15 Best Cartoon Yourself Apps (Android & iPhone)

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Cartoon Makers are one of the popular categories of apps on Android and iOS devices. Mobile users, who would either want to give their photos flair of cartoons or Make Anime avatar characters or want to create a picture of their favorite toon characters, should definitely try these best Cartoon yourself apps from our list of well-known cartoon making apps.

How to Photo to Cartoons using Apps

Check the below-given cartoon yourself apps, pick the one you like, by default you have to pick a male or female version and then you’ll have the option to change skin tone, eyes, eyebrows, nose, hair and you can change the outfits with Tshirts, shirts, suits and more. You’ll also get accessories like glasses, a watch, shoes and many. save the image and share it with your friends. 

Top 15 Best Photo to Cartoon yourself Apps:

Below are the top 15 Cartoon yourself Android and iOS Apps for Mobile and Tablets in 2020, Our list is based on the application’s popularity among their users.

1. Dollify


Using dollify you can make an awesome doll like cartoon of yourself with very few tweaks. You can pick hairstyles, outfits, accessories, and many more fantastic items to your character. just pick and choose items to your avatar character and your cartoon is ready. 

The developer team has carefully crafted this Cartoon Yourself app to help you facilitate making the cutest looking avatars on the internet. Its known for its simplicity to make the cutest looking avatars. You have the freedom to choose from 14 different categories.

With many different items to choose from and their color variations, you can make thousands of unique combinations.

Developer: Dave XP
Price: Free

Android Rating – 4.4, 4,49,876 ratings of today.

Downloads – 10,000,000+

Download Dollify for iPhone

iOS Rating – 3.9, 15.5K

People are loving the experience and have given crazy good reviews. This is a review given in the last week.

2. Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself

Cartoon Yourself app is a FREE to install app with In-app purchases. With this app, a user can turn his photo into a toon sketch – either with color, greyscale or black& white. It is simple to use with the easy photo upload and edit options. One can download the final cartoon picture in jpg and png formats. It can be done in two easy steps

  1. To cartoonify your image, simply tap the “Add a Photo” button and choose a file that is in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  2. Tap the “Apply Effect” button. You could also add stickers and other effects.

These bonus tools like a cropper, ability to rotate photos, mirror photos have also been added to the app.

Cartoon Yourself
Cartoon Yourself
Developer: OT Apps
Price: Free

Android Rating – 3.4

Downloads – 10,000,000+

Download Cartoon yourself app for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.4, 

3. Bobble

Bobble Cartoon Maker

Bobble helps you make cartoon stickers of your photos. Why send long text messages when you can stick it up. The stickers can be shared as stories or individual toons with your friends on many platforms. The Advanced face recognition technology instantly recognizes your face and creates stickers for them in the best way possible.

Bobble is packed with thousands of emojis, stickers, GIFs and themes. There’s always time for some fun while typing. The App is entirely free now, there are no more paid upgrades or in app purchases anymore.

Alongside the huge library or all the features, Bobble now automatically predicts Emojis, Memes, Stickers using Artifical Intelligence.

Bobble has not fonts as well. Why not? Also, stickers could be found for text in your own language.

There are many pro features like gliding to add new words, Long press to access symbols, Gesture control, long press GIFs to get relevant suggestions, connect with google account for better word prediction and auto correct.

Bobble Cartoon Maker
Bobble Cartoon Maker
Developer: dev.mat
Price: Free

Android Rating – 3.4

Downloads – 100,000+

Download bobble for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.4

4. BeFunky

Cartoon Maker

BeFunky is one of the most popular photo editing applications offering unlimited backgrounds, toon effects, filters and much more. Effects include Toons, Vintage, DuoTone, Sketch, Grunge and much more. BeFunky is a FREE application.

As the name suggests, you can extremely Be funky with your photos using this app. The Photo Editor built in has some seriously powerful photo editing tools, collage maker, fonts, photo frames, overlays, and stickers too.

