53 Best No Wifi Games – 2022 [Android & iOS – Offline]

Games53 Best No Wifi Games - 2022

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We all love online games and enjoy them equally. For all of us, they are the complete stress-buster. But most games require a stable internet connection. What happens when you don’t have a working internet connection? Fret not!

Want to play games without the Internet? In this post I’m writing a list of 50+ Offline games “No Wifi” or “Mobile Internet” needed to play these games, But, you should install them using the Internet before. These games include Action, Adventure, Classic, Racing and more.

List of Top Free Offline Mobile Games – 2022

Based on the Rating, customer review, usability and the ability to run without having an Internet connection, I’ve listed down more than 50 Android and iOS games for you. Install, Play and Enjoy!

No Wifi GamesAndroid DownloadiOS Download
Angrybirds Angry Birds Angry Birds for AndroidAngry Birds for iOS
Temple-Run-No-wifi-Game Temple Run Temple Run for AndroidTemple Run for iOS
Subway surfers offline game Subway Surfers Subway Surfers for Android Subway Surfers for iOS
GTA offline Game GTA GTA for AndroidGTA for iOS
Candy Crush Game Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga for AndroidCandy Crush Saga for iOS
Asphalt-Race-game Asphalt Asphalt for AndroidAsphalt for iOS
LIMBO Offline Limbo Limbo for AndroidLimbo for iOS
plant-vs-Zombies-2 Plants vs. Zombies 2 Plants vs. Zombies 2 for AndroidPlants vs. Zombies 2 for iOS
unblock me offline Unblock Me Unblock Me for AndroidUnblock Me for iOS
Minecraft with no wifi Minecraft Minecraft for AndroidMinecraft for iOS
Cut-the-rope-free-game Cut the Rope Cut the Rope for AndroidCut the Rope for iOS
Hill-Climbing-racing Hill Climb Racing Hill Climb Racing for AndroidHill Climb Racing for iOS
plant-vs-Zombies Plants Vs. Zombies Plants Vs. Zombies for AndroidPlants Vs. Zombies for iOS
Smash-hit Smash Hit Smash Hit for AndroidSmash Hit for iOS
Wheres-my-water-game Where’s My Water? Where’s My Water? for AndroidWhere’s My Water? for iOS
Free Flow Flow FreeFlow Free for AndroidFlow Free for iOS
Shadow Fight Shadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 2 for AndroidShadow Fight 2 for iOS
Piano-Tiles Piano TilesPiano Tiles for AndroidPiano Tiles for iOS
GUNSHIP BATTLE Gunship BattleGunship Battle for AndroidGunship Battle for iOS
badland Offline GameBadlandBadland for AndroidBadland for iOS
Dead Trigger Death TriggerDeath Trigger for AndroidDeath Trigger for iOS
Hungry Shark Evolution Hungry Shark EvolutionHungry Shark Evolution for AndroidHungry Shark Evolution for iOS
Paper TossPaper TossPaper Toss for AndroidPaper Toss for iOS
Angry birds 2 Angry Birds 2Angry Birds 2 for AndroidAngry Birds 2 for iOS
Duet no wifi Game DuetDuet for AndroidDuet for iOS
The Escapist The EscapistsThe Escapists for AndroidThe Escapists for iOS
Evocreo offline EvoCreoEvoCreo for AndroidEvoCreo for iOS
Crossy road Crossy RoadCrossy Road for AndroidCrossy Road for iOS
Downwell Game DownwellDownwell for AndroidDownwell for iOS
Baldur's gate Baldur’s GateBaldur’s Gate for AndroidBaldur’s Gate for iOS
Archery MasterArchery Master 3DArchery Master 3D for AndroidArchery Master 3D for iOS
Jetpack Joy ride Jetpack JoyrideJetpack Joyride for AndroidJetpack Joyride for iOS
Swap attack Swamp AttackSwamp Attack for AndroidSwamp Attack for iOS
True SkateTrue SkateTrue Skate for AndroidTrue Skate for iOS
Evoland offline EvolandEvoland for AndroidEvoland for iOS
Fallout ShelterFallout ShelterFallout Shelter for AndroidFallout Shelter for iOS
Final FantasyFinal Fantasy TacticsFinal Fantasy Tactics for AndroidFinal Fantasy Tactics for iOS
Flipflop solitaire Flipflop SolitaireFlipflop Solitaire for AndroidFlipflop Solitaire for iOS
Lifeline Offline Game LifelineLifeline for AndroidLifeline for iOS
Monster hunter Offline Monster Hunter StoriesMonster Hunter for AndroidMonster Hunter for iOS
Monument Valley Monument ValleyMonument Valley for AndroidMonument Valley for iOS
Pixel Dungeon Pixel DungeonPixel Dungeon for AndroidPixel Dungeon for iOS
Rick and Morty Pocket MortysPocket Mortys for AndroidPocket Mortys for iOS
Really Bad Chess Really Bad ChessReally Bad Chess for AndroidReally Bad Chess for iOS
The Room offline game The RoomThe Room for AndroidThe Room for iOS
Run Sausage Run Run Sausage Run!Run Sausage Run! for AndroidRun Sausage Run! for iOS
Sorcery Game SorcerySorcery for AndroidSorcery for iOS
Star Wars Offline Star Wars – OfflineStar Wars for AndroidStar Wars for iOS
Super Hexagon Super HexagonSuper Hexagon for AndroidSuper Hexagon for iOS
ThreesThreesThrees for AndroidThrees for iOS
Hangl line Game Hang LineHang Line for AndroidHang Line for iOS
Micro Vendor Game Micro Vendor AdventuresMicro Vendor for AndroidMicro Vendor for iOS
Pictoword offline Game Pictoword – No wifi GamePictoword for AndroidPictoword for iOS
Sonic Game with No Internet Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog for AndroidSonic the Hedgehog for iOS

