10 Websites to watch TV series Online for Free

Internet10 Websites to watch TV series Online for Free

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Too much time to spend, and not sure how to do so? You must definitely try watching a TV series. Addiction to watching your Favorite TV series is second to none. The World has already seen many go crazy with it. You too can make the most out of your time like them by watching TV series online.

List of Best Websites to watch TV series.

There are thousands of websites to watch them from, but we are listing and ranking 25 which we consider are the best in the market. Their ranking is based on Alexa.com, their popularity, and range of TV series that they host.

1. NetFlix

NetFlix is the world’s largest and popular video entertainment platform where a user can buy, rent or stream movies, TV series, cartoons and much more. NetFlix is widely popular to host some of the world’s latest TV series, thus attracting millions of viewership every month. It also offers a FREE trial for new users.

Go to netflix.com

Global Websites Ranking – 26
Daily Unique Visitors – 21,770,811
Daily Unique Page Views – 38,192,451

2. YouTube

YouTube, Google’s video sharing platform is the world’s largest in terms of no of videos and viewership. YouTube hosts tens and thousands of TV series, both free and paid, from across all regions of the planet.

Go to youtube.com

Global Websites Ranking – 2
Daily Unique Visitors – 104,293,200
Daily Unique Page Views – 514,016,680

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a video streaming and download platform where a subscriber can rent, buy or stream TV series (both classic and latest). A subscriber can also download video content on Amazon Prime.

Go to primevideo.com

Global Websites Ranking – 316
Daily Unique Visitors – 935,145
Daily Unique Page Views – 3,203,151

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is host to a second largest set of shared video content. In addition to movies, personal videos, documentaries and more, Vimeo also houses some of the well-known TV series for paid and free viewing.

Go to vimeo.com

Global Websites Ranking – 139
Daily Unique Visitors – 1,943,730
Daily Unique Page Views – 7,339,114

5. Yahoo View

On Yahoo View, you can watch and stream the latest episodes of current TV shows and anime for free online.

Go to view.yahoo.com

Global Websites Ranking – 6
Daily Unique Visitors – 42,814,101
Daily Unique Page Views – 151,430,901

6. Hulu

Hulu is a US-based video entertainment website that hosts Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Documentaries and more. Hulu’s services follow the subscription model along with a plethora of FREE content.

Go to hulu.com

Global Websites Ranking – 238
Daily Unique Visitors – 2,037,246
Daily Unique Page Views – 4,170,660

7. PopCornFlix

PopCornFlix is home to a wide range of free Movies and TV Shows that can be accessed i.e. streamed or downloaded from all kinds of devices.

Go to popcornflix.com

Global Websites Ranking – 15,159
Daily Unique Visitors – 63,280
Daily Unique Page Views – 70,498

8. MySpace

MySpace is a popular content sharing website that hosts latest and classic TV shows and games. It is a FREE platform with Premium included services as well.

Go to myspace.com

Global Websites Ranking – 4,351
Daily Unique Visitors – 100,839
Daily Unique Page Views – 232,954

9. ShowTime

SHOWTIME is a content streaming site, featuring Homeland, Billions, Shameless, Ray Donovan, and other popular Original Series. ShowTime also provides Schedule, episode guides, videos and more. It offers subscription-based paid service.

Go to sho.com

Global Websites Ranking – 13,399
Daily Unique Visitors – 34,101
Daily Unique Page Views – 74,490

10. HBO

HBO hosts an extensive list of FREE and paid TV shows including GOT, Six Feet Under, Westworld, Veep, Ballers and more.

Go to hbo.com

Global Websites Ranking – 5,448
Daily Unique Visitors – 116,894
Daily Unique Page Views – 189,770

11. Share TV

Share TV is a streaming platform for some of the popular TV shows. It hosts Free television episodes, scheduling, character guides and more.

