How to Reverse Phone Lookup (Updated 2022)

InternetHow to Reverse Phone Lookup (Updated 2022)

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Reverse Phone Lookup (Find a Phone number) 2022

Reverse phone lookup services help you figure out whom does a particular number belong to. These services help you catch the culprit who is responsible for calling you as a prank. It is also helpful in case you missed a call from an unknown number and do not wish to call back on the number to find out who called you.

Have you ever been a part of an embarrassing situation where you do not have the number of a person saved on your phone and do not wish to ask ‘Who is it?’ after calling them back? Under such scenarios, these services can help you save the embarrassment by telling you exactly who was calling you.

You will find several online services as well as applications that provide you with these services. Here, I shall list down the most accurate and useful reverse phone lookup services that you can rely on for looking up a phone number.

How to find the name of a cel phone number

1. Google the number:

The reverse phone lookup services on Google can help you search for a number when it is listed as a number for a business/company on Google. As you already know, Google keeps a track record of all the data for a company/business including its address, contact details for the companies listed on its search engine.

To use the Google search engine’s search results conducting the reverse phone lookup, follow these steps.

  1. Go to on your desktop/laptop’s web browser or your smartphone’s web browser.
  2. Type the number for which you wish to conduct the reverse phone lookup in the search bar on the webpage.
  3. Once you type the number and hit enter, you will see that the number is listed in various phone directories. You can open any directory in the search results to get the necessary output. However, in case the number is linked to a pre-registered business/company listed on Google, you will automatically see the results for the company on the side of the search results page.

It is not necessary that you always get the desired output using the process. Therefore, you might want to choose any of the other methods in this list to conduct the reverse phone lookup.

2. Use Truecaller: is a website containing more than 1.6 Billion Phone numbers Worldwide with their Name and location. If you are using a Truecaller application in your mobile, It’ll take all your contacts with name and stores it in Truecaller database, Hence more contacts here and you can search them with Phone numbers.


You can find tonnes of third-party applications for both Android as well as iOS devices that allow you to conduct the reverse phone lookup directly from the application interface. Truecaller is one such application with a large database of active numbers.

This application works on the principle of accessing the contacts on the phone of people who use it. Since millions of people across the globe use the services of this, it has acquired a large database. You can use the Truecaller application by following these steps.

  1. Download and install the Truecaller application on your smartphone from the iTunes or the Google Play Store.
  2. Once you’ve finished the installation, start the application.
  3. The application will ask you for your number for confirmation and also ask for the permissions to access your contact list.
  4. Once you grant the necessary permissions, you will see that a search bar on the application open for use. You can type in the number for which you wish to conduct the lookup in the application now.

It is advisable not to give your personal account details like log in credentials or bank account details to any of these service providers. In case you do not rely on these applications, you can always go for the services of a paid expert to conduct the reverse phone lookup.

3. Try Social Media:

When it comes to cell phone numbers, these methods are not that effective. You can conduct a search on social media websites for these cell phone numbers to find them quickly. However, this method only works if the person has linked his/her mobile number to the particular social media account.

Use the following steps to conduct a reverse phone lookup on the Facebook social media platform.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account. (Do not worry, it is completely safe to conduct a search for the number using your personal account.) You can log in using the mobile application or a browser on your laptop, desktop or smartphone too.
  2. Look for the graph search bar located on the top of the webpage (in case of logging in via a browser), located in the side navigation bar (in case of logging in via the application).
  3. Enter the number for which you wish to conduct the search in this search bar and hit enter.
  4. You will see that the profile of the person listed on the search results page in case the number is linked to any particular account.

This method works only when the person has not tweaked the privacy settings on his/her account to hide the linked mobile number.

Using Social Media to Find the Person who made a call to you, Yes this is awesome, Almost Everyone has a facebook account today, And some give their Phone numbers in their profile Hence it is easy to find, Go to and type the mobile number in the search bar. If the phone number matches with any profile you’ll get the person’ profile on the result page as I got my profile shown below in the picture. You can Try Twitter, Foursquare, Google Plus too to find the Person.



The online services of the tool on help you search for an unknown number from a large index of over millions of different numbers. The website boasts having provided the reverse phone lookup services to over a million different customers up till date.

The best part about using the services of is that you can avail the services for completely free of cost. You can use the services of this online tool by following these steps.

  1. Go to from your laptop/desktop web browser or your smartphone web browser.
  2. You will see a search bar located on the top of the page. Enter the number for which you wish to conduct the search in this bar.


3. Click on the Search button to deploy the search engine of the tool and start searching.

The tool provides its services at a global level. Also, the website interface is verified by the reputed Antivirus company McAfee as a safe website that does not steal any personal sensitive user data.

5. Use the White Pages or Yellow Pages Services as per Availability

You might be able to find white pages or yellow pages directory at almost all the STD/PCO locations in the nation. However, the hard copies of these books will help you find the number for a person using his/her name only. We do not need this phone lookup service. Instead, we wish to do exactly the opposite. It is impossible to conduct reverse phone lookup using these books.

However, the online versions of these books allow you to conduct reverse phone lookup easily. Follow these steps to use the services of white pages or yellow pages online.

  1. Go to the yellow pages or white pages of an official website to use their services.
  2. Enter the number for which you wish to conduct the search in the search index box available on these websites.
  3. Once you enter the number click the Search button or hit enter to start indexing.
  4. You will get the results in a few seconds/minutes depending upon the vastness of the database on the website.

Usually, you will find the results on these websites with a higher success rate compared to the other websites.


If you cant find the person in Social Media, Then go here This is a user supplied a database of phone numbers of telemarketers, non-profit organizations, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artists, and other companies that don’t leave messages, disconnect once you answer, and simply interrupt your day. try here and Hope you’ll get him here.

7. File Compliant 

If you failed in all the 4 Steps and the Problem is getting serious, then go ahead and file a complaint, soon you’ll get the person. You should spend some amount for this, Police gets your detail and they’ll find the person with the help of Respective Network.

Best Phone Number Reverse lookup

These are the ways you can do a reverse lookup and find a phone number and Feel free to comment below if you have any other good way to reverse lookup mobile numbers.


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