How to Turn Off Google Assistant (Deactivate OK Google)

InternetHow to Turn Off Google Assistant (Deactivate OK Google)

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Are you done with the Google Assistant? Turned it on accidentally? in this post, I’ll guide you to turn this thing off in a few steps. Google Assistant is actually a helpful feature if you are planning to deactivate this without knowing it’s full potential please try them before doing.

We can literally control almost everything we need our mobile phone to do just by verbally commanding it to do so. Google Assistant lets you do almost everything whether it may be calling or texting someone, navigating to somewhere, creating reminders or events, opening apps or websites, E-mailing someone, translating language which took a lot of time and hassling through your mobile phone searching for relevant apps and typing all the details now just takes a few seconds to verbally command the mobile phone.

Turn off Google Assistant

Why deactivate Google Assistant?

While all that is convenient and easy, at times it is not feasible and comfortable to use such software and technology considering the factors that it consumes battery and internet. Many of us also find it much easier to just manually use the apps rather than get irritated by the Google assistant popping up every time you say something similar to “OK Google” while you may be doing something else and do not require its assistance.

Steps to Disable Google Assistant:

Follow these instructions below to turn off “Ok Google” detection.

Disable OK Google in your Phone:

1. Look for an app named Google app in your phone.
2. Now you’ll see a collapsed menu option (Hamburger option) named More that is to your bottom right-hand corner. Tap on it.
3. Next, you see more options. Tap on Settings.
Google Assistant setting

4. You’ll see another option of Setting (under Google Assistant). Tap on that option.
5. What you see are your personal settings. Here tap on the blue coloured option of Assistant.

Go to Assistant6. Now scroll down until you see Phone (under Assistant Devices). Tap on Phone.

assistant devices7. Next, to turn “OK Google” assistant off, toggle the Blue Slider Switch option next to Google Assistant.

Turn off Google Assistant

OK, Google might still be active if you try using your home screen option if you’re using the Google Now Launcher found in play store.

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To turn off Google Assistant on your Android Watch:

1. Press on the cogwheel of the Settings
2. Then, click on personalization. In there, click on the “Turn OK Google Detection Off.”

Disable OK Google on the iPhone:

One can do this by blocking the Google Assistant’s ears by switching off the access for the microphone. The Google Assistant app on iOS listens to your words and answers the questions and can even do that by typing. Make Google Assistant Stop Listening

If you want to type on the assistant but don’t want it to listen, click on Settings > Google Assistant (find this by scrolling down) > Microphone > Turn the switch to off (do not see the green).

Disable Google Assistant on iPhone/iPad

Deleting Google Assistant is similar to removing any other app. Press down on the app’s icon from the home screen. Wait for all the apps to start wiggling. When they do, tap the X in the corner of the app to delete it. Press the home button again to make the app icons static and continue using your phone normally.

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