How to Change or Remove Password in Windows 11

WindowsHow to Change or Remove Password in Windows 11

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Security and privacy are two terms that hold great meaning in our lives. From avoiding malicious apps that steal our data to using a VPN, we all have tried everything we can to protect our data. The most commonly used method of protecting one’s data is securing their device with a password. It may not provide security against malicious apps or unethical hackers over the Internet but works quite well when someone else tries to unlock your device. Just like most of the devices around us, our Windows computers too can be password protected in case we want to keep our stuff secure. There are many reasons why someone would want to set a password for their computer and it’s fine as long as you don’t forget the password itself. What?! You did? Really?

ExpressVPN’s survey says 4% of Americans admit to having to reset their forgotten passwords more than four times per day.

We understand that it is difficult to remember our passwords every time we try to log in to our system and many users tend to forget their passwords usually and this is a serious problem. We have got our computers to use and if we can’t use them, then what is the use of having our computers? Forgetting one’s system’s password can be very bothersome because it means that they will not be able to access their files any longer. Their work, social media accounts, games, movies, and anything they use their computer for, would become inaccessible. If you are a student and use your computer to study, then sorry buddy…you have made a grave mistake.

Steps to Change or Remove Password in Windows 11

No problem, because here, we would be talking about how to change/remove/reset the password on a Windows 11 device. Even if you have not forgotten your password and just want to remove/change it, this post would be really helpful for you. There is more than one way to either change or remove the password on a Windows 11 device. These ways are discussed in detail below and classified into different, easy steps which can be easily followed by anyone.

I have mentioned 3 different ways to remove passwords on your Windows 11 PC, Whether you know the password or not, you can follow the respective method to remove the password.

1.How to Change the Windows 11 Password:

If you know the current password of your Windows 11 computer and want to change/reset it, just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Start icon.
  2. Search for ‘Settings’ and open the settings app. or Start the Settings App directly by pressing ‘Windows + I’ keys. Or Right click start button and choose Settings.

    Windows 11 Settings
  3. Inside the Settings App, click on ‘Accounts’ which can be found on the left pane.

    Sign-in option
  4. Now, click on ‘Sign-in options’ on the right side of the screen. Using Sign-in options, you can change or reset passwords, security keys etc.

    Change Password in Windows 11

But to complete the process, you must know the current password of your Windows 11 computer or else, you will not be able to change it. So, if your query is not solved yet, please continue forward…

2. How to Remove Windows 11 Password:

The method which we talked about earlier would have been enough for anyone who knows their current password. But for the users who have forgotten the password, the process is gonna be a bit longer. 

Now, there are two methods of changing the current password in a Windows 11 device i.e. by using the Microsoft account online and/or by answering some system pre-saved questions locally. 

If you want to follow the former, then just sign up with a Microsoft account and reset your password manually, using this link-

For the latter, follow these steps: 

  1. Turn on your computer.
  2. When you’re asked to enter a password on the login screen, type and enter something that most likely resembles your password. There might be a slight chance that whatever you type, ends up being your password which you previously forgot. 
  3. Then if your password is correct, you are ready to go. If it is incorrect, hit the ‘Reset password’ button. 
  4. Whenever we set a new password in our Windows computer, the system asks us a few personal questions, just in case something goes wrong. These questions are later saved by the system to recover your password. So, you should have no problem when your system asks you those questions to recover the password. Just answer those questions the way you answered them earlier.
  5. When all the questions are answered correctly, enter and save a new password. It is recommended that you enter a password which you would not forget again so that the next time you log in to your computer, there is nothing to stop you. 

3. Reset/Format the System to Remove Password in Windows 11

Okay, since you are at this point, we assume that you neither remember the password nor the answers to the recovery questions and have no other means to log in to your Windows 11 computer. Though this method is not recommended, it might be your only option to recover the system. When you reset/format your system, all the data that has ever been on the computer gets erased. So if you wish to continue, we would suggest you take the back-up of your system, however possible, and proceed with precaution: 

  1. From the Login page, press the Shift key after pressing the power button. 
  2. Now at the lower right corner of the screen, you will find the option ‘Restart’. Select and enter.
  3. You will be directed to the ‘Choose an option’ page. Choose ‘Troubleshoot’ among the other options given there.
  4. Select ‘Reset this PC’ option.
  5. Choose ‘Remove everything’ and yeah, you are all done!

Your computer will then restart and all of your data will be wiped off your system. Once it turns on, restore the backup. Now you can set a new password for your Windows 11 computer if you wish to, but try not to forget the new password, or else, everything you did would have been for nothing. 

Ready to Remove Password in Your Windows 11?

This concludes all the easy ways to reset/remove/change the password for Windows 11 computers. There are many different ways to do the same but those methods would be ridiculously difficult for a new or moderate user. Henceforth, we have looked into the best possible ways to recover your system with utmost ease. If you are still unsure about anything or have some doubts, you’re always welcome to ask any questions. 

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