear about Netflix, I've also written articles on Downloading free movies, watching cartoon online, Download free Songs, and Download Games you can give them a try If you want. Below are the 5 different methods to get Netflix for free, along with free Netflix Username and Password to watch Netflix shows for free.

Netflix Intro

Netflix is basically an American online media service provider, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph and then gradually it spread all over the world.

  • According to present stats, Netflix streams Movies and videos in 190+ countries.
  • Presently it has 137+ million subscribers.
  • In around 2000, Reed wanted John Antioco (Blockbuster’s CEO) to buy Netflix just for $50 million coz that time Netflix was a really a very small niche business, but Blockbuster denied. And guess what, presently it has a net worth of $150Billion
  • Although it is streaming it also offers you to build your own personal library.
  • The best on Netflix is you can build your own profile if your family is also using the same account.
  • Unlike most of the other video streaming services, if you hold a Netflix subscription then it is valid worldwide. That means if you go to another country then it automatically accesses that countries movies and TV shows.

How to get free Netflix accounts February 2020

Below are the 4 best methods to watch Netflix for free, I have mentioned methods which includes, 1-month free Netflix official, Netflix premium account and password, and other ways to access Premium Netflix account for free. I've also given ways to get Spotify premium APK for Free.

Method 1: Legal ways to get Netflix for free

Well, here are some ways in which you can get your hands upon the best shows of Netflix without having to spend any real cash for some period of time:

Get Free Trial:

Anyone can easily sign up for a Netflix account and watch as many shows as they like for a month without spending a single penny. The only drawback here is that you will have to enter a valid credit card number in order to be able to get the free trial and once the trails exceed one month, you will be charged on the credit card for the next month if you do not cancel your membership before 30days. Netflix even offers options for payments via PayPal in some regions, so people with no credit cards can avail this benefit.

  • Go to the
  • Just click on Join Free for a Month.
  • After clicking this you have to now choose a plan.

Note: Netflix won't charge you till your free month ends, they will remind you three days before your Netflix free trial account ends and you can cancel at any time. I highly recommend you to choose premium UltraHD plan coz this month is free for you and you can downgrade it after a month.Netflix plan details

  • Now you have to make an account on the platform. So just fill in your mail ID and your passphrase and just press enter/continue.
  • Now, Netflix will redirect you on the payment page. Don’t worry you won’t be charged. Just enter the name on the CC, CC num, expiry, and CVV and you are now ready to watch your first movie on Netflix for free.

Extend your free trial:

Sometimes Netflix allows you to extend your free trial for some people. Basically, there are two ways in which you can extend your free trial. Firstly, you can wait a month or two after your trail is over so that Netflix may offer you another free monthly trial. It doesn’t happen always, but if you are lucky, you can get it. Secondly, you can call up the Netflix customer care at (866) 579-7172 and ask them to extend the trail for you as you were busy and could not enjoy the shows as much. There is a good chance, they won’t accept this but sometimes they do and it is worth a shot.

Coupon Websites:

There are certain Coupon websites that give away promo codes, discount coupons, and other deals which can help you get Netflix free for a certain period. Some of such websites:

  1. DealsPlus: There are daily deals that can also give you a free period of Netflix access. You can even get a coupon to get three-month free access to Netflix. Here is the link:
  2. Everafterguide: This website offers more than 500,000 coupons with a lot of Netflix coupons among them. On the website, you can avail a coupon of 90 days free or even free trial for a year. Here is the link:
  3. Another popular platform where you can get a bunch of amazing coupons to find discounts for Netflix. Here is the link:
  4. T-Mobile: Another method to get Netflix subscription for free is to buy T-mobile which gives you the standard subscription free with it forever.

Or, you can try alternatives to Netflix if none of all these methods suit your requirements. There are a lot of websites that offer free content without charging you money.

Method 2: Netflix Account Username and Password February 2020

Below are some free Netflix working accounts {Updated 05-01-2020 with proof}

netflix proof 4netflix proof 3 netflix proof 2

netflix proof 1

Netflix EmailPassword
Netflix Account: yd@s.wPassword: iampolite
Netflix Account: Spectrespot1221@yopmail.comPassword: 1234
Netflix Account: frenchspecter7@gmail.comPassword: 1234
Netflix Account: dontworry7@spectre.comPassword: 1234
Netflix Account: frenchspecter70@gmail.comPassword: 1234
Netflix Account: Martin98er4@gmail.comPassword: Martin98er4
Netflix Account:  ijackson@sbcglobal.netPassword: ijackson45
Netflix Account:  dmbkiwi@comcast.netPassword: dmbkiwi21
Netflix Account:  mmccool@me.comPassword: mmccool21
Netflix Account:  farber@mac.comPassword: farber54
Netflix Account:  esbeck@icloud.comPassword: esbeck87
Netflix Account:  jusdisgi@comcast.netPassword: jusdisgi21
Netflix Account:  kourai@verizon.netPassword: kourai64
Netflix Account:  stefano@msn.comPassword: stefano21
Netflix Account:  fhirsch@aol.comPassword: fhirsch54
Netflix Account:  improv@hotmail.comPassword: 1234
Netflix Account:  bockelboy@gmail.comPassword: 1234
Netflix Account:  moxfulder@gmail.comPassword: 1234


Method 3: Free Netflix - GCash app

Get a free Virtual Amex for Netflix and other payments

Netflix - Gcash

I saw many blog owners just provided some usernames and passes even without any proof. And the next method they provide is all paid except the free trials. But here, today I gave you free credentials with the proof. And now we are gonna move towards our third method to get a free Amex legally.

Alright so let’s get started

  1. As you can see we are talking about the GCash app. So just download it first of all.
  2. Login via your number
  3. Click on the more icon in the lower right corner of the screen.Gcash account
  4. Click on American Express Virtual Pay.Gcash payment details
  5. Enter your email address and click on register
  6. You will receive an SMS notification with the card details.

Method 4: Netflix VPN

For this method, you have to deposit a little amount for the activation of your Virtual Credit Card. Alright so let’s start

  1. Just go to the which look like this
  2. Click on get started
  3. Fill in the details needed and please don’t forget to use a VPN if you don’t have one then you have to be panic just download any free VPN and connect to the United Kingdom.Or use my HMA VPN keys if you want.NOTE: they are valid till 2019 onlyMBS6ZP-DMZQAJ-5NU5EJ     BQK7EP-9R8CH2-5FL57E
  4. After creating an account, go to cards and click on create cards
  5. Enter the name you want on the card and you are all set to go, just deposit some funds via credit or debit card and Enjoy.

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Method 5: Free Netflix using Net+ cards

First of all, let me inform that for this method you have to add at least $10 money to your virtual card to get started.

net+ card

  1. Alright so now just to the which looks like that.
  2. Click on join for free
  3. Fill in the details needed and just click on open account.
  4. Now, click on go to my account.
  5. Go to Net+ cards here you find Net+ virtual card. Just click on it and you are all set. The Credit Card details will be mailed to when you make a deposit of $10.

Thanks for reading this blog I hope you like the methods. I regularly post and updates the contents so subscribe to the mailing list and join it for free to get the exclusives first.

Disclaimer: All these steps are just found on the internet, Waftr team gathers them and show here. Following the process is at your own risk.


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