What is Google Meet?

InternetWhat is Google Meet?

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Google is known for bringing great products to its customers and google meet is definitely one of them. With Meet, Google strives to make premium video conferencing free and accessible for users across different platforms and devices. Meet also stands to be the replacement for two previous apps by Google namely Hangouts and chat. For mobile users, the app is available for free download on the Play Store and App Store. G suite customers also have access to premium features like adding up to 250 participants, recording and storing meetings, and so on.

Google Meet Web version

Google Meet for Android

Google Meet for iPhone

Google meet - zoom alternative

Google Meet Tips:

  1. Enable Tiled or Grid view on Google Meet
  2. Record Google Meet on PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android

COVID- 19 and videoconferencing:

The emergence and spread of the the covid- 19 pandemic has restricted us all to our desks and workstations at home and most of us now work from our homes. This has seen a spike in the use of videoconferencing apps like zoom, Webex, Skype and so on. Google has however made meet very competitive by adding some exciting features such as :

  • Hosting unlimited high definition video meets
  • Meet safely – all your google meet meetings are encrypted in transit and proactive anti-abuse measures keep your meeting safe
  • Ease of access – just share a link and invited guests can join with the click of a button from a desktop web browser or the Google meet mobile app.
  • Flexible and easy content sharing – share your screen to present documents, slides, presentations and more
  • Follow along with real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology
  • Noise reduction and processing- to help limit interruptions to your meeting, Meet can now filter out background noise like keyboard typing, the opening of doors and their closing, and any construction noise happening outside your window. Cloud-based AI is used to remove noise from your audio input while still letting your voice through.
  • When you choose a layout, it is automatically saved as your preferred layout. This means it will be automatically applied to future meetings and conferences unless you change it
  • When you’re calling in from your mobile device, low-light mode updates video quality so you can engage confidently from wherever you present/join.
  • You can send messages during a meeting to the other video call guests from a computer or mobile device. Submit your questions during a presentation without interrupting the speaker and then answer all the questions in the following Q&A session.
  • If you’re a G suite administrator who manages google meet for your organization, you can allow live streaming from meeting participants.
  • Google has added a dedicated meet tab in Gmail iOS and Android mobile apps. Participants will be able to join secure meetings directly in Gmail without needing to open another app on their phone screen thereby enabling added convenience and ease of use.
  • High-quality video streaming-  Present high-quality, full-motion videos(up to 30fps) during a meeting.
  • For education accounts, only the meeting creator, calendar event owner, or person who sets up a meeting on an in-room hardware device can mute or remove video meeting participants. This ensures student participants can’t mute or remove one another or the teacher.

Google meet vs competition:

Google Meet New updates on Google Support

  1. The integration of meet with e-mail is the first of several features that are being launched ahead of schedule due to a surge in demand for video conferencing needs across the globe.
  2. Meet has added daily users faster than any other Google service since January. Millions of individuals and institutions are now relying on om meet because of the lockdowns associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
  3. Meet now offers a layout display with a maximum display of up to 16 call participants at once, resembling a popular option on rival Zoom.
  4. Google is not charging customers for upgrades to Meet- related features like large video calls during a six-month period ending in September. The policy is aimed at winning over customers in the long run.
  5. Looking for an affordable and reliable videoconferencing app for your business needs? get Google Meet today and experience seamless video meetings on the go.

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