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This post helps you use Facebook’s Full Site (desktop version) in Mobile. Facebook, being the most popular social media platform in the world, has around a billion users with a significant number of them accessing this social media behemoths services through their mobile phones.

How to open Facebook Desktop Version?

By default, if you try accessing Facebook using your smartphone it will either ask you to install the official Facebook app for better usability or if you decline to do this, will most probably take you to its mobile website, where everything is optimized to be viewed on a small screen, unlike as seen on a desktop.

  1. Instead of using in your Mobile browser, try to use (or click on the link)
  2. You can also bypass this default setting by choosing to view the desktop site of Facebook on your smartphone. It’s rather simple to do and this post we see how.

The number of people using smartphones is increasing exponentially by the day and so it is necessary for companies like Facebook to provide its users with a variety of methods to access Facebook, including via smartphones. Though Facebook has specific applications developed and published for use in smartphones running all sorts of operating systems like Android, Windows, Apple’s ios etc., and even for feature phones running java based operating systems, some people still prefer using Facebook with its desktop interface. The desktop interface, when used on a desktop, offers far more usability for a hardcore social media enthusiast, allowing them to change settings and post long updates much easier than using the mobile app. follow the detailed steps given below to use Facebook Full Site in two ways.

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Steps to open Facebook Full Site in Mobile

Below are the two ways to use the Facebook Desktop Version in Mobile,

  1. Using

    instead of Typing add “/home.php” at the end, Just copy paste the below URL or Type the URL in the Mobile browser-

  2. Using Request Desktop

We’ll take you step by step with screenshots and explain how to access the desktop interface using a standard web browser on your smartphone.

The following steps are with respect to the Google Chrome web browser this works for both Android and iPhone. We explain how to do this in other browsers after this.

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome web browser on your smartphone.

Step 2. Type in the address bar,, Facebook’s web address.

Step 3. Once at the Facebook login page, log in to your account using your username and password. You will be doing this in the mobile site interface now, not the desktop site.Facebook desktop view in Mobile

Step 4. Once logged in, and you begin to see your news feeds, just hit the menu button in chrome. This is denoted by the three dots at the top right of your screen.

Step 5. In the menu, you will find a checkbox titled, “Request desktop site”, click it and Chrome should automatically load the desktop site for you. You will keep on seeing desktop sites for the entire session until you uncheck the option from now on.

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Guides on Facebook Full Site in Mobile

Depending on the browser you’re using, you should always have an option, which makes the app to always show you desktop versions of all the websites and not the mobile versions. You might have to dig in deep through the settings for some, but most are self-explanatory and simply done.

If you’re not using a browser that readily supports something like this, or you’re just lazy and don’t want to fool around with the settings, then go to the address bar and replace the “m” from the address link “…” and you will be able to load the desktop site. Although most sites might not stick to the desktop site and upon clicking on another link on this page, you might find yourself redirected to the mobile site.

Also, be aware that desktop interfaces use more data than corresponding mobile sites in most cases, so keep a tab on that data usage too. This is because the desktop version contains more UI elements and higher resolution images compared to the mobile versions. Note that some features available on the desktop version of Facebook might not work as smoothly on your smartphone, because of differences in the way smartphone browsers and desktop browsers work.

If you are still facing issues in the Facebook Full site, please comment below, we’ll help you.

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