How To Change Twitter Handle on Mobile App and PC

InternetHow To Change Twitter Handle on Mobile App and PC

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Twitter is one of the Popular Social Media websites in 2021. Today, Twitter has transcended into a platform for everyone to connect for various reasons. Professionals often follow each other. Public figures engage with their audience more directly through Twitter. Even businesses use Twitter as a defacto media room. 75% of B2B companies use Twitter as a part of their marketing strategy.

However, for anyone or any brand to be able to make their mark on the microblogging website, they need to borrow advice from those who name products or companies, also, some inspiration from pop culture as well. “doglover77” will get no love unless they have fanfare from before Twitter.

how to change twitter handle

Now, one might be wondering, ‘Right, I am going to change my handle’, but you are just as confused as most people, wondering how to change your Twitter handle. Well, we sure think of you. Here is how you can change your Twitter handle in 2020, whether you are on mobile or PC.

How to Change Twitter Handle in Mobile App

Most of us use our mobile phones for almost everything. Even app developers realize this and provide all the features one can find on their website. Twitter is no different. To change Twitter handle in the mobile app, keep reading! Whether you are on iOS or Android, you can follow the instructions all the same.

change twitter handle in mobile
  1. In the app, open the side panel where you can see “Settings and Privacy”. Tap on it.
  2. Navigate to your “Account” settings.
  3. Under the Account settings, tap on “Username”.
  4. Under “New”, input your desired handle. A green tick will show up if the new handle is available. Twitter will also suggest a few handles.
  5. Once you are happy with your new Twitter handle, tap on “Done”. Voila, you have changed your Twitter handle.

Keep in mind that if you have a verified account, you will lose the blue badge once you change your handle. Moreover, while you will retain all tweets and followers, they will not be informed of the change by the platform.

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How to Change Twitter Handle on PC:

If you use Twitter on your PC while at work (we do not judge) or at home, you can still change your Twitter handle. The process is a little different. Do not let that you scare you. We will help you through it.

  1. Go to Twitter’s website and log into your account using your existing handle or email as you normally would.
  2. Click on your profile icon on the left side of your dashboard.
  3. Click on “More”. Here, you will see the “Settings” menu. 
  4. Click on “Account” under the “Settings” menu. 
  5. You should now see the “Username” menu. You can change your Twitter handle here. Input your desired handle and click on “Save”. You will also see suggestions for the new handle.

Your profile will look the same as before, and you won’t lose any of your tweets even when you change your Twitter handle. 

Twitter handle is the identity of every user on the platform. To stand out, one needs to have a catchy username or a clever one. Some incorporate both, like the Twitter handle “@god”. Twitter is not only for individuals. Businesses need a friendlier and more approachable handle for their customers to recognize them. Even new customers can find them through their Twitter handle. Whatever may be your reason, you now know ways to change Twitter handle easily. So go crazy with your creativity!

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