Top 10 free iTunes Alternatives of 2022

InternetTop 10 free iTunes Alternatives of 2022

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Are you bored with iTunes? Or are you simply looking for something less flashy but yet more friendly? If yes then we have listed out the best possible free replacements for iTunes.

Best Alternatives for iTunes in 2022

Based on the user experience, ratings, and reviews we have ranked the top iTune alternatives below-


    musicbee-itunes-altMusicBee is more than just a music player; it has various settings and changes to help you organize better and manage your music collection. It will import your existing iTunes library to get you started, but you can also provide other folders to include. In terms of looks, it is not entirely dissimilar to iTunes, but it’s also highly customizable; both in terms of interface layout and through the use of skins. Sound levels can be experimented with, using a 15-band equalizer, and you can also sync your music with mobile devices.

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    MusicBee does a great job of keeping your music collection in order, helping you by automatically tagging files, offering ripping support, and pulling in all manner of helpful data such as album art genre and lyrics. There is also a huge collection of add-ons to download from the official MusicBee website to further extend the capabilities of the program.



    Clementine is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It isn’t an entirely unique program, it sprang up to fill the empty space that came up when the music player Amarok took a change of direction that many users didn’t want or appreciate. It might not be the most attractive music player and manager, but it does have great options and managing experience is good too. With ripping, library management, tag editing, music playback, and the ability to copy music to supported devices, it has everything to make you want to switch to it from iTunes.



    Like MusicBee, this program also can be installed in the usual way, or as a portable app if you would like to move it from computer to computer with the help of a USB drive. Tagging is handled well, and the skinnable, customizable interface will definitely not disappoint most people. The free version is good enough but if you want to up the experience then you can purchase higher versions.

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  4. PodTrans

    The sleek interface of PodTrans focuses on making it easy to copy music between your computer and iPhone or iPod or any other device. It’s available for both Windows and Mac. The main aim is to make every small management as quick and simple as possible. It may not serve as a complete iTunes replacement, but it certainly goes some of the way and is definitely worth checking out. It has both a free version as well as a paid version.

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    If you are a Mac user and are looking for a simple yet feature-rich music player to replace iTunes check out the Vox Media Player. One of the best things about this app is that it supports multiple audio formats; not only the app supports the regular media formats such as MP3 and MP4 but also supports other formats including FLAC, CUE, APE, and M4Aand a few others. Vox supports both Tunes and personal music library.

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    The app also supports streaming music via SoundCloud, YouTube, and other internet radio stations. It has good features including gapless playback, enhanced stereo sound, bass audio engine, a cloud storage solution for all your music and more. It has two versions; a free one and a paid version which costs about $4.99 per month.

    Other Notable iTune Alternative Apps

  6. Download Swinsianswinsian
  7. Download Imyphonetunesmateimyfone
  8. Download Winx mediaTranswinx-media-trans
  9. Download AnyTrans
  10. Download Vox media player

So that’s that for the best possible alternatives to iTunes. Most are free and provide great features. In some cases, you may have to pay for some advanced settings but the price is cheaper than that of some other apps so definitely worth it.

Alternatives for iTunes

Here ends the list, If you have any better alternative for iTunes, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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