Now you can play impeccable shooting games offline without any internet connectivity. Offline shooting games are the best way to pass your time engagingly. Do you want to shoot some zombies, kill some bad guys, and beat some villains? 

Let your adrenaline pump in these exuberating shooting games offline. 

Top offline shooting games on iOS and Android 2022

Shooting games offline are the best way of preserving the feeble battery life of your iOS and Android while using its features to shoot some dangerous guys. Play offline shooting and sniping games without losing your precious battery lives!

1. N. O. V. A Legacy

Gameloft designs NOVA Legacy and many offline games for iOS and Android addicts. This game has stupefying graphics bound to make you forget real-life and pull you inside this made-up one. This game guarantees the best 3D sci-fi experience when it comes to offline shooting games. You can keep an eye on your strength and health while combating evil aliens who are on a secret mission to destroy the world as we know it. NOVA legacy got 4.1 Stars for more than 1Million ratings.

Download NOVA Legacy offline game for iOS and Android

2. Lonewolf


Lonewolf is an astounding shooting game offline that uses a neo-noir storyline and visuals, wrapped in thrilling adventures. There’s gritty violence that’s engaging and keeps the player hooked till the end. You can select a weapon from a wide assortment of guns- rifles, bombs, nippers, handguns, etc.

Download Lonewolf offline game for iOS and Android

3. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2

You get seven action-packed chapters where you blast killer zombies in a grueling adventure. There are 60 stages, and as you level up, you unlock rural farm communities, new zombies, new equipment, etc. Structure military bases to your advantage and shoot your shot!

Download Into the Dead 2 offline game for iOS and Android



Zombies, bad guys, mafias are all too common in shooting games. The USP for this game is robots. Become a skilled robot shooter, as robots fight to establish dominance in a world destined to be destroyed. It’s not an easy game, and it requires more than just brilliant hand-eye coordination. You’ll have to use tactical knowledge to beat everybody else and emerge victoriously. Trust the founders of award-winning games like Bioshock to build a masterpiece like EPOCH. 

