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Waftr’s Quick Answer to Add Link To Instagram Story:

1. Open the Instagram app.
2. Tap on the Camera icon or Swipe right to open the Story section.
3. Shoot/Select the story.
4. Tap on the Link icon at the top right corner.
5. In the new window that appears, enter the new link.
6. Tap Done & Clear/Edit later before posting if you need it.

Read more to get a detailed answer on How to Add Link To Instagram Story?

Instagram Stories definitely revolutionalized the way branding is done via Social Media. If you have satisfied the requirements, its a shame not to know how to add a link To the Instagram story.

Adding Link to Instagram Story is a great call to action that you could encourage your followers to a product, service, giveaway, website, or brand redirect. I’m sure you have seen at the bottom of the story saying “Swipe Up for Details“. Previously we saw How to add Music to Instagram.


Instagram requires you as a user to have at least 10,000 followers or be a verified user to be able to actually add link to Instagram story. This is said to ensure that you have enough influence among your followers that lets you promote links and brands.

The first step is to verify whether you have actually satisfied there prerequisities that allow you to add link to your Instagram Story.

How To Add Link To Instagram Story

Below are the step by step answer to add your website links to your Instagram Story, on your iPhone or Android Mobile.

  1. Open Instagram. From the Home Screen, tap on the Camera icon at the top left corner or the swipe right to open the Story section. This could be confirmed by seeing the open camera. This area lets you actually shoot photos/videos or add existing videos/photos to be added as an Instagram story.
  2. Once you have decided what story to add, you could do that by opening the gallery by swiping up or by shooting pictures using the Click button at the bottom.

  3. As soon as the story is ready, click on the link icon at the top right corner along with other options like annotate, stickers and many more, etc.,

  4. Tapping on the link icon will open a new window with options to add links. Under the Swipe Up link section, click on the Web Link option.
  5. In the More Options section, type in the web link that you would like to add to the Instagram Story.
  6. Select Done once you’ve entered the link. Please make sure you are entering the correct link because Instagram doesn’t check whether the link is working or not. It only makes sure that the URL is in a proper format like whether it has .com, www in the URL.
  7. Once done, the link will get added to the story you are trying to post. Please be known that the story is not posted yet. You will still be able to go back and edit or remove the link.
  8. Confirm that by Tapping on the link icon as seen below.

  9. If the link is properly added you could confirm when you see the popup with two options like Clear Link and Edit as seen below.

  10. In case if you want to remove the link, you could do that by selecting Clear Link. In case if you want to edit the link that you have added already, Tap on Edit.
  11. And then edit the link to the preferred one by following Steps 4 & 5.
  12. Once you have all the details correct and Ready, tap on the Your Story button on the bottom left corner. This will post the story to all of your followers. But in case if you want to send it a specific set of people, you could choose the Send to option at the bottom right corner.
  13. In the next section, you could choose from the list of people you follow and your followers and select them to send the story only to them.

Once the users or the selected friend/friends you have chosen to send it to see the story you have posted, they will see a sign saying “Swipe up for details” at the bottom. Swiping Up will open the linked link in a browser window.

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