How to Turn Off the Camera Sound on iPhone

AppleHow to Turn Off the Camera Sound on iPhone

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You know that horrible sound that plays whenever you click a picture on the Camera app, well you don’t have to listen to it all the time. Obviously, it’s a privacy feature that lets people near you in case you take pictures of them.

Please understand that I’m not telling you that people being able to take creepy pictures without any sound is a good thing. It’s not. I believe everyone.

My point is, if you want to take a picture somewhere where that sound might be disturbing, then you have the option to actually silence it and be discreet.

Steps to Mute Camera sound on iPhone

The simplest way you can disable this sound is by muting your phone. So, ideally, when you mute your phone, any sound including the camera shutter sound will be disabled. That means no sound will be produced by the iPhone’s speaker.

So, for the purpose of taking the picture without making that sound, you can quickly mute the phone, and then when you are done you can disable the silent mode or go back to ring mode.

It’s super easy to turn on silent mode in an iPhone. You have a hardware switch on the left side of the iPhone above the volume controls. Flip that switch and if you are in Silent mode, you will see the orange color behind the switch.

And if you don’t see an orange light, then it means that you are in Ring mode. This might seem a little inconvenient because of the manual process because iPhone doesn’t have an option that will disable only the camera shutter sound.

Disable using Live Photos

There is a way to circumvent to do this because if Live Photos are enabled, you can actually not hear the sound of the shutter because Live Photos are moving photos and so iOS considers it almost as a video and doesn’t play sounds.

The problem is that Live Photos are not available for all the iPhone Models and also Live Photos take more space from your memory to be stored there.

So, this is not an ideal option for all users but I think using the Mute button is the best and easiest way to do it. For someone like me whose phone is always on, this is Gold and works without any flaw.

So, that’s how you can disable Shutter sound while taking pictures in the Camera app.

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