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Smartphones have varied advantages such as browsing through the internet, capturing good quality pictures, etc. One of the lesser-known uses of smartphones is digitizing your documents. They can scan any material into PDF and other such formats. Moreover, scanners help in scanning filled out forms to email and receipt taxes.

Technology has yet again amazed us by coming up with this wondrous feature of scanning right at your convenience. Isn’t it just perplexing how one can scan documents right in their house without even having to waste time or money? There are plentiful scanning applications on Android and iPhone which have a unique yet phenomenal performance. With the most genuine scanning technology, these apps are something extraordinary.

Scanner Apps android and iphone

Although scanning has been made much easier now, it is necessary to pick the most appropriate applications to get striking outcomes. You can efficiently scan a few of the most significant documents on a scanner without encountering a troublesome experience. By picking the best scanner apps for android and iPhone, you might just have the smoothest experience of utilizing scanners.

Now that you’re aware of this delightful feature, we’ve selectively come up with a list of the most trusted scanner apps for Android and iOS. These apps are undeniably a few of the most incredible applications due to which you’ll favorably be able to scan your essential documents.

It’s time to say goodbye to bulky document scanners. You now can scan a document and convert it to a format of your liking with just your phone, with the help of scanner apps. We have reviewed some of the top Scanner apps that can digitize your documents in seconds. Here is the list of top 10 Android apps for scanning documents.

Best Android and iPhone Scanner Apps 

1. CamScanner

CamScanner is one of the most popular Scanner Apps for iPhone and Android phones and has over 400 million downloads as we speak. With CamScanner one can quickly scan any document, be it the one that is in front of you or one that is there in your phone gallery and convert it into PDF in seconds. 


CamScanner has been voted as one of the best scanning apps for iPhone and Android devices. It has a great potential due to which it works miraculously. With a few of the most prominent and breathtaking features, this app is a must-try.

Be it your government documents, business cards, notes or even receipts, CamScanner instantly scans all types of documents within seconds followed by which you can save the scanned documents in your gallery or files.

With the internal optimization tool, you can highlight and improve the quality of graphics and texts due to which you will have the benefit of scanning the most understandable and crystal clear documents. You can save the scanned documents in the form of JPEG form and even PDF files.


  • It is completely FREE to download as use and has paid Premium features
  • Easy to scan, store and sync documents and collaborate across multiple devices
  • Uses a phone camera to scan all kinds of documents with varied sizes. The app comes with Smart cropping feature with auto resolution enhancement
  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition for extraction of texts from documents
  • Multiple formats – PDF or JPG with email sharing option
  • Scan and Fax capability
  • Passcode access to document/s and much more.

Download Camscanner for Android and iPhone

2. Adobe Scan

Adobe is a popular name that we all have heard off. They also have document scanning apps for iPhone and Android phones in their kitty. Adobe Scan is completely FREE to use and comes integrated with OCR for instant and easy recognition of printed texts and even handwriting. 

Adobe Scanner

Adobe has got to be one of the most profoundly used apps for editing photos, videos and much more. With some exceptional features, the adobe scanner has the most magnificent performance due to which anybody can use this app with ease.

The adobe scanning application lets you scan all your documents thoroughly simply by clicking on a single button. These documents can then be saved as PDF files so that you can ideally access the scanned documents.

The scanner is quite sharp due to the auto-detect feature that traces the borders of your documents without you having to select anything. The OCR feature assists in identifying the texts that are featured on the documents due to which you will receive the most genuinely scanned documents.


  • Includes scan, conversion, storage, and edit
  • Easy scan of documents of varied sizes
  • Supports PDF, MS Office, and JPG conversion
  • Handwriting editing features – remove stains, document creases, conversion marks, etc.
  • Auto document identification
  • Over 10 million downloads so far

Download Adobe Scan for Android and iPhone

3. Clear Scan

Clear Scan is another very popular and highly rated document scanning app for android phones. It boasts to have over 5 million downloads. The basic version app, which itself is loaded with features, is free to use and includes premium features on its paid Pro version. 

Clear Scan


  • Auto document edge detection and angle correction
  • Super-fast processing
  • Access to editable file after scanning with a full-fledge editor
  • Folder features for easy management of scanned files
  • Formats that support OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, etc
  • OCR technology included
  • Cloud Print for wireless printing option
  • Multiple page size support  

Download Clear Scan for Android and iPhone

4. ScanBot

Scanbot is a completely FREE to use, award-winning PDF scanner app with over 7 million active users. The app is available both on Android and iOS and can effectively scan a variety of documents including – QR codes, receipts, banners, etc. 


This application is the most useful and the easiest scanner that you can use. If you aren’t very good at handling complicated applications, this is the perfect app for you. You can not only scan documents but can also do a lot of other impressive things on this app.

You can even customize your scanned documents however you like. From the color correction or other detailed corrections, you can correct all of them with a few of the most brilliant tools featured by this app. Moreover, you can scan multiple QR code’s which will help you in checking products and other items on the online websites to see if they are genuine.

You can share these scanned documents with your friends and colleagues via the share option. You can even share these documents on your other profiles such as Google Drive and Mail. This app is great to use as a reader. Signing and editing documents take just a few seconds on this marvelous app.


  • Allows PDF and JPG formats
  • Bar code and QR code scanning
  • Multi-page scans
  • OCR technology integrated with the text-search feature
  • Feature loaded editor with an auto-upload option
  • Supports cloud services – OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Slack, Dropbox, etc.

