Top 10 travel websites that you simply shouldn’t miss

InternetTop 10 travel websites that you simply shouldn’t miss

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Planning to take that much-needed vacation? Before you decide any further, you might want to check out some of the websites for your hotel and travel bookings. For this exact reason, we have compiled 10 of some of the must-refer to travel portals for all your travel requirements.  Here we go!

1. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor - Best Travel Websites

TripAdvisor is a US-based travel and hotel booking platform. It is probably one of the well known and most widely used travel platforms for reviews on almost everything – Hotels to tourist spots to accommodation much more.

If you are looking for any kind of content related to travel, 99% is the chance that you will find information related to it on Tripadvisor.

One of the reasons why TripAdvisor is widely known and used is for it adapted to user-generated content very early in its operation. For most travelers looking for information to plan his itinerary, TripAdvisor came first to their rescue, making it one of the world’s biggest travel website with user-generated content. TripAdvisor is free to users, who present most of the content available on the website.

2. Airbnb

AirBnb - Top Travel Website

Launched in 2008, Airbnb was conceptualized to be a platform where anyone with an extra room can rent it out to travelers. With more than 400,000 listing across almost all countries around the globe, Airbnb is no less than a phenomenon – that too a global one.

As a traveler it’s not that you only get spare rooms with Airbnb, at times you also get to book and live in places that are habitable including – family hours, apartments, villas, tree houses and much more – you name it, you simply find it listed on Airbnb. Airbnb platform is very simple and easy to use, while you get an idea on where you will be staying with the help of loads of photographs and user reviews.

3. SkyScanner

SkyScanner - Find Cheap Flights

Skyscanner is primarily an aggregator that lists down Flights, Hotels and Rental cars from across vendors in covering almost all countries around the globe. This website primarily helps you Search, Compare, Save and book your travel necessities.

Furthermore, in Skyscanner, you can taper down your options by using their very helpful filters such as flight duration, preferred airline and departure time etc.

4. Road Trippers

Road Trippers - All travel information in one place

Road Trippers is a web based platform ideal for backpackers all information required to commence on their journey.

For example, if you are planning a trip from point A to B, the application lists down information such as must visit places, hotels, restaurants, camping places, gas stations etc located between the points, including ones in A and B.

Road Trippers is currently operational for locations in Canada and United States only. You also have a mobile application to help you on the go. Navigation feature is an add on, which you must definitely try.

5. Hostel World

HostelWorld - All world hostels in one place

Hostel World is ideal for back backers who can book hostels in almost every corners of the world. With over 35,000 properties, spread across 170 counties, it is a mini version of Airbnb and Couch Surfing, I can say.

Simple to book, ideal for couples and students, Hostel World is must try for one who dare to go beyond the expensive hotels and gourmet food.

So, next time when you are London or Berlin or Rome and if you are running low on cash, just down load HostelWorld and enjoy your time in the city. This is probably the cheapest option you can find anywhere from all our listed travel and booking websites.

6. CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing - Share Your Rooms With Travelers

If you are a traveler who always look out to gel with locals more than visit the usual sites, then CouchSurfing is a must try.

With CouchSurfing you can find locals who wish to share their homes with you. They host you offering everything from a place to sleep and local foods.

You also get to meet and interact with many travelers like you from around the world. Also on the other side, if you too have a space, you can become a host to travelers from others cities and countries.

With over 400,000 hosts and 4 million surfers from across the globe, I am sure you would want to pack your bags and head to your dream destinations today.


Booking dot com - Flights-Accomodation-Hotel-Taxis is a popular booking portal that allows you to book your accommodation, flight tickets and car rentals in advance. Operational in almost all countries around the globe, it is definitely a must try out platform.

Not just hotels, you have options to book accommodations such as apartments, villas, cottages, vacation homes, serviced apartments and more. If you really want to save on your vacation, try out their combined packages which they give at a very good deal.

8. Kayak


Kayak is a similar platform to and offers more or less the same set of features. However, what makes them different as per my experience is that they send you alerts when there are flights or hotels available at your mentioned price points.

This aggregation website pulls out data from directly the vendors, which make them accurate in pricing. A must try for sure.

9. Skiplagged

Skiplagged - Travel Via Hidden Cities

Skip lagged work under a very unique concept called Hidden cities. So, what are hidden cities – Hidden cities are connecting cities from where getting a flight to your destination from source is cheaper that directly flying from your source to destination.

For example, you want to go from A to B which costs you, let’s say $200. But there is another route from A to B via a hidden city C which would cost you $170. Skiplagged lists down such hidden cities allowing giving you a chance to reduce your travel costs.

Many say such kind of booking is a ploy, but there is no harm in trying. What  say?

10. JetSetter

JetSetters - Luxury Travelling and Vacations

JetSetter is a booking platform for luxury travel. They offer a curated-travel experience with their demonstrated and accepted properties and hotels.

Yes, there are hundreds and thousands of other portals that can help you make your travel and accommodation simpler. But, there are some that really adds value by offering what you seek in real. This is the exact reason to put out our curated list of 10 best travel websites, that you must try this year for sure.


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