How to unfollow everyone on twitter at the same time!

InternetHow to unfollow everyone on twitter at the same time!

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 unfollow all following on twitter with one click!

Everybody would have come across this situation once in your Twitter life Time, Even I did Lol! If you want to restart your Twitter following right from the scratch you need to unfollow all those who you are following, Some people like me follows some other unwanted tweeps or does some automations and get bulk of tweeps followings and end up with Garbage followings.

Below Given is my Profile, I got 17.3K Following and I’m Gonna Show you How I made them from 17.3K to 16.9K.

 How to unfollow everyone on twitter at the same time!


Follow below given steps to bulk unfollow your Twitter following.

  1. Go to your Profile and Click on “Following”
  2. Scroll down till How much tweeps you want to unfollow.
  3. And Copy this code:

var $btns = $(“.follow-button”)
, to = 0;

$.each($btns, function(i, x){
}, to);

to += 400;

Code Source credits. 

4. Open Developer Tools,

(Chrome Browser = Ctrl+Shift+J and for Firefox Browser = Ctrl+Shift+K) 

5. Paste the code and Click Enter.

 How to unfollow everyone on twitter at the same time!


In order to unfollow all your Followings, Just scroll till the end to reach your last following and use the code. This will unfollow all of your followings.

Note: Don’t Unfollow more than 1000 a day, your account may got suspended


  1. yeah, this is common. they want to build their stats at your exepsne. tweepi was already mentioned, there’s also mr. unfollowr, qwitter, and a new one I’m checking in with right now called iUnfollow. You can also check in at tweeter karma. mr. unfollowr and qwitter email you occasionally with your quitters, makes it easy to keep track without much trouble. It’s annoying since I always follow back and then they unfollow a short time later. I think it’s happening on pinterest also, I just do a little on there. there’s only a mac app that keeps track of that, at least that I know of.

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