How to Play Stadia on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

AppleHow to Play Stadia on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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Google’s cloud streaming gaming platform called Stadia is a revolutionary for gaming. Services like Stadia and other similar platforms like Microsoft’s xCloud, Nvidia’s GeForce has become a thing of interest in the last couple of years where gaming technologies have been predominantly console or PC before.

Stadia on iPhone

But Apple has made it sure that it won’t allow any game streaming services in their platform meaning iOS. Apple mhas confirmed that these game streaming services are in violation of the App Store Policies and because of that couldn’t exist in the iOS & iPad OS universe.

Does that mean nobody using an Apple product can never use Google Stadia? Not really. Game streaming basically means you can stream your gaming via a browser that applies to a browser as well. But Stadia App is basically a container for the Google Stadia so that the user doesn’t have to go through the trouble of setting it up everytime on the browser.

But a reddit user u/zmknox has come up with a sweet solution to combat this issue.

He has basically written a custom browser app that lets you play Google Stadia without any glitch.

App Link :

You need to follow the steps below to actually get it going in your iOS device.

  1. Install the app from the App Store and open the app
  2. The app has two options that asks you to set the Primary URL and the user agent. You need to set primary URL as
  3. After that, Please set the user agent option as Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/85.0.4183.83 Safari/537.36
  4. Also, this app requires you to authenticate yourself with the Google Stadia account. In the menu, choose Authenticate, and then go to
  5. Put in your Google Accounts and log in successfully. Once done, just go back to the Home page of hte app. The Stadium app will automatically open the Google Stadia app and you can start gaming.

Since its a custom app, the normally annoying parts of the browser like URL bar, back & forward controls are hidden so Stadium pretty much feels like how you would use the Google Stadia App in iOS.

Also, you can’t use this app for anything else other than Google Stadia. So, you can easily that it’s a dedicated app. Once the setup is done, you can pair the Controller and start gaming right away using the app. It hardly takes a few minutes and the setup is just one time.

This is the statement given by Apple and even though this is a safe statement, Personally I feel like they don’t Google Stadia to take over Apple Arcade which is Apple owns gaming subscription service. This doesn’t compare to Google Stadia because Apple Arcade is basically some games that really are their own and Apple funded.

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