Instant ability to your favorite social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.,

Best part about this app is that there are no ads, no watermarks, no limitations or no PR tricks up the sleeves. BeFunky makes it super easy, free and accessible to use it features effectively.

The Developers have taken the choice to not show advertisements and they believe that a good product and word of mouth is more than enough for their marketing. We should respect their choice to keep user experience better and maybe help them out by sharing this really amazing app to your friends and family members.

BeFunky Photo Editor - Tablets
BeFunky Photo Editor - Tablets

Android Rating – 4.5 (2,09,130 as of July 2020)

Downloads – 100,000+ (July 2020)

Download befunky for iPhone

iOS Rating – 3.3

5. Cartoon Maker- Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Maker- Cartoon Photo Editor is a FREE to install app with in-app purchases. With this photo editor a user can turn photos and selfies into cartoon art with just one click. It offers over 30+ filters and effects in addition to easy import & export. Photos created can directly be shared on social media with Cartoon Maker- Cartoon Photo Editor.

Its so easy to use this app. Just follow these steps.

  • Import the photo that you want to cartoonify from your phone gallery.
  • Select the effect you want to apply from 30+ effects available in the app.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds for the app to do its job.
  • The best part of it all to save and share it among friends and family through social media.

Some of the cartoon effects that this app has are Superhero Comic Maker, Anime, 70s, Comic Maker and many more.

So, what are you waiting for?

Android Rating – 4.2

Downloads – 50,000+

Download Cartoon Photo editor for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.6

6. Moment Cam

Momentcam cartoons

Moment Cam is best to click the picture and create funny emoticons and cartoons off them. With a wide range of effects, including caricatures and toon pics, this FREE application is a must-have on your phones.

It has backgrounds that are updated every day and every occation. More are added for regions, cultural and pop references relevant to that time.

They have amazing features like creating your own personalized cartoons and animated emoticons, personalizing your background with the latest MojiWorld feature and also engaging in activities to win prizes by sharing your creations with the MomentCam community.

Android Rating – 4.2

Downloads – 50,000,000+

Download Moment Cam for iPhone

iOS Rating – 3.7

7. ToonTastic 3D

ToonTastic is a FREE mobile application from Google LLC to create, animate 3D cartoon stories of your own. Toontastic is a powerful and awesome way to create adventures, breaking news reports, video game designs, family photo albums or things that could only done my imagination.

Some of the best features of Toontastic 3d are:

• A giant toy box chock full of swashbuckling pirates, transforming robots, nefarious villains, and many more characters and settings to spark kids’ imaginations
• 3D drawing tools enable you to design amazing custom characters.
• Add yourself to your adventures with photos and custom colored characters
• Built in songs are exceptionally good to add to your tracks.
• Story arcs are great for digital story telling (Short Story, Classic, & Science Report)
• Export shareable videos and photos that you could share with your friends and family to make them happy.
• The app includes an idea lab full of playful & amazing stories, characters and settings to inspire new adventures.

Toontastic 3D
Toontastic 3D
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Android Rating – 4.5

Downloads – 1,000,000+

Download Toonist 3D for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.0

8. Moments Cartoon Caricature – selfie network cam

Moments Cartoon Maker

Give your selfies and portraits a toon avatar with Moment Cartoon. The application users modern editors, stickers and effects to capture and create moments in the form of caricatures, toons, avatars and much more. It is a FREE to use application.

Leave you caricatura to other networks with best cartoonize practises and share it. Photo editor with modern tools. Social Photo Editor for caricature and photo contests Masquerade.

Android Rating – 3.9

Downloads – 5,000,000+

Download Moment Cartoon for iPhone

iOS Rating – 2.5

9. FaceQ


FaceQ is one of the most downloaded and widely used cartoon avatar maker app. In just 2 steps create your own stories with friends and family. Toon callouts, narration callouts, effects, backgrounds are in plenty with FaceQ. It is a FREE to use application.

