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Instagram for most of the millennials is like a fridge; we keep opening and closing it every once in awhile just for the fun of it. So think about this now; how about we earn some money out of it since we spend so much of our time refreshing the feed and checking the stories. The good news is, it is not even that difficult.

Ways to Earn money from Instagram

Make money on Instagram

There are numerous foolproof proven ways to earn millions out of your Instagram handle, and believe it or not, lots of people out there are already doing it. So why not take a couple of minutes, sit yourself down and read through this piece of writing that could probably help you earn quite a few bucks from your Instagram account. It sounds fun to me!

1. Build the reach of your account!

The first thing you have to do is expand the reach of your account. There are a million ways you can do this. Use numerous popular hashtags and make sure you post content on a regular basis on your account. Another important aspect is to keep the audience engaged; post stories updating your followers about your new post, reply to the comments on your posts and stay active. There are also peak posting hours when you should post your content, and according to statistics (yes, there are statistics on this, believe me), you should preferably keep posting at 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day, and keep posting more on Mondays. Fill up your bio with some interesting lines too, along with a gripping profile picture. This mostly works.  

More Instagram Followers

Christiano Ronaldo is the Most followed person on Instagram with 192M followers    

2. Work as an Influencer

The best way that you can do this is by working as an influencer. This means you will have to post content that is sponsored by various other brands on your account. When you post such sponsored content, make sure you already have a decent number of followers failing in which your outreach may be undermined and you will probably not get good sponsors. Make sure you have an active account set up with lots of followers liking or commenting on your daily posts. Why is this a good option? You don’t have to bear any of the usual costs of e-commerce and yet gain profits out of it. You don’t even have to make sure the product you’re spreading awareness about is getting great sales; all you have to do is advertise. But of course, not everything is a rainbow up here; but as long as you look out for the scammers out there, you’re good to go. But make sure you love what you’re doing because it tends to take up much of your time and attention.

Top food influencer
Top Food Influencer

List of Instagram Influencers by Hubspot

3. Associate with brands/products for affiliate marketing

Another thing you can try is affiliate marketing. But this a little trickier than the previous one because here, you actually have to make sure you get the product sold. That’s right; this is sales. You only earn something when your followers actually buy anything that you advertise about. The good thing about this one is, you don’t have to worry about the manufacturing costs, the shipping or the orders. All you have to be is convincing and tempting and you’ve got pretty much half of your job done.

In partnership with

Kendall on Instagram partnership

4. Have your own products? Click their pictures and sell them!

If neither of these looks appealing to you, you can try selling your own products. It could be anything ranging from dog food to fancy clothing. This is much easier if you already own a brand and you sell them online via Instagram as well. Make sure you turn your account into a business account to make it more shopping friendly for your followers. Make sure you stay professional and keep an eye on your competitors and their tactics. Don’t borrow their strategies; come up with better ones.

You can follow this post by Hootsuite on selling products

5. Click good images? Sell them or use Instagram to attract gigs

 Another thing you can try doing is to sell your photography. And when we say this, we mean authentic, aesthetic and photogenic photos that people would actually buy for a price. This is a common thing going on in Instagram, and if you got a knack of capturing moments at them right away, go ahead and shoot! This could be your best shot at earning easy money from one of the popularly used social media handles! So off you go!

Just as how the platform is a creative space, the areas in which you can earn money are also limitless! The concept is simple – Build an attractive account, pick something you can offer to people and market it crazily on the platform!

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