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Did you recently lose your iPhone? Losing your iPhone can be quite stressful. Along with a considerably high-price, your iPhone has all your photos and other information saved in it which makes it even more of a reason to find your iPhone. You might think that it is impossible to get your iPhone back, but there is still hope.

Quick Answer to Find your iPhone:

1. Go to
2. Type in your Apple ID
3. Click the arrow button at the right
4. Choose - Play sound or Locate mode or erase iPhone

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We have given 4 different methods to find any lost iPhone or iPad in this article, Methods includes using iCloud, find my iPhone App, without an iPhone App, and using Google Maps. please check the methods below-

1. Steps to find my iPhone using iCloud-

If the Find my iPhone app is switched on in your iPhone that you lost, you can safeguard all your information and other such details and hopefully find your iPhone.

  1. Step one: Log into iCloud
    Go to the iCloud website and go to the find option ( on the site. Log into your iCloud ID through the web, or you can log into your iCloud account in the Find my iPhone app from another iPhone or any Apple product for that matter.

    iCloud - Find my iphone
  2. Step two: Search for the iPhone
    Once you download and log into your iCloud account from the Find my iPhone app, click on the Find iPhone option. After this, you need to look for the location shown on the map. You'll have to click on the desired device to do so. The device will play a tone if your iPhone is nearby.
  3. Step three: Lock your iPhone
    There is a 'lost' icon in the Find my iPhone app. Select and label your iPhone as lost. Your iPhone will thus be locked entirely with the help of the passcode. You can even exhibit a personalized message with the help of the number whose SIM is in your lost iPhone. The message will hence pop on the lost iPhone's lock screen. You can also suspend all the payments that this device can make and keep an eye on the location of the iPhone.
  4. Step four: File a complaint 
    It is highly recommended to go to the local police station and file a report on your missing iPhone. If the iPhone's serial number goes for a request, you might have a higher chance of getting your iPhone back. 
  5. Step five: Wipe out all your information
    You can effectively remove all the information on your device so that nobody will have access to it. Although this won't benefit you in getting your iPhone back, it will help you protect your privacy. Once the data gets erased, the payment and other such details won't be handy for anybody. Once the activation lock is switched off, anybody can use your iPhone, but they can't use your account.
  6. Step six: Block and disable your SIM
    You can complain about your iPhone to the carrier, which will help you erase all the SIM details such as call history and other similar information. This will also help you to disable any access to your SIM. 

If you have a family Apple subscription, then they can help you search for your iPhone. You'll have to log into the iCloud ID through their ID which will thus let you search for all the devices linked to that subscription. 

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2. Find my iPhone App

Apple has come up with this remarkable app that helps you to locate the lost/stolen devices. It will also help you lock your iPhone so that the user doesn't have access to your data. The Find my iPhone app is a brilliant app that has helped multiple people in finding their lost iPhones. If you follow the below steps carefully, this app might just work wonders for you. 

It is highly advisable that your Find my iPhone App is switched on and you have set up a passcode. This is significant because this will give you maximal support in trying to find your iPhone. It is essential to follow the below steps deliberately to have the best chance of finding your iPhone. We'll be guiding you on how to find your iPhone both using the Find my iPhone app and without the find my iPhone App. 

Find My iPhone

3. Steps on 'how to find my iPhone' Without Find My iPhone App

This won't help you in any way to find the location of your iPhone. On the bright side, you can secure your entire data through the below steps.

  1. Step one: Log into iCloud
    Log in to your iCloud through a different Apple device and make changes in your password, it will let you secure your subscriptions and data. Once you change your password, nobody will have access to all the information linked to your iCloud. 
  2. Step two: Modify the passwords of your social networking sites 
    It is recommended to change the passwords of all of your social media accounts, including Twitter, Instagram, email, Facebook, etc. This way, you can protect your social media accounts. Since most of your data is saved in your social networking apps, it is best to change the passwords so that your messages and other such things stay protected. 
  3. Step three: File a complaint
    It is also best to go to your local police station and find a complaint against your missing iPhone. This won't help much, but if the police agree to help you identify the serial number, it will be easy for you to find your iPhone.
  4. Step four: Lock the SIM
    Go to your carrier services and ask them to disable the SIM number that your lost iPhone has. This way, you can stop the user from getting access to the information on your SIM. Hence, your call logs, iMessage and other such apps will be safeguarded, and your information will be protected at all costs. 

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4. How to Find your iPhone using Google Maps

Tried all the Apple ways to find your iPhone, now try the Google way, If you have Google maps in your iPhone and if your GPS is on, then follow the below steps

  1. Login to
  2. Search "Find my phone"
  3. Now Google will show your iPhone location
Find My iPhone using Google

Note: This will only work if your iPhone is linked with the Google Account you signed in.

Also using Google maps, you can find your lost Android phone.

Finding your iPhone is quite petrifying. You have a very minimal chance of finding the iPhone but don't give up yet. By following the above steps carefully, you will be doing everything in your power to get your iPhone back. If you have the theft/loss insurance through the Apple device care, you can set a complaint about your lost iPhone. Don't get disheartened if you don't find your iPhone. The more important component is to safeguard all your information so that the user does not get access to it.


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