How to Change Gmail Name on Android, iPhone and PC

InternetHow to Change Gmail Name on Android, iPhone and PC

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Looking How to change Gmail Name? You are in the right place – with a simple, user-friendly interface and embedded machine intelligence in the form of ‘smart reply,’ Gmail is one of the most secure and primarily used services over smartphones and computers. The blog shows you how to change the Gmail name in simple steps. One of the misconceptions is that changing the name displayed on Gmail is associated with the change in Gmail address. These two are not at all connected. While it is evident that changing your Gmail address is not possible manually, instead, it requires you to create a new account even though you are using the same profile information in it. But changing the Gmail account name is possible manually through the settings in the Gmail account page.

Change Gmail Name

Gmail Overview

Gmail by Google LLC is one of the most extensively used utility mailing services. With more than 1.5 billion active users, 75% of which are mobile users. It also has native applications running for iOS gadgets and all android devices. One of the reasons for its vast usage is that it acts as a cross-platform mailing app. In 2014, Google LLP introduced this utility in which a user can easily send emails to non-Gmail accounts such as Yahoo, Outlook, and many more.

Steps to Change Gmail Name on Android and iPhone

This simple method to change the Gmail name is helpful for mobile users. We are going to see the steps to change the Gmail name on Android and iPhone.

Change Gmail Name in Mobile
  1. Gmail app: Go to the Gmail app on your smartphone. If not logged in, you are required to log in with the account credentials. Click on the menu button, which is situated on the left top corner of the app. It is marked with three short horizontal lines.
  2. Settings: A pop-up menu will appear as a drop-down list. Choose the ‘Settings’ tab, which is near the bottom of the list. If you have multiple accounts on that Gmail app, you will be asked to choose the account that you wish to access the ‘Settings’ tab for. Select the desired account.
  3. Click on ‘Manage your Google Account’: After clicking on this tab, you are required to tap on ‘My Accounts.’ Another list appears, from which you need to choose the ‘Personal info & privacy’ tab.
  4. ‘Name’ box: Inside the menu mentioned above, there will be a ‘Name’ box. It would be best if you tapped on the current name of your Gmail account. After that, you will be redirected to enter your password again, upon entering which you can find the ‘edit’ name option.
  5. New name: Here, the user must input the desired name of their choice. Upon completion, you need to press the ‘Done’ button, which will save your edited name and redirect the page outside of this settings menu. Before this, a confirmation box will come, which needs to be checked. Simultaneously, press the ‘Done’ button. This is the last step on how to change Gmail’s name.

Hence, you have successfully changed the name. 

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How to change Gmail name for Desktops and Laptops:

  1. Visit the Gmail page: It requires you first to visit page on your browser URL. It is advisable to use the latest updated browser as the new Gmail interface may not be supported in older browser versions. Hence it forces you to view Gmail in HTML mode in old, unsupported browsers.

    After the loading of the page, head to the ‘Login’ section. Click on it. Then you are required to enter the Gmail address and password associated with it. Enter the credentials and click on the Login button below it. You may additionally check on ‘Remember Me’ for quickly logging in the next time.
  2. Go to the ‘gear icon’ tab: The ‘gear icon’ tab is situated on the top-right corner of your Gmail webpage. When you hover the mouse over it, a drop-down menu appears. From that menu, you are required to select the ‘Settings’ tab. After clicking on it, a new page will appear with all the settings options in it.

    Gmail Settings
  3. ‘Accounts and Import’: From the new displayed settings page, you are needed to click on the ‘Accounts and Imports’ tab, which is at the top of the full screen.

    Edit Gmail Name info
  4. Go to ‘edit info’: Inside the ‘Accounts and Imports’ tab you’ll find, ‘Send mail as’ option. In the same line across this option, there is an ‘edit info’ tab. After clicking on it, a pop-up menu will appear on the page.
  5. Your preferred name: On this ‘Edit email address’ pop-up menu, check the blank box besides the ‘Name’ section. The empty box will become active where the user has to input the preferred name that is going to be visible on the Gmail for other users.

    Change name
  6. ‘Save changes’: Once the new name is entered, the user needs to click on the ‘Save Changes’ option that is beneath the box. Once clicked on it, it will save the input as the Gmail name of that user. This is the last step on how to change Gmail’s name.

Different types of Errors:

On knowing to change the Gmail name, you should also get familiar with the various error messages which may poke up during this process. If you are also getting the error message of, ‘This setting can’t be changed for your account,’ then these may be the causes for this error.

  • During a short time, you may have changed your name many times.
  • The admin on your G Suite account hasn’t given you the required permissions.

If these are not your case, then you need to contact Gmail’s help. While knowing how to change Gmail account name is quite easy, you must think before the need for this change. And then, follow the above steps to switch your current name for the desired one easily.

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