Developer: Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Price: Free

Android Rating – 4.4

Downloads – 10,000,000+

iOS Rating – 4.0

10. Comic and Meme Creator

If you have a story to tell, create your own comic strip and memes and share with your friends and family with Comic and Meme Creator app. This app is completely FREE to use.

Comic & Meme Creator
Comic & Meme Creator
Developer: Tilted Chair
Price: Free

Android Rating – 4.0

Downloads – 1,000,000+

iOS Rating – 3.3

11. Prisma Photo Editor

Every photo you take, give it a modern toon or anime touch with Prisma Photo Editor. With over 120 million installs, only on android devices, its popularity cannot be questioned. Just download to create memories.

Some of the great features are :


After applying art filters, enhance the results using the build in image enhancement tools. In the photo enhancement mode, there are many tools like photo tools like exposure, sharpness, contrast, brightness, etc.

Android Rating – 4.3

Downloads – 120,000,000+

Download Prisma for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.7

12. Emojily 

Create emojis from your selfies and portraits with Emojily. Share across platforms to make your conversations fun. It is a FREE application with in-app purchases.

The app includes taco, robot, zombie, full moon, folded hands, blowing kiss, poop, smirking, thumbs up, panda, chicken, cat, dog, red heart, love, winking eye, tears of joy, laughing, victory / peace out sign, middle finger, rainbow, wink, and an array of crazy other items as well.

Emojily - Create Your Emoji
Emojily - Create Your Emoji
Developer: Zepni Ltd.
Price: Free+

Android Rating – 4.3

Downloads – 1,000,000+

Download Emojily for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.6

13. Fatify

Looking to have a good laugh at your friends, download Fatify on your mobile devices. Create toons of your friends and make them look stout with a wide range of filters and backgrounds. It is a FREE application and the best Cartoon yourself app to try.

its so easy to use this app. Here’s how to do it

● Choose your weight and add your photo.
● Tap your fat photo face.
● Share your fat pic online, or with family and friends

Fatify - Make Yourself Fat App
Fatify - Make Yourself Fat App

Android Rating – 3.7

Downloads – 1,000,000+

Download Fatify for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.6

14. FlipaClip

With FlipaClip a user can create awesome animation stories by using their frame by frame photo editor. From toons to sketches you have everything to make your story narrated in style. One can also add sounds and music to the animation. FlipaClip is a FREE application with in-app purchase options. You can Cartoon yourself with this app.

FlipaClip comes with all the tools you need to start animating immediately. Draw cartoons with frame-by-frame animation by adding audio and other special effects. This app requires you to have almost zero technical knowledge. Its also super easy to save and share to the entire world.

Android Rating – 4.4

Downloads – 10,000,000+

Download FlipaClip for iPhone

iOS Rating – 4.6

15. Draw A Stick Man

Are you bored of watching the usual stickman animations worry no more? Now you can draw and create stickman animations of your own with this application – Draw a Stickman. It is a FREE application available both on Android and iOS platforms.

Android Rating – 3.4

Downloads – 1,000,000+

Download Draw a Stick man for iPhone

iOS Rating – NA

What is Cartoon?

A Cartoon is a type of illustration which is static or animated, typically in a non realistic way. Its generally known as a series of images with a story or structure underneath that keeps the watched excited or stick to the visual experience. A person who makes cartoons are called Cartoonists.

The story of the cartoon goes back to humorous illustrations in magazines and newspapers in the 19th century. It moved from static work to animations in the early 20th century. This post helps you create a cartoon yourself app.

Best of Cartoon Yourself Apps

Here ends the top 15 Cartoon Maker apps list, it’s your time to pick the best one that suits you. Try your cartoons and show us in our social pages, you can also suggest other cartoon making apps in comment section.

Note: don’t give permission to Camera or accessing files unless needed.


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