Go to sharetv.com

Global Websites Ranking – 29,751
Daily Unique Visitors – 8,298
Daily Unique Page Views – 34,776

12. TV.com

TV.com is an aggregator website which lists down all popular TV shows that can be viewed from other platforms either for FREE or Paid.

Go to tv.com

Global Websites Ranking – 8,663
Daily Unique Visitors – 47,491
Daily Unique Page Views – 115,612

13. Now TV

NowTV streams latest movies, tv shows, live sports, and kids entertainment live and on demand. It’s a paid service.

Go to nowtv.com

Global Websites Ranking – 9,567
Daily Unique Visitors – 38,942
Daily Unique Page Views – 105,934

14. USTVNow

USTVNow is a paid-subscription based streaming websites with the latest movies, tv shows, live sports, and kids entertainment live and on demand.

Go to ustvnow.com

Global Websites Ranking – 38,559
Daily Unique Visitors – 7,670
Daily Unique Page Views – 26,084

15. OnDemandKorea

OnDemandKorea is a FREE streaming platform that hosts latest and classic Korean and Japanese movies, games shows, TV series and more.

Go to ondemandkorea.com

Global Websites Ranking – 6,644
Daily Unique Visitors – 33,047
Daily Unique Page Views – 148,003

16. Sony Crackle

Crackle is a FREE video streaming platform owned by Sony. Movies, TV Series, Cartoons, Documentaries etc are some of the video content available for viewing on this platform.

Go to sonycrackle.com

Global Websites Ranking – 62,190
Daily Unique Visitors – 11,003
Daily Unique Page Views – 19,935

17. PopCorn Time

PopCorn Time is a FREE streaming website for TV series and Movies. Episodes can be viewed from across devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and more.

Go to popcorn-time.to

Global Websites Ranking – 21,516
Daily Unique Visitors – 15,705
Daily Unique Page Views – 47,115

18. Yupp TV

Yupp TV is an India based online video streaming website and is host to movies and TV series & shows from across all Indian languages.

Go to yupptv.in

Global Websites Ranking – 13,933
Daily Unique Visitors – 57,706
Daily Unique Page Views – 69,518

19. The Vore

The Vore is a European streaming platform where a user can watch TV series and movies from across languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and more. It is a FREE service.

Go to thevore.com

Global Websites Ranking – 68,550
Daily Unique Visitors – 8,482
Daily Unique Page Views – 14,638

20. eTubi TV

TubiTV is a US-based video entertainment platform that is hosts free movies and TV shows.

Go to tubitv.com

Global Websites Ranking – 22,580
Daily Unique Visitors – 31,133
Daily Unique Page Views – 45,338

21. Snag Films

Snag Films is a collection of media generated by Independent movie makers. Stream and Watch for FREE.

Go to snagfilms.com

Global Websites Ranking – 63,537
Daily Unique Visitors – 10,488
Daily Unique Page Views – 16,911

22. Veoh

Veoh is a FREE TV series and movies streaming website.

Go to veoh.com

Global Websites Ranking – 9,699
Daily Unique Visitors – 56,463
Daily Unique Page Views – 106,572

23. YiDiO

Yidio offers a wide range of paid and FREE movies for streaming and downloading, from all genres. Yidio is primarily an aggregation website for movies, TV series and more.

Go to yidio.com

Global Websites Ranking – 12,885
Daily Unique Visitors – 42,604
Daily Unique Page Views – 76,156

24. Couch Tuner

Couch Tuner provides FREE streaming content including Movies, TV Series, Drama, Games, Live Sports and more.

Go to couchtuner.cloud

Global Websites Ranking – 8,985
Daily Unique Visitors – 32,906
Daily Unique Page Views – 124,166

25. DirectTV

Direct TV is an internet based video streaming service to stream TV shows, sports, news and movies.

Go to directv.com

Global Websites Ranking – 1,774
Daily Unique Visitors – 188,770
Daily Unique Page Views –566,310

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