Download Scanbot for Android and iPhone

5. TinyScanner

Tiny Scanner is available in two versions – FREE and Pro. This scanner app is among the top-rated iPhone and android apps with 4.8 positive ratings on the Google play store. TinyScanner, as the name suggests, is very light inbuilt and scans any document to be saved as pdf or as an image. 

Tiny Scanner

This is one of the most sensational scanning apps. As the name suggests, this is a tiny but portable scanner with which you can scan all types of documents with ease. You can furthermore save these scanned documents as either pdf files or photos and can share them with whomever you want to.

You can even add the scanned files to Google Drive and other similar platforms. What makes this application unique is that it has numerous mind-blowing features that you certainly won’t find in other scanning applications.

With features that will help you level the contrast in 5 different ways to the features which will help you change the scaling and color of the documents as you desire, this scanner has everything you are looking for. Along with the above excellent features, you can easily lock this scanner with a passcode due to which your documents will stay secure at all costs.


  • Easy to scan, store and collaborate with other devices, including your computer
  • Auto page edge and angle detection
  • Passcode protection for documents
  • Sync with cloud storage apps – Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc (on Pro version only)
  • Folders and subfolders for scanned document management

Download Tiny Scan for Android and iPhone

6. Turbo PDF Scanner

TurboScan is a super-fast PDF scanner app for iPhone and android phones and is available in both FREE and Pro versions. With over 3 million users and a rating of 4.6/5, this scanner is a must-have on every android phone. On the flip side, the scanner allows only 3 multipage document scans on its FREE version. 

Turbo scan


  • Scan and store documents in PDF, JPG and PNG formats
  • A quick document email feature
  • SureScan feature for sharper scans
  • Powerful scan editor 
  • Easy printing via Cloud Print apps 
  • Scanned document compression 

Download Turbo Scanner for Android and iPhone

7. GeniusScan

Genius Scan is a widely known document scanner app for small businesses and has over 20 million downloads. Available in both FREE and Pro versions with varied in-app purchases as well. Genius Scan is highly powerful in terms of features it has to offer, some of the salient ones include – 

Genius Scan


  • Auto document detection, with distortion correction feature
  • Shadow removal, Batch scanning, Multiple filter support, etc.
  • Allows document splitting and merging 
  • Supports PDF and JPG formats
  • Fingerprint and passcode protection for scanned files
  • Easy export of scanned documents – Email, Cloud Print apps, Storage drives, etc.

Download GeniusScan for Android and iPhone

8. Smart Doc Scanner

Smart Doc Scanner is among the highly-rated Android and iOS app for scanning and is FREE to use, and includes in-app purchases. The scanner is loaded with a variety of features and is known to be designed to be intuitive and intelligent. This scanner app is super-fast in processing and allows scans and storage in a wide variety of formats – PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC. GIF etc.

Smart Doc Scanner


  • Intuitive interface for easy and effective scans
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Allows PDF file customization
  • Supports OCR with compatibly among 40 languages and includes spell-checks as well
  • Batch and Multi-page scanning
  • Auto-detection of texts from images
  • Custom document settings – formats, margins, resolution, etc
  • One tap share and store feature

Download Smart Doc Scanner for Android and iPhone

9. FastScanner

FastScanner boasts to have over 10 million downloads with a consistent rating of 4.6/5. Available in FREE and Pro versions, FastScanner is optimized for fast and superior quality scanning. 

Fast Scanner


  • Batch and Multipage scanning
  • PDF and JPG scan storage
  • Easy store and share 
  • Even the FREE version allows unlimited scans with unlimited feature usages
  • Integrated with Cloud Print apps and Fax apps

Download FastScanner for Android and iPhone

10. Simple Scan

Looking for something simple and easy to maintain and manage your scanning requirements? Simple Scan app is the one that you should download on your Android device. Simple Scan is highly rated at 4.8/5 and has over 5 million downloads. 

Simple Scan


  • Simple in design and includes all basic scan features
  • PDF and JPG format support
  • Easy email and fax
  • Easy sync with Cloud print apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, etc
  • Easy and quick sharing with your computer over wifi
  • FREE to use with in-app purchases

Download Simple Scan for Android

Bonus: Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft is one of the most highly known companies today. This application that has been made by the Microsoft creators is is a very considerate app that you can use to get all your documents scanned without having to put in a lot of effort.

Microsoft office Lens

A few of the main components that this company aims at is the accuracy and the quality of the scanner. The quality of the scanned documents will not disappoint you because it is simply stunning. This app is handy for all users wanting to convert pictures to word, pdf and PowerPoint files which is taught in Powerpoint courses.

You can even use this app to read and sign your documents. You can use Google Drive and other such platforms to back this file up. The share option lets you share these documents via email, what’s app and other such networking sites.

Download FastScanner for Android and iPhone

Ready to Install Scanner App on your Mobile?

Downloading good scanning apps is a must to have the most crystal clear documents that can easily be recognized. Scanners help big time in scanning important documents related to school, home and even work. Since most of us end up losing our important documents, having a scanned copy of them is the most thoughtful way to safeguard all your information and use it when in need. The above scanner apps for Android and iOS will help you edit and save scanned documents however you like due to which you can conveniently scan documents without wasting a lot of time.

It’s time for bulky scanners to make a move out of your lives. They simply cannot stand in front of powerful scanners that can fit your iPhone and Android phones. Comment your best scanner apps below.

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