How To Find Your WiFi Password [2021]

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Well, forgetting the Wifi password might come across as a simple issue like forgetting the password of any other website or application. It happens less mostly because we usually have the devices set to automatic connect. But in case, your worst fears come true, such as forgetting the Wifi password, do not worry. The recovery process is quite simple.

Find wifi password

Speaking broadly, there are two ways to recover your Wifi password, each having specific use – cases. One is via the router and the other one is through the Windows system.

Finding the WI-FI Password on Windows in 2020

  1. If you are thankfully connected to the Wifi already for which you do not remember the password, you can use the following method to retrieve it. This will not be possible if you are accessing the Internet through an ethernet cable
  2. Right-click on the Wifi icon on the bottom toolbar and click on ‘Open Network and Internet Settings’.
  3. Under the ‘Network and Internet’ menu, click on ‘Wifi’.
  4. On the extreme right, you will find ‘Change adapter options’. Click on that.
  5. Select the network for which you have connected the Wi-Fi. Just click on it and a small menu will appear above it. From there, click on, ‘status’.
  6. Click on ‘Wireless Properties’ and then go to the ‘Security Tab’.
  7. This will open a page where the ‘Network Security Key’ appears. Check on ‘Show Characters’ and then you can see your password.
    Wifi security section

Using the Router’s Stock Password

  1. If you are the very few who have not changed the login information provided as default with the router, you can readily find them printed on the back of your router. They will typically be labeled as ‘Wireless Network Name’ and ‘Wireless Password’.
  2. The next method is if you have changed the password at any point in time. For this, connect the Wifi to your computer with an ethernet cable. Enter the router address first. It is common for most of them, and the same can be obtained over the internet according to the brand of your router. At first, it will prompt you to connect using a login and a password. Note that this is the router login and not the network login (which you have actually forgotten). You will find the router login on the back of the router. Once you enter that, you will be taken to a simple screen where you can search for the password you have given. The interface will slightly depend based on the brand. Just play around and you will find the required field. Most likely, it will be written as ‘Passphrase’.
  3. If you do not want the ‘hassle’ above, you can simply reset your router completely. The button will be provided on your router instrument. Then, you have to set up the router exactly like how you set up before when you bought it.

So, these are the options to recover your forgotten Wifi password. Go ahead and get started!

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