Download EPOCH offline game for iOS

5. Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets

There is so much going on in this game; it isn’t very easy to point out all of them. There is a damsel in distress, American ninjas, a wide selection of weapons, a cowboy shooter, and of course, stunning gameplay. There are 200 missions, spanned across 50 minigames and 3 locations. 

Download Mad Bullets offline game for iOS and Android

6. Gun War


With a booming total of 124 shooting tasks, spanning across more than 50 featured locations and maps, there’s a lot to say about Gun War. Something unique about this shooting game offline is the fact that you can upgrade even the most basic or rudimentary guns. There’s always a way to make your weapons better, thus making the tasks more enjoyable. Challenge yourself even more by comparing your scores to those playing this game around the world!

Download Gun war offline game for iOS and Android

7. Last Hope Sniper- Zombie War

Last Hope Sniper

Want to see your enemies blow up? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Last Hope Sniper is an interactive and immersive game wherein the zombies will blow up and come crashing down like a bloody rain shower. 

Expect your mind to be blown away by the detail-rich environments in this shooting game offline. There are so many tools and weapons that are unique to this game- like rocket launchers, missile strikes, shields, shock bullets, poison grenades, etc. You’re the Last Hope for this world; your heroics will determine how many people you can save.

Download Last Hope Sniper offline game for iOS and Android

8. Major Mayhem 2

Some people don’t want to waste their precious time strategizing. They have only one pursuit- kill!

Thankfully there’s a game where they can do just that. Major Mayhem 2 doesn’t believe in plotting and planning. You can install it blindly and be assured that there’ll be a lot to shoot. It has vibrant graphics that excite you, and its entire gameplay is pretty comfortable. Nonchalant gamers shall find themselves hooked to Major Mayhem 2. There are seven different types of weapons, and they all shoot uniquely. 

Download Major Mayhem offline game for iOS and Android

9. Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2

You’ve heard of Dead Effect. You played it; you loved it. Then you wanted something more. The makers of Dead Effect haven’t disappointed us yet. Dead Effect had a breathtaking impact on all of our lives because of its revolutionizing gameplay. Dead Effect 2 is no less. This world of shooting shall leave you spellbound, and you’ll need to be a competent shooter to keep up!

Find gadgets and weapons on the way in this 20-hour campaign. We can bet that you’ll find yourself glued to your mobile screens. If you find horror genres and themes thrilling, this game is the perfect fit for you. 

Download Dead effect 2 offline game for iOS and Android

10. Mad Zombies

Mad Zombie is a personal favorite. Adrenaline shall be through the roof, and hearts shall pump with anticipation. The gameplay is mildly tough, and it’s not as easy as it looks. It keeps getting more stringent, and the bigger zombies are a pain to kill. It takes sincerity in efforts, all the presence of your mind, to make sure you defeat these foul zombies and shoot them right in their heads. 

Download mad Zombies offline game for iOS and Android

11. Solitaire Bliss

A gaming app that features dozens of classic card games, Solitaire Bliss offers strategic, challenging, fast-paced card games both online and off. The library of games featured are suitable for players of all levels as the games have different difficulty settings, as well as guides and strategies. Take your pick and beat your personal best.

Download Solitaire Bliss offline game for iOS and Android, and play on their website.

Best No Wi-fi Game

Here ends the list of No-WiFi games, I’ll make sure to update the game list, feel free to share any of the games you know which can be played even without having Internet.


Can you play games without Internet?

Yes, you have to initially install the game using the internet and then you can play the game without the Internet.

How to download offline games?

Click on the links and that will take you to respective App stores to download games, once the game got installed you can play them offline, without the Internet.

What are the best Offline Games for Mobile?

Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Shadow fight are the top offline games, if you want to try any new games you can play Lifeline, The Room.

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