Fix – Disney Plus Error codes 83, 39, 73, 41 and Solutions

InternetFix - Disney Plus Error codes 83, 39, 73, 41 and Solutions

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In the past few weeks, many Disney Plus users started reporting Error code 83, 39, 73, 41, and many others in whatever device or Browsers they use. Before contacting Disney+ customer support you can check the reason and solution for all the error codes below.

Disney plus error code

Disney Plus Error Codes and Solutions

Before checking the Error codes and solutions, please understand the below basic points Which might help you fix your Disney Plus Error-

  1. Supported Devices
  2. Supported Locations
  3. Check your Internet connectivity
  4. Check your Payment status
  5. Check you are logged into the account
  6. Check your Location is ON in smartphones.

After checking these basic steps, if you still face issue follow the error code solutions below-

Error CodeDisney Plus Error ReasonSolution
4Payment issue (Card or Region)Check your card for Expiary date or check if the payment is made from supported region.
9Logged out or payment not processingCheck if you are logged out or Check if the payment is successfull
11Content not available in your LocationCheck Disney+ supports in your location
22Restricted ContentVideo not available at the moment
24Īnternet is not stableUse speed test tools and check the bandwidth of your Internet
31Device Location Turned off in your SmartPhoneEnable Location in your smartphone settings
39Streaming via Xbox One IssueCheck you are not using Disney+ on any other device.
41Internet connectivity or Disney+ server issueCheck for Internet connectivity and if still you get the error try restarting your device
73Content availability issue in your LocationCheck you are using Disney+ from a supported country.
83Device compatibility Issue or Connection ErrorCheck your device is compatible and your connectivity.
86Your Disney+ Account has been BlockedContact Dinesy+ support to unblock your account

Error Code 86

Error code 86 is the most faced issue by Disney+ users, this is mainly due to the Device compatibility, please check you are using any of the below-given device, if not you can’t access Disney+ for now, wait for the update.

Disney+ supported Devices

  • iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Android phones, Android TV
  • Xbox One, PlayStation 4
  • Google Chromecast 
  • Amazon Fire Stick and Roku 
  • Apple, Chromebooks
  • Sony, Samsung, LG

Solution for Error code 86:

Even if you are still facing the issue after using the supported device, try restarting your device, or Use a different browser. still you face the issue check the location, you should be in the supported region.

Error Code 39

Error code 39 is the next most faced Disney+ Error, this is mainly seen in Xbox devices, You might be trying to use Disney+ in your Xbox device but suddenly you might be seeing Error code 39.

Solution to Error code 39:

Check if you are using the Disney plus account in any of your other device or some of your friend with whom you shared your account might be using right now. Using Disney plus in Xbox is restricted to use by just one user at a time for an account.

Error Code 73:

You might be seeing this because Disney+ is currently not supported in your country, try using VPN to solve this issue.

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Disney Plus Customer Support:

If you still couldn’t find a solution for the Error you are seeing, please check with Disney customer support with any of the option below-

Twitter: Disney+ Help Twitter
Phone: 888-905-7888 (US)

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