How to Take Screenshot on MAC 10.15 and previous?

InternetHow to Take Screenshot on MAC 10.15 and previous?

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Wondering how to take a screenshot on your MAC Pc? This post will help you – Taking a screenshot on MAC is as easy as any other smartphone or PC. Printscreen followed by screen-capture, and save. But, as there is no button for ‘Print Screen’ on the MAC keyboard, it is often tricky to take a screenshot, and you are confused and came here for the solution. There are a few keyboard combinations and shortcuts to capture a screenshot on MAC. You can also find plenty of options using MacOS Catalina and other previous versions, with these features you can not only take a fullscreen capture but also to capture a particular window to produce images to flaunt and edit. Also in our previous post 3 Ways to Record Your MAC Screen with Audio you’ll find ways to screen record your MAC Screen.

how to screenshot on MAC

In this post, you’ll find different ways to take a screengrab on your MAC pc, these methods will work on all the MAC versions. Previously we gave you ways to take Screenshot On iPhone X, XS, XR, feel free to check that.

Steps to Take a screenshot on Mac 10.15 Catalina

In this method, you’ll find various options to take a screenshot of MAC Catalina OS.

  1. Press Command+Shift+5
  2. Now you’ll get different options like Capture entire Screen, Capture Selected portion, Capture Selected Window. You can also use the Touch bar to do this.

Note: Some of the apps designed for playing copy-protected audio-visuals, may not allow you to take a screenshot.

Methods to Take screenshots on older Mac versions

If you are not using Catalina OS and having other OSs like Mojave, High Sierra, and El Capitan, then follow these steps below to take an entire screenshot or different portions of your screen.

1. Taking Screenshot of the Entire Screen on Previous Mac versions

In this method, you can take a screenshot of your entire MAC monitor screen on previous OS versions, which includes all the visible areas of your screen, For example, if you want to report a software error or glitch or share a screengrab of multiple apps.

  1. Make sure the screen displays what you exactly want to capture as a screenshot image.
  2. Press Command button + Shift + 3.
  3. Find the screenshot image on the desktop. It is saved as a “screenshot” with date and time or as “Picture #” where # represents a number. You can change the image name with whatever you want.

You can also try Screenshots on other devices:
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3. How to take screenshots on Chromebook
4. How to take a screenshot on Windows PC

2. Taking a Screenshot on Part of the Screen

  1. Press Command + Shift + 4. Notice that the cursor turns into a cross-hair.
  2. Click and gently drag the cursor and highlight the area you want to take a screenshot You would notice a gray-colored rectangle on the screen. You can adjust the window by pressing Escape. If you are satisfied, simply tap the mouse button. If you hear a shutter sound on your computer, your screenshot is taken.
  3. You can find the screenshot on the desktop, saved as “screenshot” in .png format labeled with date and time.

3. Steps to Take a Screenshot of an Open MAC Window?

  1. Steps to take a screenshot of an Open Window are the same as taking a screenshot of a part of the screen. Only one additional step is to press the Spacebar. So, tap Command + Shift + 4 and then tap the Spacebar.
  2. Move the cursor over the window you want to take a screenshot of. The camera highlights different windows in blue when you move the cursor over it. You can also use keyboard commands like Command + Tab to shift through the windows.
  3. Click on the window to save the picture to your desktop just like other screenshots.

4. Steps to Save Screenshot to the MAC Clipboard

  1. Tap Command + Control + Shift + 3. The screenshot does not create a file immediately. Rather, the image is saved to the clipboard and the temporary storage area.
  2. Use Command + Edit or V and Paste the image. You can paste the screenshot image directly into a compatible application like Word document, email service, and/or any image-editing program. Also, check How to Copy Paste in MAC to avoid confusion.

5. Taking Screenshot on MAC Using the Grab Utility Tool

  1. Select Applications > Utilities > Grab. This opens the MAC Grab application. You can see the menu in the upper left corner of the screen, but windows do not open.
  2. Tap the Capture menu and select from the 4 options as we see in the latest version on MAC:
    • To capture a picture of the full screen, click on the Screen option. A window pops up asking you to click and confirm that the window would not appear in your shot
    • To take pictures of a certain part of the screen, choose option Selection. A window pops up asking you to drag the mouse over the part of the screen you want to capture
    • To capture a particular window, select option Window and click on the window you want to shoot
    • In the fourth step, choose Save or Save As and store the file.

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