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Real Estate, which in spite of constant ups and downs, continues to attract millions seeking services from it. Whether you are looking for a rental apartment or a villa to buy, it’s the Real Estate platforms that come to your rescue, hence listing down some of the top real estate websites for all your needs in the domain.

1. Zillo.

Zillow - Top Real Estate Website

Zillow is one of US’s leading Real estate websites with over 160+ million monthly visitors, and offers real estate solutions which include-

  • Rental Spaces Listing – Zillow lists down available spaces for rent, both residential and commercial use. If you seek information on all available options for rent near you, all you need to do on Zillow is input your address or neighborhood or even a zip code will do. Renters looking for tenants have a separate space to upload their profile and information about their spaces.
  • Real Estate for listings for buying and selling – If you seek to sell your property to the right buyer or vice versa i.e. if you are looking to purchase properties, Zillow is a perfect platform to be in. The best part that I liked with Zillow is the ease of finding properties on it.
  • Real Estate Applications – Impressive is probably lesser of a praise that you can give to Zillow for it offers a variety of FREE application to its visitors to assist them in all kinds of problems. These FREE real estate related applications include – Calculator for Mortgage, Refinance, Affordability, Amortization, Debt-to-Income and much more. It also provides comprehensive information on the latest mortgage, refinance, HELOC rates etc.
  • Find Agent on the Go! – Zillow has a comprehensive list of Agents, who can help you in your quest to find a living space or to help you sell your property all by the click of a button.
  • Home Design & More – Zillow is a must platform to visit for it also provides you with some of the contemporary designs for your dream home/office.
  • WOW Factor! – Get access to Real estate experts instantly
  • Access – Website and Android & iOS Applications

2. Trulia

Trulia - Top Real Estate Website

Trulia works on a similar model as Zillow does, but considerably vary for it offers only residential real estate.  It is an online residential real estate portal ideal for home buyers/sellers and prospective tenants the US. Furthermore, it also offers a variety of tools and information that are essential for searching homes, buyers and sellers. Trulia boasts of attaching 90+ million genuine visits per month as per its 2017 stats.

Some of the salient features that need a mention in this space talking about top real estate websites include –

  • Rental Space Listing – Comprehensive database of rental spaces such as Apartments, Villas, Condominium etc from across the length and breadth of US. Additionally, Trulia also provides additional information such as Crime rate in the county; nearest schools, restaurants, shops etc; best way for commuting; population age group and much more.
  • Properties to Buy and Sell – If you are looking to either sell or buy properties – Trulia is a place to be in. Exhaustive lists of properties can be found here with all possible information about them and the neighbourhood.
  • Real Estate Tools – Very much similar to Zillow, expect a variety of tools to help you with the mortgage, refinance and much more.
  • WOW factors! – The Trulia platform is very lively with actual photos of the properties and all relevant information about them. Trulia blogs and perspective materials are really engaging and provide clear insights into things you seek.
  • Access – Website and Android & iOS Applications

3. Realtor.Com

Realtor - Top Real Estate Website

Realtor.com is one of the oldest real estate websites that primarily came into existence in 1995 as a forum for a closed group of National Association of Realtors. It saw multiple launches offering different sets of services and currently has taken shape of a real estate listing platform. Valued at almost 3 billion USD, Realtor boasts to be the largest portal for real estate database.

  • Rental Space Listing –com offers a wide-ranging database of rental spaces for owners to connect with prospective tenants directly.
  • Properties to Buy and Sell – Exhaustive lists of properties for buying and selling.
  • Real Estate Tools – Very much similar to Zillow and Trulia, gain FREE access to a variety of tools and application to help you with the mortgage, refinance and much more.
  • WOW factors! – Comparison information of properties such as Days in Market, Relative/Similar properties, Price comparison, built information etc are some really good add-ons.
  • Access – Website and Android & iOS Applications

4. Homes.com

Homes - Top Real Estate Website

Homes.com is definitely unique in comparison with the ones listed above for it offers additional data which I clearly feel others have ignored.

In addition to the listing of properties for rent, buying and selling, Homes.com offers a comprehensive list of Foreclosed Homes; assistance in evaluating a property; listing of the off-campus housing; Request for estimation on the go etc. These features indeed make Homes.com a class apart from the rest. These are my personal favorite WOW factors that define Homes.com ‘s USP.

Like others, Homes.com too provides you with real estate listing for property buying and selling, in addition to information on rental spaces. A comprehensive set of application and tools, make it a must visit and follow real estate website in the US.

Impressive it may sound, but I personally feel Homes.com has some catching up to do with respect to the above 3 platforms with respect to reaching out.

You can access Homes.com either from their website or Android or iOS Application.

5. Rent.com

Rent - Top Real Estate Website

Rent.com’s primary focus is on rental spaces and all their services hover around offering the best in the domain. It seamlessly connects owners with prospective tenants without platform involving in the communication. Rent.com platform is ideal for professionals and students who are constantly on a roll across counties, cities, and states.

WOW Factors! – A wide range of rental listings that come with a variety of filter options. Pinpointing on your ideal rental property should certainly be a walk in the park for visitors on this platform. Another unique aspect that Rent.com bewildered me is their Moving Center. If you plan to move from one place to another, you can simply get quotes from a range of moves and packers on the platform.

I am sure Rent.com is going places in the near future for it has narrowed down on a niche it wants to operate in. This has made them champions with a variety of add-on services surrounding the rental listing niche.

You can access Rent.com either from their website or Android or iOS Application.

It’s not that there are only a few real estate websites available, but these listed 5 makes our experience in finding, renting, selling and buying properties a hassle-free one. Hence they are my clear contenders for my list of top real estate websites that everyone should register with.

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