4 Places where Google Mocks Apple in Pixel Keynote

Internet4 Places where Google Mocks Apple in Pixel Keynote

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Google Pixel Mocks Apple iPhone

The Competition among the two giants Google and Apple goes beyond the Technology, Companies mocking each other is not so new. Previously Google Mocks iPhone Storage capabilities in one of it Ad. Now, In Google Pixel keynote we could find 4 places where iPhone got Mocked by Google.


1. Transferring data from iPhone to Pixel Phone:

Google built a new tool to quickly and easily transfer data from one mobile to another, in Pixel keynote Google showed the data transfer from iPhone to Pixel phone and also they mentioned iMessages can also be transferred with Contacts, Photos and Videos. Google urges the iPhone users to buy Pixel phones.

Move from iPhone to pixel phone


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2. Google Pixel Mocks iPhone with Colors

Apple launched iPhone with different colour variants namely, Black, Jet black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. From these five colours, Jet black and Rose Gold were taken into the count and they have mocked with Google Pixel phones 3 new colour variations “Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue.”

Google Mocks iPhone colors


3. Headphone Jack – “Satisfyingly not new”

Recently Apple unveiled it’s iPhone 7 without Headphone Jack and this is Google’s take on that, Google mentioned “Satisfyingly not new” in the presentation about the 3.5mm Headphone Jacks they have in Pixel phones.

Google Mocks about iPhone Headphone jacks


4. Storage full – and again!

Google Pixel phones are coming with Free unlimited Google drive storage for Photos and Videos, and so Google showed this Storage full Pop-up from iPhone again in the presentation.


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