Wiziwig Alternatives – 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites

InternetWiziwig Alternatives - 10 Free Sports Streaming Sites

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This post helps you with Top 10 Wiziwig alternatives sports streaming sites and helps you with Top 10 Free Sports Streaming sites online. Sports are the best time killer in your leisure times and if we got live streaming then it is really impressive for the sports fans. In the list of best and cool free sports streaming websites, Wiziwig got really good fame. Wiziwig was an awesome live streaming platform, the best part here is it was free to use, and as result, there was a time when this website was the 239th most popular website in the UK, but unluckily it stopped its services around two years ago due to some financial reasons.

Now it got really difficult for the sports lover to get live streaming for free. But guys, you need not worry that although it was too hard to choose what is best among the best sites still today I am gonna reveal 10 mind-blowing wiziwig alternatives so that you can stream your favorite sport now without paying even a cent. So, why not give them a hit?

Wiziwig alternatives 2020 updated.

  1. RedBull TV

    RedBull TV is my favorite free sports streaming site which is the perfect alternative to wiziwig. This is really a stunning website with unbeatable HD quality. Unlike other sport streaming sites which cover football, hockey, cricket, etc here you can find Live Events, TV, some cool and extra-ordinary sports like Air racing, cliff diving, Enduro, Skating, Skiing, Snow Boarding, Biking, Mountain Climbing, Car Rally, surfing, and my favorite Mountain Biking.

    Redbull TV - wiziwig alternate

    Besides all these sports it also allows to stream special Events including WRC seasons, UCI seasons, Crankworx season and RedBull Cracked ICE seasons, stunning TV Shows including Mx world, chasing the dream, made in and No Contest, an awesome collection of Films, cool Music, Dance, and some other stuff like Adventure, Culture, Esports, Festivals, Formula1, Ice Cross Download, Motor Racing, Winter sport and water sports which makes it wonderful streaming site.

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    The last but not the least feature here is you can access the Red Bull TV app on almost all of your devices including your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones, tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, PS4, PS3, Roku, X-Box one, Samsung smart TV and others.

    Website link: https://www.redbull.com/int-en/tv/

  2. Laola1 TV

    Laola1.TV is really an awesome wiziwig alternative. At present, the site is online in two languages – German and English. Laola1.Tv offers you many different games like soccer, Ice hockey, Volleyball, Handball, basketball, table tennis and motorsports with some others. It also supports live streaming. Although it is an Austrian website, unlike the other sites you don’t need to use a VPN for this to stream. And the best feature here it is almost ads-free [there are only displayed ads] and by a free sign up, you can build your own page, can add your fav teams, can personalize watchlist and much more.

    Laola1 TV

    Website link: https://www.laola1.tv

  3. Streamwoop

    Streamwoop.net is again a huge sports streaming platform. You can find Golf, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basket Ball, Football, Boxing and others. This is the perfect platform to stream sports. Now, among these features, you can find some difficulties in streaming coz ads can be a pain here.


    So, all that you need to do is click on your best match. It will show you a large list of websites streaming that competition. Now click on watch SD among one of them. As you click, sometimes it redirects you on the ads page. So, in that case, just go to the previous window again. Click on watch SD and then click on the link shown in the box below. And boom you are life now.

    Website link: https://streamwoop.net/

  4. Livefootballol

    Live Football proved to be an impressive alternative to wiziwig. The website online in 58 languages wow! Isn’t that amazing?


    Here you can find sports like football, F1, Moto GP and UFC, Exclusive videos and sports channels along with the ability to stream live. Unlike other websites, you can also find sports news here. So, in short, this is the best platform for football lovers.

    Website link: https://www.livefootballol.me/

  5. Live TV

    Live TV is one of the best sport streaming websites. This website is in 12 languages and just like the Red Bull TV it gives you unbeatable HD quality. Live TV provides you to stream football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Baseball, Badminton, Valley ball, Cricket, Handball, and some rarely found sports like billiards, Gymnastics and Futsal. You can find daily updated videos in the video archive. Unlike other websites, it provides popular videos, top broadcasts, upcoming broadcasts in the left corner, Match of the Day, Upcoming leagues and the Fan clubs. Wow! And that makes it an awesome live sports streaming platform.

    Live TV

    You can also customize as your need by signing it up and you can also make bets for the upcoming matches. The best part is it’s ad-free.

    Website link: http://livetv.sx/enx/

  6. BBC i-player

    The British Broadcasting Corporation is the world’s oldest broadcasting organization founded in 1922 (around 96 years ago) by John Reith. In 2007 the BBC decided to launch a platform to stream the BBC programs online. You can watch online TV channels, live events, and online exclusives.

    BBC i-player
    The best and astonishing feature on BBC i-player is if you have missed any live program on BBC i-player then you need to feel it bad coz BBC player provides you with a feature to start the live program with the beginning. With all these cool features you can stream sports, music, radio, TV, culture, and many more. BBC allows streaming 30+ sports and sports news. But, with all these stunning features, there is a con also- the live streaming is only available in the UK.

    Website link: https://www.bbc.com/sport

  7. Stream2Watch

    Stream2Watch is actually concerned only with sports. One can watch here soccer, Basketball, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Golf, Hand Ball, Hockey, Rugby, Snooker, Baseball Tennis, VolleyBall, Wrestling, UFC, Motor Race and 500 Live TV channels from sports, kids, free movie download to Education.


    And the last feature is you need not to pay any more for pornographic TV channels it has almost 10+ Channel for that stuff. The User Interface is good to handle. All that you need to watch the favorite sport is just click on the link provided, select the match you need to watch from the list, Register on the website and you are all set.

    Website link: https://www.stream2watch.me/

  8. Fromhot

    FromHot.com is an online sports streaming service. It provides you with hundreds of live competitions with categories like Football, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Cycling, Motorsports, and some others. The best feature that fromHot provides is you need to manually search your desired match as others if it is online then it is present in the list.


    You can also adjust the time of the website according to your time zone. Unlike, other websites there is a new feature here you can find what is in trending, how many people are viewing it, from where the most crowd is? So, that is all about fromHot.com I hope you will enjoy that.

    Website link: http://www.fromhot.com/

  9. Sport P2p

    SportsP2P.com is also a very popular website in online sports streaming. As like fromHot.com you can adjust the time zone, view the live sports, and check the highlights & live scores. It allows you to stream almost 25+ sports. Now, here you can filter the contents of a particular sport according to your country. Presently the website is much popular as it gets around 11k visitors per day and 68k page views per day. According to stats, SportsP2P.com has a net worth of 1lakh dollars.

    Sport P2p

    Website link: http://www.sportp2p.com/live-stream/

  10. VIP Leagues

    This is one of the most popular sites for live sports streaming. Presently the site is running in seven different languages so that a huge number of sports fans can interact with the site. It provides you with a huge directory of sports including Football, Rugby, AFL, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Boxing, WWE, and cricket along with some 20 other categories. Well, besides that the streaming service is good but ads can be real pin here.

    VIP Leagues

    Website link [USA]: https://www.vipleague.cc/
    [UK]: https://www.vipleague.bz/

These are the best free sports streaming websites to watch sports online and the Top alternatives to Wiziwig. Show us in comments if you find any other best website.

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