How to Watch Super Bowl LIV Online – NFL 2021

InternetHow to Watch Super Bowl LIV Online - NFL 2021

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Super Bowl is here and you are ready to watch, but you can’t get tickets or you are a fan from a different country? So How can you watch the NFL from India or Europ or Australia? In this post, you’ll find different and quality options to live stream the game.

watch super bowl liv live

Ways to watch Super Bowl LIV

We have given different options to watch NFL using your PC Laptop, Android and iPhone mobiles, and most of these methods are paid, but they are worth the money. You can also check our 20 Free Sports Streaming Sites.

NFL Gamepass YesAndroid | iPhone$9.99/mon
Hulu + Live TV YesAndroid | iPhone $54.99/mon
YouTube TV YesAndroid | iPhone $49.99/mon
NFL Android AppNoAndroid$9.99/mon
NFL Apple AppNoiPhone | iPad$9.99/mon

1. NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is a subscription-based sports streaming service and this is the best option to watch Super bowl online using your Pc and mobile phone.

NFL GamePass

Go to and signup, you’ll find three different subscription ways, but to get Super Bowl Liv and On-Demand you have to pick either PRO $17.99 or Super Bowl Pass $9.99. Subscribe and start watching the game online.

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2. Hulu + Live Tv

Hulu App

Hulu TV is where the collaboration of Hulu + Disney + ESPN meets, here you can watch NFL starting from $54.99 you have to subscribe and pick the Hulu + Live TV

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV NFL

YouTube TV is another best option, here you have to pick the base subscription and then get the sports package as ad-on to watch not only Super Bowl but also other sports.

4. NFL Android App

official NFL Android App

Android App for NFL is another best place to watch Super Bowl LIV, You can access NFL Game Pass and NFL RedZone from NFL Network. If you are out from your home and you want to check the score or watch NFL live then Apps are the best choice you can Install this Android app and log in to watch the show on your mobile or tablet.

5. NFL Apple App

NFL App for iPhone and iPad

NFL Apple app is for iPhone and iPads to watch NFL shows through NFL Network.

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